Ruptured Ligaments, Shattered Legs, Protruding Bones – Illinois’ Carnage, 2016

Through a request to the Illinois Racing Board, I have confirmed the following deaths at Illinois tracks in 2016:

Storm Blaiser, January 1, Hawthorne 2, “lower carpal fractures (crushing fracture, loss of support column) – humanely euthanized”

Larry’s Place, January 20, Balmoral 10, “broke down racing…owner was hoping to have fracture repaired but after receiving estimates decided to euthanize”

Withhonorweserve, March 18, Hawthorne training, “break down, ambulance, comminuted humerus fracture – dead”

Stevie Smoothboy, April 8, Hawthorne 5, “distal sesamoid ligaments bilaterally ruptured…transported to designated area and humanely euthanized”

Wanna Danze Lady, April 15, Hawthorne training, “pastern fracture – euthanized”

Striking Hight, May 11, Arlington training, “ran off gap and fell on pavement…torn tendon, probably broken femur – euthanized” (9 years old, 80 times under the whip)

Whatsthefoxsay, May 14, prior to Fairmount 2, “horse flipped in paddock prior to the race, struck head on pole – euthanized”

Vasilisa the Wise, May 19, Arlington training, “collapsed on track training – dead”

Indanameofdafather, June 7, Fairmount 6, “while racing between the 1/2 mile pole and the 3/8 pole, this horse dropped dead on the track”

Le Dimanche, June 26, Arlington 1, “open, comminuted condylar fracture…taken to designated area and humanely euthanized”

The Minister, July 10, Arlington 3 (euthanized July 12), “fractured carpus”

Notta, July 17, Arlington training, “lacerated tendons with extensive degloving wound with cannon bone exposed – humanely euthanized”

Uno Pecador, August 11, Arlington 1 (89th time under the whip), “horse was cooled down with the water hoses and looked fine…horse returned to the barn and was in the process of being bathed when it collapsed…suspect a bleeding episode or a cardiac event”

Jicote, August 14, Arlington 2 (euthanized August 24), “after its bath the horse was left front lame…fetlock was enlarged and filled, ligament also inflamed…sesamoid and condylar fractures – euthanized”

Super Nova, September 5, Arlington 7, “following the race, the horse got wobbly in the tunnel…treated with Delt Cortef and cold water – the horse collapsed dead”

Wind Warrior, September 24, Arlington 7, “horse broke down near the 3/8 pole but continued on to the finish line…examination showed bilateral sesamoid fractures, rupture of the distal ligaments and collateral ligament, disarticulation of the fetlock joint…the bone was exposed – humanely euthanized on track”

Fitz’s Storm, October 21, Hawthorne 6, “horse collapsed dead on the track…administered succinylcholine to end suffering”

Rory Monarchos, November 19, Hawthorne training (euthanized November 20), “open, comminuted condylar fracture…vet and trainer had to wait for owner to call back, so horse was euthanized [next day]”

Socksbdancing, November 26, Hawthorne 9, “horse was fracture lame…comminuted sesamoid fractures – humanely euthanized”

Brim, December 8, Hawthorne 6, “following the race while walking back to the barn, horse collapsed and, [after] 3 agonal breaths, died on track”

Warrior’s Magic, December 10, Hawthorne training, “horse broke down while galloping…very lame after returning to the barn – euthanized”

Dragonfly Chaser, December 23, Hawthorne 6, “pulled up lame…lateral condylar fracture – humanely euthanized”

In addition, the following horses died on track grounds from what the industry calls “non-racing” causes. While this may be technically true, morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Quittin Time, May 27, Arlington, “the horse shipped in from Arkansas with a 103 degree temperature…developed laminitis…today the horse’s coffin bone rotated out the bottom of its foot…the horse was humanely euthanized”

unnamed pony, August 24, Arlington, “colic of 2-day duration…appeared to recover, then expired suddenly, most likely due to a distended or ruptured bowel”

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There can be no justification for the killing of animals for $2 bets. End it. Now.


  1. Poor Rory Monarchos with an OPEN comminuted fracture had to wait for the owner to call back??? Seriously who didn’t have mercy on that horse to put it out of its misery on the spot? Instead leaving him to stand around a day with an open grinding fracture??

  2. You keep saying$2.00 bets, stop giving so much credit, it’s only a dime, a lousy dime can secure a bet in horse racing these days…. For shame!!!

  3. For dimes, and dollars racehorses are dying on tracks.
    The horse racing business continues to operate with virtual impunity, lack of transparency, and no accountability to non-racing, neutral entities or animal groups.
    There is no neutral agency protecting these racehorses, and even if there were – that would not stop this blood bath.
    The only way to stop it is to STOP financially supporting it so that it can shut down forever – put it away in the history books where it belongs.
    So sorry for every one of these racehorses who suffered excruciating pain waiting for the needle while lying in the dirt.

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