Ohio’s Dead Racehorses, 2016

Through a FOIA request to the Ohio State Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at Ohio tracks in 2016:

Maxwell Hill, January 2, Mahoning 7, “fractured knee”
Allthatgltrsisgold, February 6, Miami Valley 9, “comminuted, displaced ankle fracture”
Polaris, February 15, Mahoning training, “fractured ankle”
Aaron Again, February 15, Mahoning 6, “fractured ankle”
Twelve Noon, February 29, Mahoning training, “fractured leg”
Macachee Run, March 5, Mahoning training, “fractured shoulder”
Dangerous Times, March 5, Northfield 8, “comminuted, displaced pastern fracture”
Iyamwhatiyam, March 8, Northfield 13, “fractured cannon”
Don Tillo, April 4, Mahoning 4, “fractured cannon”
KD’s King Kong, April 4, Mahoning 5, “fractured sesamoids”
Sawyers Mickey, April 27, Thistledown 6, “fractured ankle”
All Snuffed Up, April 30, Thistledown 2, “fractured ankle”
Spoils of War, May 6, Belterra training, “fractured cannon”
Twentycarattenpin, May 8, Belterra 3, “complete fracture of cannon”
Glint, May 8, Belterra 4, “complete dislocation of fetlock”
Mr. Mostly, May 8, Belterra 4, “fractured cannon”
Turn It On Friskie, May 11, Scioto 5, “comminuted pastern fracture”
Naughty Scotty, May 20, Belterra 6, “avulsion of distal ligament”
Ambitious At Noon, June 19, Thistledown training, “comminuted cannon fracture”
Jigsaw, June 23, Belterra 6, “sesamoid fracture”
Indiscreetness, July 1, Thistledown 8, “comminuted knee fracture”
Princess Sela, July 29, Thistledown 3, “comminuted, open cannon fracture”
Believe in Kitten, August 4, Belterra 7, “quadricep tear, possible femoral fracture”
Bad Asset, August 5, Belterra 6, “sesamoid fracture”
Charlie Renee, August 6, Thistledown training (euthanized August 11), “broken pelvis”
Warriors Roar, August 26, Belterra 3, “sesamoid avulsion fracture”
Alittlebitofmagic, September 9, Belterra 2, “open compound fracture with dislocation”
Bayou Royalty, September 16, Belterra 5, “sesamoid fracture with dislocation”
Cute Boy, September 17, Thistledown 2, “pulled up lame – suspensory”
Princess Talia, September 17, Thistledown 6, “fractured knee”
Three’s a Trump, September 19, Thistledown 2, “open, displaced sesamoids fracture”
Phil’s Wildcat, September 22, Belterra 4, “sesamoids fracture”
Sky Crew, October 3, Thistledown 1, “fractured ankle”
The Real Tone, October 8, Northfield 10 (euthanized October 10), “condylar fracture”
Given the Chance, October 8, Thistledown 6, “fractured knee”
Keyed for Speed, October 12, Thistledown 5, “fractured knee”
Golden Empress, November 7, Mahoning 1, “comminuted, displaced fracture”
True Bayou, November 16, Mahoning 3, “fractured sesamoids and cannon”
Perfect Spot, December 7, Mahoning 4, “fractured cannon; ankle exposing bone”
Bruner, December 7, Mahoning 8, “fractured knee”
Dynamy Road, December 10, Mahoning 4, “fractured, dislocated ankle”
Considered Opinion, December 12, Mahoning 7, “fractured shoulder”
Nevada Kid, December 21, Mahoning 2, “fractured sesamoids and dislocated ankle”
Knight of Sun, December 29, Mahoning training, “condylar fracture of cannon”
Starcrossed, December 30, Mahoning training, “came back lame – tendon”


There can be no justification for the killing of animals for $2 bets. End it. Now.


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  1. I cried while reading this list of pain, suffering, and deaths.
    How pathetic, and unacceptable that a sentient being must lose their life for a bunch of delusional exploiters.
    The people who truly love this magnificent animal wants to stop this exploitation.
    This death list exemplifies the immediate need to STOP all casino funding by supporting decoupling.
    These tracks and deaths would be virtually non-existent if they didn’t have this funding.
    My heartfelt sympathies for all racehorses who lost their life dying in the dirt surrounded by vile abusers.

  2. I am numb with sadness and shock after reading this list of so many horses killed by the horseracing industry on Ohio racetracks last season. These horses would have suffered excruciatingly painful and frightening deaths. Denied any dignity. This state of affairs is so unnecessary and unjustified. There is no place for the maiming and killing of innocent horses for $2 bets and human ‘entertainment’ in today’s society.

    End it!

  3. After reading the deaths of these horses in Ohio, I would hate to see how many horses have died in other states, like CA that has a lot of horse racing, I hate reading the causes of deaths on the horses and they are caused by racing. Such a shame. Especially when there are people of all ages (even really young kids) out there that love getting on horses \. I am not much of a horse person, but would get on one growing up when my sister would get ready to ride.

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