“Ruptured, Dislocated Pastern”

Through a FOIA request to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, I have confirmed the death of 6-year-old One Seven One in the 10th race at the White Pine County Fair August 20. The Board gave this description: “While being pulled up in the turn after the race, the horse hit the outside rail of the racetrack. According to the State Vet, the horse…ruptured/dislocated the right hind pastern joint and probably fractured the second digit, which may have contributed to his hitting the rail. He was subsequently humanely euthanized in the horse ambulance on the race track.”

It should be noted that Nevada is the lightest of racing states, with but two days of live racing each August.

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  1. So utterly disgusting! A state with casinos on every corner, slot machines in grocery stores and gas stations, they still had to hold races for two days at a ” county fair”? Here’s the life and death of this poor, pitiful horse: http://www.equibase.com/profiles/Results.cfm?type=Horse&refno=9177226&registry=Q

    Please note that he was foaled May 2, 2010 and in full race training to race four times as a two-year-old and this is what was done to him per Equibase comments:
    10-6-12 “broke in, bumped at start”
    10-14-12 “bumped, drifted out early”
    11-3-12 “broke in bumped start, drifted out
    11-30-12 “veered in, bumped start”

    He then disappeared from Equibase charts until nearly FOUR YEARS LATER when One Seven One was ALLOWED to be entered by some irresponsible person at White Pine County Fair so he could race to his death.

    Whether a two day county fair horse race or a racing season at Del Mar or Saratoga, no one in racing cares about these horses.

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