Colorado’s Dead Racehorses, 2016

Through a FOIA request to the Colorado Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following racehorse deaths at Arapahoe Park in 2016:

Super Endeavor, May 22, Arapahoe training, “double fracture”
A.P. Wildcat, May 22, Arapahoe 7, “died in race” (chart said “injured, vanned off”)
Katie T, May 31, Arapahoe training, “respiratory” (being prepped for first race)
Playmaker B, June 15, Arapahoe training, “died at gallop” (being prepped for first race)
Jesse Pinkman, June 24, Arapahoe 2, “carpus fracture” (first race)
Jessa Shotuv Taquila, June 24, Arapahoe 9, “died pre-race”
Suancesong, July 15, Arapahoe 9, “fetlock fracture” (41st race)
Kryptanite, July 22, Arapahoe 4, “fetlock fracture”
Blizzard Warning, July 23, Arapahoe 4, “shoulder fracture” (after winning)
Abeachindynasty, July 29, Arapahoe 6, “fracture”


There can be no justification for the killing of animals for $2 bets. End it. Now.

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  1. Very disturbing news coming out of Colorado today,
    This article was cross-posted from Tuesday’s Horse:
    Some sources are now saying that upon checking tattoos (the ones that were not mutilated intentionally) all of these racehorses didn’t prove themselves on legitimate race tracks, even came out of big name barns, but were sold to the black market.
    I have every reason to believe that trainers knowingly, and willingly sell their “non-competitive” racehorses into these underground horse racing groups that are rife with gangs, illegal immigrants, cartel drug money, and illegal doping activities.
    So when they disappear off the radar, you can assume that many end up here if not the kill auctions.
    This is just another intolerable, despicable offshoot of thoroughbred horse racing.
    This is shameful.
    If it weren’t enough that they were abused for this revolting business, this is the bottom of the barrel for these poor racehorses.
    How can anybody in their right mind support this mayhem, and carnage?

  2. More On this Colorado Story of ABUSE OF HORSES

    The drugging of the horses is rampant and potentially lethal.

    Hidden camera footage revealed a brown liquid being injected into a racehorse’s neck who moments later was entered into the starting gates and raced.

    The liquid in the syringe was described as “ ‘typically a cocktail of stimulants’ to ramp up the horse’s heart – to get it to run faster”.

    Equine veterinarian Bruce Connelly stated, “I’ve seen match-race horses run blind. Break themselves up because of stuff that was put in ‘em that shouldn’t have been.”

    Local Law Enforcement
    The problem is, the report points out, is that law enforcement and the Colorado Department of Revenue, which oversees some 1,400 pages of racing regulations, can take action only in sanctioned horse races. Adding “it seemed impossible to FOX31 that such a large event, widely advertised and attended by so many people could go unnoticed by local politicians.”

    Oh, it hasn’t gone unnoticed by local politicians or law enforcement. They have either turned a blind eye to it like that Arapahoe Sheriff’s deputy who drove slowly by and didn’t stop, or profited by it, or both.

    What about the Mayor?

    Unsanctioned horse racing flourishing in rural Colorado
    Posted on May 18, 2017 by Tuesday’s Horse

    DENVER, Colorado. KDVR FOX31. Chris Halsne and Chris Koeberl reporting. (May 18, 2017) — Hidden cameras capture doping, gambling and abuse of horses as regulators, politicians, and law enforcement turn a blind eye. Go to full investigative report »

    It’s Easter Sunday outside the Deer Trail Rodeo grounds.

    Armed teams of private security in flak jackets set up a road block searching passengers and vehicles. What they are looking for is unclear, but alcohol and beer are allowed to pass. An Arapahoe Sheriff’s deputy drove by slowly on the street outside the stadium, but did not stop.

    By early afternoon, approximately 500 spectators are lined up along metal railings near a long, manicured dirt track.

    They were drawn here by an online advertising push from a company calling itself Parejeras Racing USA.

    A Spanish language flyer promised 10 “match-races,” with prize money in the thousands of dollars.

    At first glance, the horse races looked much like the legal, sanctioned ones held at Colorado’s only licensed horse race facility, Arapahoe Park in Aurora.

    Jockeys, in colorful silk, mounted muscular Quarter horses draped with matching blankets embossed with large numbers. Handlers helped guide the horses and riders to a metal starting gate.

    As the horses charged down the straight-away, it became apparent, there were few rules.

    Whipping of the animals was harsh and nearly nonstop.

    In one race, a jockey veered his horse into another competitor. The high-speed ramming pushed the thundering beasts toward spectators standing within inches of the track, including children.

    In two other races, jockeys lost their balance and went tumbling among the hoofs of other race horses.

    Problem Solvers, working with knowledgeable insiders, acquired hidden camera footage of not only the races, but all the activities happening just off the track.

    Audio and video recordings show plenty of cash being wagered on horses.

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