Kings R Blue Killed at Los Alamitos

The California Horse Racing Board has confirmed that 2-year-old Kings R Blue was euthanized after being “vanned off” in the 6th race at Los Alamitos December 11. Dead.

Please stop betting on animal races.


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  1. Kings R Blue – this literal baby ran NINE times in his short life. Nine times at only TWO years old. Just boggles my mind. And in the last race of life, the little sorrel QH still came in third…injured. Made his people $1400 in the race that KILLED him. How do these people sleep…

    RIP little one. It would have been better for you had you never been born.

  2. Would you please post the owner, trainer and jockey names of these casualties. If this information is posted at he races, it should be posted after they’ve collectively killed their horse(s).

    • While I certainly appreciate your sentiment, Pam, my own view is that attaching individual names to the dead can be a distraction, as if but for a few bad seeds racing would be fine. When people visit this site, I want the takeaway to be as clear and unequivocal as possible: horseracing – the industry – kills horses. Period.

      • Julie – Patrick’s posts are factual. Kings R Blue’s final race was December 11 as Patrick posted (and per Equibase).

  3. Absolutely no rules to protect the horse = full permission to run them to death, and they do.
    All in this business are animal abusers/killers.

    PS Joy, I agree better this little colt had not been born.

  4. ZIPPO transparency, accountability and/or repercussions for the ongoing deaths of racehorses on racetracks throughout the USA.
    This is all going on while they get billions in wagering, and casino profits that could otherwise benefit essential community services.
    Horse racing is a legitimized death camp for horses.
    Kings R Blue and all other racehorses who died on tracks or private training centers this past week – so sorry for you all.
    Horse racing killed you – no doubt about that.

  5. According to Equibase, on Dec 23 at Hawthorne, the racehorse Good Quality came home about 43 lengths last and was vanned off. Reported to have bled. I’ve had this horse in my virtual stable for a while now since he was involved in a racing incident.
    Yes, the owner/trainer just kept on racing this horse with a For Sale sign on his head until he got the last drop of blood out of him.
    Wonder what Good Quality’s future will be now, that’s if he’s still alive.

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