Boo Boo Dancer Dead at Charles Town

I have confirmed that 3-year-old Boo Boo Dancer is dead – euthanized where he lay – after breaking down in the 5th last night at Charles Town. Boo was being raced for the first time since April when he was a 9th of 10 “unsaddled on the turn.”


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  1. Were reading the the most recent race where he had won. Chart says he drifted out but one under driving urging. Boo Boo Dancer was undoubtedly sore and that`s why he drifted out! So sad that he barely made it past the young age of three.We have galloped on a sealed muddy track. Absolutely the WORST kind of surface to ride a horse on at a walk, let alone gallop or race on!

  2. So sorry for you Boo Boo Dancer.
    Joan and Fred provided a more than likely scenario.
    Again, the vet records leading up to your death will be kept sealed just like the muddy track.
    Although many reputable equine studies have solid evidence that catastrophic breakdowns are almost always preceded by a regime of pain-masking dope combinations, the industry who is supposed to “care” about their “family members,” just wrapped up a meeting in Arizona.
    Given all this evidence, and the DEATH FACTS they have recommended (get this) more LENIENCY in doping violations including reducing the repercussions all around!
    They have even proposed to completely eliminate some drugs from the categories with no repercussions whatsoever!

    Most racetracks will probably implement these guidelines in the face of multiple drug violating Trainers having multiple racehorses DIE under their direct care and/or training methods!
    Are you kidding me?
    The truth is this business uses, and abuses racehorses to the point of dying.
    There’s now no doubt that this is the main agenda especially after this proposal.
    We can expect more deaths to come given this proposal.
    I’m sure the multiple drug violating Trainers broke open a bottle of champagne when they found out about this proposal.
    The voiceless racehorses will be theirs to dope up, maim, dump, and/or kill with ZIPPO repercussions.
    This is not unlike the last 20 years when most were given slaps on the wrists or such minuscule fines that they were laughable.

  3. Horse racing industry is no different than dog fighting or the bull fighting. Humans put $$ above the animals well being and the price tag is paid by vultures disguised as pretty people.

    • Amen, TJ Smith! Pretty people showing up at the track with bright, brilliant smiles on their faces which, of course, is meant to hide the ugliness that lurks behind the scenes. I have stated, ad nauseum, that whenever you mix money and animals, the animals end up losing 99% of the time. So many people struggle to grasp that concept but it seems incredibly simple to me.

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