Two Killed on Same Day at Golden Gate

The California Horse Racing Board has confirmed the following kills at Golden Gate – on the same day (November 26): 2-year-old This Miss Can Kiss in morning “practice”; 4-year-old Ideal in the 5th race (“went wrong”).

This is horseracing.


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  1. Obscene.
    THIS MISS CAN KISS didn’t even make it to the races.
    So approximately $20,000 spent to use, and abuse this physically under developed living, breathing, being for her to die in the dirt at the Frank Stronach owned Golden Gate racetrack.
    These pro-horse racing people have got to be one of the lowest forms of life on planet earth.
    The next racehorse IDEAL’s story sickens me.
    The milk from his broodmares teats were barely dry when he went through the Keeneland sales ring at 9 months old – a weanling.
    The price? $115,000 where he was flipped, sold, and onto the next slave master.
    The purchaser Baccari Bloodstock sold him as a yearling for $250,000 turning a profit of about $100,000.
    So far, like most racehorse transactions, these people make lots, and give little or nothing to racehorses who end up standing at kill auctions all over the country – despicable bunch.
    Fox Hill Farms purchases Ideal, and sends him to Trainer Jerry Hollendorfer where he dies in the dirt after 11 starts – despicable.
    Will anybody be held legally accountable for these racehorses DYING under their direct care, and training methods?
    We know the answer because this is horse racing which is a cruelty circus, death camp, and corruption pit.


    • To quote Gina; “So far, like most racehorse transactions, these people makes lots, and give little or nothing to racehorses who end up standing at kill auctions all over the country” – EXACTLY, Gina.

      Without using names (I hope to receive permission from the rescuers at some point and if so, I will name the horses and these racing industry members), here are some recent accounts of racehorses in desperate circumstances…

      -A TB race mare, off the track for several years but discovered in the possession of a kill buyer, was rescued about a month ago. I contacted the breeder for financial assistance with this mare’s extensive veterinary needs…I would have regardless, but an individual in the “thread” about this mare stated she knew the breeder to be a wonderful, responsible person and that he/she would want to know about the mare’s dire situation. This is a major breeding/racing operation and to give an idea of their staggering wealth, in just one year, gross sales of 39 two-year-olds brought them nearly 5 million dollars. FIVE MILLION – in JUST the sale of 39 youngsters. That five million did not include the stud fees of the stallions they stood that year. Nor the earnings of their graded stakes winners. No, that FIVE MILLION was just a PORTION of what they racked up in just ONE year. Want to guess what this filthy rich racing entity sent the rescue for the mare they put on this earth? $200. Two. Hundred. Dollars.

      -Within the last couple of days, two geldings placed over a year ago by their very affluent racing owners into a well-known racehorse placement organization were found (with their adopter) to be in neglected, emaciated condition. The racing owner of one of the geldings has a net worth of one billion dollars. Yes, one BILLION. The second gelding was owned by a racing partnership whose horses – including their graded stakes winners – have earned them 4.5 million over the last several years. Yet right now, this very minute, the horses they used then didn’t want to spend another dime on are standing in a dirt paddock, hips and spines clearly visible under dull coats.

      • Joy, I sure look forward to the release of the names.
        This is going to be a doozie.
        This entire business is sleaze from start to finish conducted under the guise of mint juleps, fancy hats, and party atmosphere to portray the image that all is well in horse “paradise.”
        Of course, anybody that has direct or indirect experience with this antiquated business model knows otherwise.
        You can even be just an observer, and know that this is nothing more than a cruelty circus, death camp, and corruption pit.
        After all, anybody with one ounce of compassion watching a racehorse snap its leg-off at Del Mar, Golden Gate, Santa Anita, Finger Lakes etc. etc. – pick your track – can’t possibly justify this for $2 bets.
        Then there are those who live a delusion that upholds the false image portrayed even when the FACTS show the ongoing abusive life cycle of a racehorse from birth to maiming, to dumping, to death, and everything in between.
        Those who CHOOSE to deliberately ignore the sad truth about racehorses being exploited to their death.
        Those who actually partake in this despicable business referring to themselves as “caring,” and they love their “family members,” while making millions, and giving little or NOTHING to the racehorses standing at kill auctions all over the country.
        Like I said – SLEAZE.
        If this business was legislated to be legally, and fiscally responsible for the racehorses they exploit then there would be no business at all.

  2. Racehorse owners are forever declaring that they “love” their horses who are treated like members of their family.

    As one can see both these young horses were doing well in racing, which begs the question –
    Why were they put into the “care” of Robert Dimitt? Wouldn’t an owner place his horses in the care of a person that had been thoroughly checked out? Especially when the owner also bred them.

    According to

    Ashley’s Freighttrain (Quarter Horse) a 3 year old filly who had 3 starts for $11,928 (average $3,976 per start)

    Trainer: Ty Blackwell
    Owner: Edward D. Leslie
    Breeder: Edward D Leslie Md

    Awesome Ashley (Quarter Horse) a 4 year old filly who had 7 starts for $33,507 (average $4,787 per start)

    Awesome Ashley
    Trainer: Ty Blackwell
    Owner: Edward D. Leslie
    Breeder: Edward D Leslie Md

    This is what happened to these two racehorses after their last starts in June and March 2015 respectively –

    If one of these fillies was worth $1million, it is unbelievable that there was no visiting/monitoring of their welfare. One of the fillies spent months in agony laying on the ground covered in sores.

    This case of horrific animal cruelty is not uncommon in the horseracing industry.

    I hate to think of the pain and torture these horses went through when he cut their frogs out. If only these magnificent creatures knew their strength – there’d be a lot of dead “carers” around.

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