Two More Killed at Finger Lakes – This Time in Same Race

Two more horses were killed at Finger Lakes (that’s three in two days) – this time in the same race. The Gaming Commission has confirmed that 3-year-olds Justenuffaddie and Flaming Fever were euthanized following the 4th yesterday. While the replay offers little in the way of visual insight, follows are a few of the track announcer’s comments:

“Flaming Fever has now taken a bad step.”

“Looks like another one’s gone down; Justenuffaddie took a bad step.”

“What a troubled affair this one was right from the very beginning.”

The killing of fully sentient – intelligent, feeling, aware – beings for $2 bets euphemized as “bad steps,” “troubled affairs.” Their depravity knows no bounds.


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  1. Yes indeed, a “troubled affair” right from the breeding shed all the way to death on the track or the slaughterhouse..
    RIP Justenuffaddie and Flaming Fever.

    PS Enough with the “bad step”….

  2. Last day of the meeting…Large non-competitive fields…Owners looking to get rid of “disposable” assets…I wonder how many of these poor animals will find their way to the “auction” rings now that their usefulness has been exhausted. For those in the Finger Lakes area, look for Canter events to re-home those horses that are in danger of being cast aside.

    • This is one example showing the industry doesn’t give a damn about their “athletes” – their “throw-aways” are showing up at auctions and/or in the killbuyers’ possession. We know it…Glen, your comment indicates that you know this, as well. Why should the responsibility of giving life-long, loving homes to the racehorses of a multi-billion dollar industry (an unnecessary one, at that) fall upon us?…how infuriating that we must be constantly on the look-out, worried day in and day out, about their horses!

      To industry members, especially to those who boast about everything they “do” for their horses – do you really care?…prove it. Have a hotline for every racing jurisdiction – a number we can call when we find a tattooed TB at an auction or in a KB’s possession. When that call is received, YOU send a trailer, YOU pay the ransom and YOU bring the horse to YOUR designated safe farm…and YOU support that horse for the remainder of his/her life. In addition, YOU have boots on the ground at these auctions because the rescue folks are being run ragged trying to help your horses. Will what I suggested catch every one of your discarded racehorses? – not likely, but it’s a start until this industry is finally dead and there aren’t anymore horses you can throw out like garbage.

  3. I suppose now this despicable hell hole called Finger Lakes is now offering a “2 for 1 DEATH kill.”
    Wonder if they put that in their exotic bets to increase the associations profits?
    Those huge casino profits are certainly not being shared by their profit slaves who generate the profits.
    Even when their main source of income (racehorses) are no longer able to physically/mentally generate profits they are still used, and abused until maimed and/or killed on a regular basis.
    If they make it out alive, they are more than likely dumped in either a neglectful situation and/or kill auction.
    Who would expect anything more from a business that legitimizes animal cruelty on a daily basis?
    The irony of these names are just another component of the delusion. Sorry for you darling – you sure did have “enuff” didn’t you? I suppose they can’t give you “enuff” abuse anymore – can they? They are solely responsible for ending your life, and you know what Addie? NOBODY, NOT ONE OF YOUR CONNECTIONS, that made the conditions ripe for you to die, will be held legally accountable for what amounts to Felony Animal Cruelty.
    In any other setting, in any other state in this country had an animal DIE in an owner’s care an investigation would follow, and animal cruelty charges would more than likely be laid.
    Here we have a publicly funded, public cruelty ring that is, basically, getting away with murder.
    This time it’s not Keeneland that is one of many enablers of the abuse, but Fasig-Tipton.
    Justenuffaddie was sold for the grand total of $1500 at the Mid-Atlantic FT sale.
    If a horse sells for as little as $1500 there’s usually a reason for it.
    Although many factors can be cited, it’s usually physical issues that shows up on the x-rays on pre-purchase exams that warns people not to buy them. In other words, you are buying a car with 3 wheels instead of 4.
    So from the get-go most racehorses that sell in this price range are accidents waiting to happen – generally speaking.
    Here’s where my analysis becomes more valid.
    Addie disappeared off the radar from his purchase in 2014 to his first workout on 10/07/2016.
    So folks, that’s almost 2 years of not showing any regular workout schedule.
    One can surmise that he was put away for at least 1 year prior to training.
    His training was delayed due to, possibly, the issues that were present at the time of sale – the issues that negated him being sold for $1500.
    He had 4 workouts prior to his first start indicating that they had the issues somewhat under control, usually due to ongoing administration of dope. However, any chronic issue that was probably there from the get-go is now being masked to get him into that starting gate – to pick up a check.
    Here’s where my analysis, yet again, becomes more valid.
    In his first start, he obviously couldn’t stand up to the stress of racing.
    DEAD LAST by 15+ lengths.
    That’s wasn’t “enuff” for his connections though who probably explained away his loss like most delusional connections in this business.
    So now it’s very possible that all of his previous physical issues caught up with him that day.
    Of course I’m only speculating, we can only speculate because this business protects the private vet records like Ft. Knox.
    I bet 100%, my bottom dollar, that the private vet records would show that Addie had physical issues both at the sale, and/or during his training that led up to his first start.
    The industry is PROTECTING the ongoing maiming of racehorses by protecting all the abusers, and enablers of the abuse from the owners, to the trainers, to the vets by denying access to the medical records.
    Not even the racing commissions have access to the ongoing doping of racehorses on tracks.
    They could be giving them everything, but the kitchen sink for all we know.
    Keep in mind, that vets all over the country exchange vet records on a regular basis usually to prevent repetitive invasive procedures, and continuity of care; keeping the health, and welfare of the pet as a priority.
    Unadulterated ongoing abuse with ZIPPO accountability to the wagering public, to animal laws, to anybody or anything.
    The proverbial “investigation to follow,” – laughable.
    So after all this, they go ahead an enter him into, what would be, his final race.
    He had no official works in between his lackluster first race performance that didn’t send off alarm bells to the enablers of the abuse – the racing commissions, nor was he denied entry.
    Of course any normal person that was exposed to his vet records, would probably see the pattern there, and would have been able to refuse entry to this horse that was obviously having issues.
    So ZIPPO protection for Addie.
    Here’s another factor that is ridiculous.
    The cost of buying, keeping, training, and eventually running Addie was approximately $20,000.
    This is just for daily upkeep, and doesn’t include the vet bills.
    His first race picked-up $90 for his connections, and the race where he died only picked-up his dead body.
    So all this ongoing abuse of a sentiment being for $90?
    Are you kidding me?
    Seriously, if this doesn’t reveal a “delusional” state of mind – I don’t know what does.
    I’ve had “ENUFF” crap from these delusional, abusive low life scums.
    Onto Flaming Fever.
    9 starts that resulted in $3,340!
    So it cost the connections around $20,000 to make $3,340.
    Delusional BS crap.
    The reason I’m bringing up the money cost is because it tells a story. It shows just how ridiculous, and delusional these people are.
    How low can you stoop?
    Your taking a living, breathing being, spending about $20,000 to subject it to whipping/beating, doping, maiming, dumping, and/or DYING?!
    If you want to be delusional with your money then don’t do it at the expense of racehorses.
    Why not take this money and rescue the ones already standing at a kill auction?
    Just a thought. a rational thought albeit, but at least one where the animal benefits instead of DIES right?
    Let’s put aside the economical aspect for a moment.
    There’s no amount of money that can justify this ongoing cruelty, and abuse of a sentiment being – NONE.
    The majority of racehorses, and racetracks are not “premier” tracks that the wagering public are aware of.
    They are tracks filled with broken bodies and/or souls: both horse and human.
    This is one business that can’t shut down fast enough for me.

      • Tell that to Justenuffaddie and Flaming Fever as I’m sure they got a mouthful of dirt when they broke down on the track.
        Moreover, after growing up in this business, and after being an owner/trainer for years, plus a CHRB Steward for a brief stint, I have much more than a mouthful.
        I have a saga.
        I saw this, and so much more compliments of this cruelty circus, death camp, and corruption pit.

      • Keep talking, Gina…I’m certain that if the horses exploited by this industry COULD talk they would thank you profusely.

    • Gina, you make so many great points…but one I want to comment on; “The industry is PROTECTING the ongoing maiming of racehorses by protecting all the abusers, and enablers of the abuse” – ABSOLUTELY.

      I came across a 30-minute piece that I suggest everyone watch…and the protection that Gina mentions is addressed in it. Google…Racing for their Lives: An In-Depth Look at the Doping in the U.S. Horse Racing Industry.

    • After a failed brief venture into the industry 8 wins in 116 starts as a trainer and 1 win in 24 starts as an owner I can understand your hatred for the business. Maybe if you had put as much energy and time into your brief stint training as you now do on this site you would have had more success. I agree with many of your comments by the way and respect your opinion.

      • David, your tactics are very typical of pro-horse racing supporters.
        You can’t defend the facts stated here so you attack the messenger.
        There’s one thing I failed at that I’m very proud of: I failed to MAIM and/or KILL a racehorse directly under my care.
        So sorry to disappoint you David.
        I failed to uphold the necessary operating procedures of this business model: I ordered jockeys not to excessively strike my horse, and if they did I never mounted them again.
        So I failed to uphold the ongoing whipping/beating of my racehorses.
        I also failed to participate in the ongoing corruption on the racetracks which often results in denial of stalls, and access to the system.
        So it was kind of hard operating when being continuously harassed.
        I failed to dump my racehorses at kill auctions – a horrific exception to this industry I was.
        Yes indeed David – a total failure to uphold the necessary operating procedures that result in a successful Top Trainer with high win rates.
        So I’m so happy you reminded me of this failure so I can get on with the task of educating people about this industry.
        Very happy to be part of this Blog community who is a forum for DEATH facts, and a communication tool for former horse racing industry participants who are happy to share their experiences.
        The main thing I resent is racehorses being maimed and/or DYING in the dirt for this pathetic excuse for gambling.
        Plus, other things I find particularly distasteful is multiple drug violating Trainers who have multiple racehorses DYING under their direct care with little or no repercussions.
        This results in the ongoing pain, suffering, maiming and/or killing of racehorses while the industry chooses to uphold these animal cruelty actions.
        So it’s seems reasonable for a horse racing supporter to point out my inability to uphold such despicable animal cruelty.
        Since your so interested in intentionally harming me on a public blog, you need to provide your full name, and what you do for a living David?
        It’s such typical abusive behavior from a horse racing supporter.
        Attack somebody while hiding behind their name and whatever you do for a living.
        Why don’t you tell me what you do for a living so we can all go over your credentials and make a comment on your failures as well?
        I don’t expect an answer because you horse racing people are used to abusing a racehorse who has no voice so you get very upset when a voice comes forth for the horses.
        You would just prefer to continue using, and abusing the racehorses while making BILLIONS in profit.
        Anybody who gets in your way is somebody to attack, embarrass, destroy or use whatever intimidation tactics you can think of.
        Oh yes, I know the game – I lived it.
        I had a voice, I could walk away – so sad that the racehorses don’t have a voice and can’t walk away.
        We, at horseracingwrongs, will ensure that every racehorse who DIES for this VILE industry has a voice.
        That’s one thing I will not fail at.

      • To all my supporters on this blog:
        A brief, initial investigation into David Juffet reveals that he has investments with WEST POINT THOROUGHBREDS and is a heavy investor/gambler into the wagering aspect of horse racing as well.
        He lives in New Jersey, and appears to have ties to the Zayat Family.
        He attended Monmouth University, and is a investor and/or CEO of Monmouth Park Racetrack.
        So he’s a heavy participant and investor in horse racing which explains why he would attack, embarrass, and perform character assassination on me on a public forum.
        Folks, anybody who upholds, and supports, the maiming, dumping, and/or killing of racehorses is usually capable of being mean to people as seen on this blog.

      • “Time and energy” are the keys to “success” in horse racing? Surely you know the key utilized by trainers, David Juffet – drugs…administered to the non-consenting horses, of course. Ramon Preciado, 2nd in the standings at Parx and celebrating his 1000th win in 2015 (be sure to see him standing with a smiling Sam Elliot as they both celebrate that “success”…in a photo that tops the article about Preciado’s horses testing positive for clenbuterol…again) demonstrates how to win.

      • Mr. Juffet, and another “successful” trainer who puts “energy and time” into training….Doug O’Neill, one of the most successful “druggies” in the business. In fact, a racing contact of mine calls the guy Drug O’Needle. Oh, and O’Neill is just the tip of the iceberg. You must be so proud to be part of an industry where cheating is part of the tradition.

  4. This is totally discusting , Know one is going to do anything about these brilliant horses being killed! So why write about it or speak about it!! It’s a dam dirty shame that anyone will beat these horses to death just too win a race, God forbid! Stop this killing in doping., or beating. Stop this once and for all ! The industry ought to be ashamed of themselves to allow such behavior !

      • My name is David Juffet. Google me. I’m retired and have no investments in horse racing. I never wager on a horse race. I was scouting yearlings for a few years but I’m done. I’m on your side and didn’t think I attacked you. Very sorry you took it that way. I’m constantly working with all of my connections past and present to save these animals.

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