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  1. What a tragedy. And to make matters worse, the UC Davis Veterinary College is hosting a Day At the Races in Del Mar on December 4, for alumni and friends of the vet school. The dean will be the keynote speaker. I have written to them about it but of course had received no reply. I’d love to see a protest there but need help in organizing it. Would love to hear from others about this.

    • Hi Holly, there is a gal called Ellen Nickerson? I believe.
      Anyways, she has been organizing peaceful demonstrations outside of Del Mar for years.
      She is the “go to” person for that, and I sincerely hope she is continuing to demonstrate.
      She has a FB page – very active that notifies people of her planned demonstrations.
      She often comments here.
      If she’s reading this, please come forward Ellen and provide your contact information.
      Ellen is a warrior for the racehorses at Del Mar.
      She’s fearless.
      As for the vets?
      They know that the ongoing drugs required to mask chronic issues, and the maiming that often results amounts to lots of money for them to make.
      In fact, the vets reap the financial benefits of the entire systematized, and legitimized animal cruelty more so than most.
      I do know of several vets that left the racetrack because they couldn’t come to terms with their actions in order to maintain this business model, and the procedures necessary to keep the racehorses filling races.
      I suppose some people still have morals over money.
      Thanks for writing the letter.
      Del Mar should have been shut down a long time ago, but so should this entire business.

    • Holly…thank you for being the horses’ voice!

      Yes, the woman in CA that organizes protests/demonstrations at Del Mar is Ellen Ericksen – you can find her quite easily on FB.

    • Holly, Gina is correct about veterinarians who condone and even support racing – it benefits their bank accounts in a variety of ways.
      What I think is important to bring up here, for the folks who are new to the exposure the cruel horse racing industry is receiving, is to be aware of so-called racehorse “advocates” who support and/or defend horse racing. You will see racehorse rescue organizations defending the industry stating things like, “there are good people in racing”…and this is while they are struggling to keep their doors open and their rescued racehorses fed and treated for their racing-induced injuries. These individuals, in my honest opinion, betray the very horses they claim to care about.

      Several months ago, in searching for placement with one of the much-touted TAA-accredited racehorse rescue organizations for a racemare in need, 9 of the 10 organizations I contacted were unable to take her in because of lack of funds and/or space – no openings for a single horse. And the 10th had a waiting list. The Thoroughbred racing industry boasts about “their” Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance (TAA) which accredits, inspects and awards grants to approved racehorse rescue organizations…but these same organizations have their doors shut while BEGGING for donations from the non-race general public! A MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR gambling and entertainment industry cannot even adequately support their “athletes” who were injured being made to race for it? An industry that wouldn’t even exist without that “athlete”, the horse, doesn’t provide for every single one when he/she is no longer wanted by it? Regarding the claims of the “good folks in racing” and “there are more good people than bad in the industry”, why are there SO many damaged and discarded racehorses? Why do we see the pleas for thrown-away racehorses on social media EVERY SINGLE DAY? Why are rescue organizations full and operating on sparse funding? WHERE ARE ALL OF THESE “GOOD FOLKS”?

      The horse “advocates” who support racing often unknowingly incriminate the industry…you just have to note what they put out there. Read about the horses needing homes on their websites; “sound for light riding”, “no jumping”, “won’t hold up to extensive showing”. Now mind you, these are horses that haven’t even reached an equine’s prime age. Racing has stolen their once-sound limbs and they’re only 4, 5, or 6 years old. RACING did that.

      Another common self-indictment is the comment I see over and over when discussing a horse fresh off the track – “we turned him out and just let him be a horse”. “Turned him out”?…isn’t being confined to a stall for 23 hours/day, isolated from other horses, a GOOD thing? Acceptable? Normal? “Let him be a horse”?…so they WEREN’T “being a horse” at the track? Enough said.

      And then there’s this commentary (from the November 2016 Horse Illustrated article titled “Racing Home”); “At the age of 8, he had run 42 times [then upon leaving the track and arriving at a farm, the following]…Body-sore and stiff, with hooves that crumbled and a brain that didn’t seem quite right, we decided to let him just be a horse”. There’s that phrase again! And it continues; “[I was] saddened by the fact that his long career [LONG career?] had done damage to his body that I didn’t know how to fix”. (FYI, this horse required 18 months of REST, during which time he put on 200 pounds and “grew out his hooves”…and yet, the individual who admitted to having to “beg” in order to get this damaged horse out of racing defends and supports it)

      So beware of those individuals – those who claim to love the horses AND the industry. Know where they stand. To whom or what they are loyal to. And realize that they support an unnecessary industry that cripples and kills sentient beings every day – for THEIR entertainment.

      • Joy, I was sent a screenshot from a racing exploiter’s page that stated a three year old “…has been on 24/7 turn out with two other horses and is finally learning it’s ok to relax and enjoy himself” after leaving the track. What? This three year old wasn’t able to “enjoy himself” at the track? I’m not quite following why this particular three year old couldn’t enjoy himself at the track. Oh, and another quote from the same exploiter’s post…”This guy came in pretty body sore and very much in need of some time to be a horse.” Body sore…at the age of THREE? He needs time to be a horse? Perhaps he wasn’t a horse at the track but rather a machine that was expected to put dollars in the owner’s bank account. Actually, the self-incrimination from the racing industry is quite entertaining if you think about it. We don’t need to shine a light on their dirty secrets. They are quite capable of doing it all by themselves!

  2. And FYI – three more discarded TB mares are with the KB at New Holland today – all of them with mutilated upper lips making identifying them with their tattoos impossible.

    Once again…the multi-billion dollar racing industry sends their discarded “athletes” down the path of more cruelty and unimaginable pain.

    • Joy, that is why all these horses should be micro chipped. The bums that are responsible for the ultimate betrayal of these horses should not be able to hide behind mutilated tattoos.

      • But is it six of one, half a dozen of the other, Rose? Will the perpetrators just cut out a big piece of flesh where chips are placed, in order to make sure the chip is removed?

  3. Well the death trap called Del Mar didn’t waste any more time killing more racehorses yesterday.
    I’m sure Patrick will follow-up with this.
    Just check out this race card yesterday.
    The day got off to an ugly start.
    Race #1
    First victim of the day is TRIXIE TOPPER.
    Pulled up, vanned-off at the half mile pole – EUTHANIZED in the secret corner cobwebs of the stable area.
    Injuries proved to be “catastrophic” in one report.
    Yet, the racing apologists Equibase true to form said this:
    “TRIXIE TOPPER was the cause of her own trouble.”
    Low life scum bags. This abusive, and repulsive defense statement of a sentiment being DYING for this pathetic excuse for gambling. It was HER FAULT folks. Yes, it was Trixie Topper’s fault for being bred for this cruelty circus, death camp, and corruption pit. Yes folks it was her fault that she, evidently, snapped her leg-off and had to be euthanized in the stable area of Del Mar. Abusers almost always blame the ones being abused. This is no different.
    Since they don’t want the wagering public to see the carnage we will further aggravate her pain, suffering by loading her onto the trailer and making her DIE in secret for our multibillion dollar operation. VILE DISGUSTING LOW LIFE SCUM BAGS.
    Race #2
    Although no death victims, a few “weakened” victims that are probably running sore while being beaten with a whip to perform, and generate profit. SLEEPWALKER & ZARQA STAR. I often follow horses on my stable mail who “weaken,” and almost always they disappear off the radar or suffer career and/or catastrophic injuries eventually after the pain masking medication no longer does the trick.
    However, the writing is on the wall, but for people who want to make money off of them they ignore the signals, and the racing commissions usually permit them to enter. Of course the vet records are kept private so that neither the wagering public or others can see what exactly is going on with their ongoing issues.
    Race #3
    Next victim is WE GO NOW.
    Although he didn’t DIE – at least not they we know of thus far, it was “his fault” that he stumbled coming out of the gate and lost the rider.
    I suppose his possible pain and/or pre-existing conditions didn’t cause him to stumble, but they are absolutely 100% certain that it’s “his fault.” VILE.
    Race #4.
    Not one, but 3 racehorses were “eased.”
    Folks, that’s almost half of the 7 horse field that had to be “eased.”
    This is a polite term for something being seriously wrong. What it is – we can only guess because the vet records in the horse racing industry are guarded like Ft Knox.
    One thing we do know neither of these 3 horses could soundly finish the race on their own volition.
    They are all now just accidents waiting to happen, but his industry will accept future entries enabling the game of Russian Roulette to continue.
    At this point, all 3 racehorses status is unknown. Are they alive or dead? Your guess is as good as mine.
    Race #4.
    DEATH VICTIM number 2 on the race card: TRUMP DIESEL who generated over $300,000 at the sales auctions. Sale auction number 1 at the ripe old age of one years old he brought a sales price of $120,000 at the “premier” sales auction block house called Keeneland. Their profit cut for just providing a sales ring? It’s usually 10% or $12,000 for not contributing to this horses well-being in any way, shape or form. Not bad profit for about 5 minutes in the sales ring? Keeneland = enablers of the abuse.
    Now comes the 2-year-old in Training Sale at OBS in Florida. Yes folks remember that thing called the 2-year-old in training sales where horses at the ripe old age of 1.5 years old are being broke, and rigorously trained to ready them for what they hope will be their big profit day. Well TRUMP DIESEL didn’t disappoint anybody, turned in a stellar workout at 2 years old, and brought $260,000 for his connections. Of course we don’t know exactly WHO those connections are because they are sold through the ring under a consignor in this case the infamous Eddie Woods. So somebody made $260,000 that day. However, all this profit wasn’t enough to save TRUMP DIESEL from DYING in the dirt at Del Mar yesterday. His injuries “so severe” according to one horse racing reporter that he had to be “euthanized.”
    TRUMP DIESEL is now the 3rd victim of the death trap they call Del Mar at this race meet alone.
    Yes, that’s 3 horses DYING in just over 2 weeks, but when you factor in the dark days it works out to just under 10 days. That’s a rate of about 30% of racehorses DYING at this meet alone.
    Of course all the racehorses DYING during their summer meet, and all the racehorses DYING at former meets is not enough for either the “good” folks of horse racing, California State government, animal rights activists, animal advocates/lovers of the State of California to shut this death trap down.
    No, all their millions in profit seems to keep everybody at bay, keeps their doors open to make millions more in profit.
    Of course their BILLIONS in profits over the years doesn’t ensure that a racehorse will not die at their meet, and certainly gives little or nothing to racehorses who are found standing at kill auctions starving to death.
    Their website making no mention of the racehorses dying as they focus on promoting their exotic bets, and their Pick 6 gambling traps.
    Race #5.
    A stake race. The upper elite where the rich connections, and the rich racehorses are supposed to be immune to issues according to many racing apologists that come on here to make that claim.
    We all know how ridiculous that claim is as rich racehorse after rich racehorse has been maimed, killed, and/or dumped by this deplorable business. KY COLONEL, although not dead at least not that we are aware of, “gave way” in the second turn. Of course “gave way” could mean a number of things, but something was seriously wrong with this horse. The fact that he was trained at about 1.5 years old, endured a brutal training schedule to make him a high level 2 year old, probably contributed to his issues whatever they are. Of course neither the wagering public, nor the concerned non-supporting public will be informed of exactly what needles they are most likely plunging into him or what ever is in that needle is none of our business.
    Those records are kept private. They are the legitimized maiming records for them to protect.
    No, this industry can get away with legitimized animal cruelty to the point of maiming and/or DYING while few bat an eyelash.
    It’s important to note that KY COLONEL, like many on the race card yesterday, was wearing caulks.
    I think that caulks are abusive, but that’s just my opinion.
    One thing I do know, caulks cripples racehorses. I’ve seen it, I’ve witnessed it.
    They do little or nothing to increase traction as the supporters of caulks would tell you.
    Race #7
    THE STRIP “gave way.”
    Lived, but gave way.
    Race #8
    EBADAN “gave way,” in a high level Stakes Race.
    Again, upper levels not immune to the maiming and/or dying according to racing apologists.
    Gave way could mean anything, but usually indicates a horse that gives up.
    A horse that communicates that they don’t want to do this. Something is bothering them. Something is amiss.
    There is a clear, and present danger that this horse could break down sometime in the future.
    Race #9
    True to form right up until the last race, 2 racehorses “weakened” while running.
    Again, this is a generic term that could mean just about anything, but it usually means that they gave up.

    So there you have it folks. Another fun-filled day of racehorses being whipped/beaten, doped, maimed and/or killed.
    They call it horse racing.
    I call it a cruelty circus, death camp, and corruption pit.

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