3-Year-Old Breaks Neck, Dies on Track

The Equibase line for 3-year-old South Philly Magic in the 3rd yesterday at Parx: “clipped heels and fell heavily…breaking his neck and dying on the track.”

“The Sport of Kings.”


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  1. Yet another clipped heels causing the death of an innocent horse. These jockeys love to race tight to suit their abusive style of riding. Whipping away, riding short with their feet almost up to their backsides. How frightened these horses must feel when forced to race so close to the heels of another that they cannot avoid clipping heels knowing the danger. Horses in a herd naturally run close to one another but NEVER that close to clip heels, they are 24/7 self preservation. These jockeys are so selfish with no consideration for the horse.
    They don’t give a damn.

    • We at one time were members of university mounted drill team.We complained repeatedly to our drill team advisor of the dangers of riding our horses to closely in the formations the university wanted us to ride in.The horses were way too close and to this day we regret having ridden in the largest parade as a university drill team member. The horses after the so called “fun event ” were all sore and swollen. They were not properly cooled out and were forced to wear hardened shoes with borium that caused much sliding/ tripping on the paved streets of our major state city. The hardened shoes were REQUIRED by the parade association! Our drill team captain did not even make it out of the coliseum before he was injured by his horse slipping and thereby breaking his wrist. The stupidity of riding in to close of quarters knows no bounds.The selfishness of many riders / trainers is the reason why we quit galloping horses on the track more than a decade ago despite enjoying the company of the horses. We much less enjoyed the company of the people.

  2. And the carnage continues….unabated. I think of my six OTTB’s and I realize just how lucky they were to make it out of racing alive. What a sad commentary on an industry that professes to put the welfare of its horses first. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    • Yes, your six OTTB’s are so lucky thanks to you Mary.
      Just got contacted to rescue BREAK THE ICE.
      Another poor dude.
      Get this.
      This gelding is 12 years old with 139 starts.
      Has been running steadily for the last 6 years toiling in the claiming ranks.
      His handlers say he’s very sweet, and kind – doesn’t deserve his fate if they can’t get a home for him.
      Can’t get ONE DIME from anybody in the horse racing business.
      Typical story, but at least he made it out alive.
      No longer able to give one more piece of sweat to this vile business.
      Now that they used, and abused him to fill races, increase wagering profits, and now that BILLIONS are being spent right now at the sale in Kentucky – nobody that “loves” their “family members,” have stepped up to rescue this guy from being loaded onto the slaughterhouse truck.
      We actually have people who DEFEND this ongoing practice of disposable sentiment beings?
      You all make me sick.

      • Gina, and that doesn’t include my three Standardbreds, two of which were purchased at the Good Friday Auction in Shipshewana, Indiana, in March, 2008. Joy was with me when our group outbid the bastard, Jaron Gold, a licensed TB owner/trainer. Fourteen horses and one donkey were “saved” that day and I still have my beloved Sherman (Lochness Bluegrass) and Friday, a broken down Amish buggy horse. They will be with me until they leave this earth because a “loving forever” home is just a fallacy the majority of the time. I trust virtually no one and will NEVER risk any of my horses ending up starving in a field or being crammed into a slaughter truck.

      • And I’m heartbroken over Break The Ice but there are hundreds, if not thousands, more just like him. I despise this industry that sucks these horses dry and then expects others to clean up the mess…absolutely despise it.

  3. Update on BREAK THE ICE.
    A rescue group in New York has agreed to take him in.
    However, he’s located in Puerto Rico at Camarero right now.
    They have paid the price to the owner $500 they have put up some money, but they are short $4000 to get him up here to safety, to his forever home.
    It just makes me sick to my stomach that this irresponsible business is making BILLIONS at the Kentucky sale and leaves it up to us non-horse racing folks to cough up the money to get his guy out.
    It really make me sick. I HATE this business, and anybody who supports it.
    Poor Break The Ice. It’s not his fault that he ended up in this situation.
    If anybody can send even $25 dollars they say every dime will count in the end.
    They only have so much time because they want to use his stall for the next slave. Sound familiar?
    Please go to: youcaring.com and look for BREAK THE ICE.
    All the information is there if you care to help this dude out.
    They have raised $210 so far.
    Like I said, BILLIONS made today in Kentucky and not ONE DIME set aside for racehorses like him.
    Disgusting, vile, low life scums.

    • Gina, I sent you a PM about Break the Ice before seeing this post of yours – sorry! This poor gelding…claimed in his first race for owner Lowell Kinch. Then 15 races for Kinch and a number of different trainers and tracks over a 19-month period. His last race for Kinch, a 5K claiming race at Suffolk Downs in November of 2008. Since BTI wasn’t claimed, Kinch must have sold him because less than 7 weeks later, the then 4-year-old bay was racing in Puerto Rico. And now, 12-years-old with 139 starts.

      I see the individual offering BTI a home is the same woman who offered Swinging at Siro’s a home – another horribly exploited racehorse who was shipped down to Camarero for further exploitation! I recall reading his story, feeling angry and relieved at the same time. Like you said, BILLIONS are spent AND made yet when these horses that have had everything taken from them cannot give anymore, they stand waiting for HELP…and the BEGGING for their lives begins.

  4. Absolutely crummy that the so called industry is not required to set aside monies to help out these poor horses who have given there all. Unfortunately we just had to pay $6,000 in property taxes for 60 year old farm house that has rotten windows. Property taxes in our state have become outrageous in relation to peoples incomes! We sure wish we could help out. We appreciate all the links commenters provide. We have found them very informative especially the newsletter that mentioned Lyme disease and how doctors in our area are penalized for testing or reporting on it.We sure hope that Break The Ice makes it home soon.We rescued a young Seattle Slew line filly 17 years ago, she is yet with us and despite being told she had a slab fracture on her left foreleg, she has always been sound and was after being x-rayed was found to have no sins of fracture.We didn`t ride her at the time, just fed her and allowed to live out in our field with another yearling filly we had rescued from starvation on a desolate hill in1997.

  5. Here’s the link for anybody who cares to donate even $20 dollars.
    I’m so angry that we have to beg for money to rescue a horse that gave his blood, sweat, and tears to this despicable business, and then have no soft landing when done.
    Here’s the link:

    Thanks to anybody who gives for this horse, but we all know that it’s the industry who exploited him who should be held legally and fiscally responsible.
    This is just one of many reasons why I detest this business model and anybody who supports it.

    • Gina, thank you for the link. It will be a slow process to raise the $4,000 but I sure hope it will happen. Every donation is a step toward the goal.
      Shame on the racing business for what it did to this horse. The business shows it’s true colors, one horse at a time. Where are the donations from all those “good people” we keep hearing about ?!!

      The following is a question for contributors to the Paulick Report:

      How about “showcasing” Break The Ice’s story on the report. But maybe this is not fit your template ?!

      • Yes Rose we will get there.
        I’m waiting to get paid on Friday, and I will make a small contribution, but every dollar counts.
        I’m so furious that it’s people like us, non-exploiters, that constantly step up to the plate to rescue these poor abused souls that make wagering companies billions.
        I’m also furious that record breaking profits, in the BILLIONS, are being made at the Keeneland sale right now. Owners are spending millions to buy up racing stock that have DUMPED multiple horses into the claiming ranks instead of spending money to ensure a forever home.
        This is a despicable business from start to finish and everything in between.
        There was one guy that donated some money, and he had this comment:
        Ian Meyers
        These stories break my heart. I’m old enough now that I don’t care who I offend so here goes. I want to know why the horsemen & tracks that have racino dollars rolling in don’t do anything to support retired race horses. F**k y’all, I hope the state legislatures take away your undeserved racino $$s in the coming years. And they will.
        Have a Merry Christmas Break The Ice. I hope you enjoy your forever home.

        This guy is spot on. We should pressure our state legislators to immediately CEASE ALL casino money to this business until a percentage of every dollar made is put into a slush fund for horses like BREAK THE ICE.
        Better still, end all funding permanently so that these tracks will be forced to shut down one at a time.
        That day can’t come soon enough for these profit slaves.

        I would also like to take the time to extend my sincere sadness to all racehorses who DIED in the dirt for this cruelty ring, death camp, and corruption pit this week and always.
        There are only 2 kinds of people involved in this business: Abusers and enablers of abuse.
        Every single person that sat at the Keeneland Sale this week, spending millions, while people like us BEG for a couple of thousand dollars to ensure a safe haven for racehorses like Break The Ice – you’all make me sick.
        You all qualify for enablers of the abuse, and most of you probably perpetrate the abuse as well.
        Now I know these supporters don’t give a hoot about what anything thinks of them, well we will show you.
        We will continue to educate and lobby so that funding gets stopped, racetracks shut down, and people stop supporting it so that you will have NOWHERE to maim, and kill racehorses anymore.

  6. The twin evils of horseracing – breeding and destroying innocent horses.

    How can there be some “good” people in racing when it’s an industry that thrives on abusing, ill-treating, maiming and killing horses EVERY single day?

  7. Just $227.00 short of the goal for Break The Ice !!
    Some new pictures of him are posted. The sadness in his eyes is striking. I wonder how sound he can be after such a brutal “career”

  8. Happy to announce that BREAK THE ICE is now officially in quarantine bound for the U.S thanks to donations from, predominantly, people who had NOTHING to do with his exploitation. Usually story. While BILLIONS was being made at Keeneland last week, while people spent upwards of a million or more for one horse, while racehorses were being killed/maimed, we were begging for donations.
    Unacceptable. Disgusting, and highlights just as rotten to the core this business is.
    All going well Break The Ice will be on a place to Miami December 1st.
    Here’s is the name of the person responsible for initiating his rescue, and safe return to a forever home in upstate New York. You can find her on Facebook: Ginny Broome O’Malley
    I was browsing her FB page, and came across a typical scenario that the horse racing industry alone is responsible for, but never does anything.
    Here’s an all too familiar excerpt:
    This La Galerie a former two year old champion in Argentina and as a broodmare once sold for $800,000 in foal. She hadn’t produced much despite being bred to top stallions so at 20 she was found on a truck to auction on LA. She is very thin and only has one eye. Truly heartbreaking in the photos.
    Yes, all discarded racehorses are a litany of sad stories, at least for those of us who truly care about them, but for the supporters/participants of this business – lip service while exploiting.
    Although all racehorses don’t deserve their horrible fate.
    It makes it particularly disturbing when a racehorse has generated millions in profit for their connections, and for the industry, even getting exploited if they make it out alive, either as a broodmare or stallion.
    I can tell you from direct experience, the poor broodmares carry this industry, literally on their backs as they are repeatedly impregnated up until almost 20 years old in some cases.
    They carry as much as 10+ foals while destroying their bodies.
    It’s not normal for any horse to endure the wear and tear on their bodies as a broodmare.
    Yet, this business and those who “love” the horses think that this is totally acceptable only because they are making money off of them.
    That’s all they care about – how they can gain money off these racehorses.
    A large portion of older OTTB’s found at kill auctions are broodmares who are no longer reproductive viable. Now considered a loss, a burden to financially carry – done, and dumped is the familiar scenario just like La Galerie.
    Another sentiment being used, and abused for horse racing once selling for over $800,000, but found MAIMED, DUMPED, and neglected at a kill auction steps away from the slaughter bound truck.
    If this business is not killing them, if they make it out alive, they are subjected to dumping at kill auctions, and they call this the Sport of Kings, that they treat them royally?
    Do they think everybody is living their delusion?
    Or do they think people are just plain stupid?
    The necessary operating procedures, that facilitate the obscene profits for wagering companies are:
    whipping/beating, doping, maiming, dumping, and/or dying.
    The necessary link in order for the ongoing cruelty, and abuse to take place are the enablers of the abuse.
    Once again, the supporters of this despicable business have washed their hands of yet another racehorse after she generated huge profits, and was abused as a reproductive machine.
    You’all disgust me. All you racing apologists who come on here and try to defend this business.
    You all make me sick.

  9. A question for all you racing apologists:
    WHERE were you when LA GALERIE was being starved, and her eye poked out?
    That’s after she generated over 1 million for this Sport Of Scums.
    Sold for $800,000 by Three Chimneys Farm at Keeneland.
    Yes, the people who rescued her have since reached out to Three Chimneys and other connections who directly profited off of her bones, back, body, and even her vagina – yes folks that’s right – her reproductive system was even exploited.
    So far, neither Three Chimneys or other connections have responded with just ONE DIME. Not ONE DIME forwarded to rescue this poor soul so far.
    Yet, the other week at Keeneland Three Chimneys spent MILLIONS buying broodmare stock.
    Yet again, it’s us NON-SUPPORTERS who didn’t exploit her, had to step up to the plate and send a few dollars to collectively get her out of her LIVING HELL.
    Well, you were probably busy coming on here defending this despicable, VILE carnage weren’t you?
    How many more La Galerie’s, how many more Break The Ice’s, how many MORE you bloody low life delusional scum bags?
    How many more must DIE IN THE DIRT for this pathetic excuse for gambling?
    This is what your defending:
    Whipping/beating, doping, maiming, DUMPING, and/or DYING.
    Go look in the mirror, hold up a picture of this poor broodmare, former champion racehorse LA GALERIE, and tell her directly that STARVING HER TO DEATH with her EYE POKED OUT & NO VET CARE DUMPED at a kill auction in LA at 20 years old!
    Tell her and tell us all that this is just FINE by you.
    Don’t come on here and say that you were NOT responsible for her dumping because you directly didn’t do it.
    You sure as hell indirectly did it. You sure as hell are responsible if you support this business.
    There are no “good” folks in horse racing.
    There are just abusers, and enablers of the abuse.
    Through some miracle, we managed to get enough money to load her out of that hell hole.
    A very generous person, who had NOTHING to do with her exploitation even offered her a home – a soft landing – something that the participators/supporters of this despicable business never did.
    I warn all of you supporters. I caution you.
    I will spare NO WORDS when it comes to your comments defending this VILE business model.

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