“…tried to right her, but to no avail…”

From the most recent Los Alamitos Stewards Minutes:

“Just as the field for the fifth race [October 21] was finishing its 300 yard journey, #2 ‘Corona Ela’ appeared to take a bad step in her hind quarters and stumbled about 20 yards before the finish line. This unseated the rider, Jesus Ayala, who was not injured [thank heavens]. The filly continued on for another 1/16 of a mile and ran into the outside rail on the clubhouse turn and fell. Track Veterinarian Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald attended to the fallen filly and tried to right her, but to no avail.”

Then this: “All told twenty eight minutes was lost until the next race could be run.”




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  1. The comment of 28 minutes lost reminds us of a stakes race being commented on several years ago where one of the commenters complained about the broadcast TV time lost due to one of the horses not wanting to go into the starting gate. Way back then we began to have serious questions of the racing business and their impatience with horses who tried to express their own feelings about being raced.We became disgusted with that commenters attitude towards the horses involved with racing. It has since become clear to many that racing is strictly a gamboling / money changing hands game. The racing business has very little to do with the horses or the development of a horses talents.The “game” is just about peoples egos and display of their wealth.

  2. This poor filly breaks down, desperately tries to fight for her life and in the process her rider is dislodged. One hates to think of her pain, shock and fear.
    A racetrack vet “tried to right her”. Clearly this filly suffered a catastrophic injury so it would be impossible to “right her” as they put it. But they have the gall to imply that every effort was made to save her – how stupid do they think the public are? Without seeing the footage, one can only speculate as to what the injury was but reference was made to her hindquarters so either both hind legs broke down, maybe her pelvis broke down or a spinal trauma. But the racing industry in its arrogance doesn’t think that disclosure of the nature of the injury that KILLED her is relevant. However, it was very relevant in their sick little minds to emphasise that exactly 28 minutes were lost – how very inconvenient.
    The horror show must go on, folks.

  3. For those who care about this little filly, Corona Ela – she was only 2 years old. This race, which killed her, was only her second start. She was a sorrel…my personal favorite. I imagine she was a little doll…

    The callousness of industry members appalls me still…even after all of these years of witnessing how insignificant these sentient creatures are to them.

    RIP, little Corona Ela. You mattered to us.

  4. the jockey made his decision to ride in the race, the filly was made to race, she was killed … and in the Minutes the complain about “28 minutes lost” ?!?!?!? A LIFE was lost!!! Horse racing is so so wrong and sickening! People, please, go out there, be mad, angry, help stop this cruel insanity called “horse racing” !!! Do not be/ stay quiet, get LOUD !

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