The Casualties, 10/10/16-10/16/16

Last week on U.S. tracks (flats only; does not include training or harness casualties):

“Broke Down” – virtually without exception an industry euphemism for dead
Jennie Says So, Parx
Take Me Away, Finger Lakes
Full Moon’s Mass, Charles Town
Cats Serenade, Laurel

“Vanned Off” – horse unable to walk off track under own power; good-chance dead
Awesome Papa Al, Mountaineer (“bad step”)
Hotrod Justice, Mountaineer (“bad step”)
Diabolical Queen, Zia (after winning)
Sammy’s a Breeze, Indiana
Coco Noir, Indiana
He’s a Real Keeper, Parx
Ricolte de Roi, Portland
Inlightofeternity, Zia
Teslas Current, Zia
Storm Hunter, Zia
It’s John’s Turn, Charles Town
Majestic Hope, Delaware (“in distress”)
Sizzlin Jessy, Evangeline (after winning)
Forty Purrs, Indiana
No Problem Paddy, Charles Town – subsequently confirmed dead
Gloria Lou Shine, Lone Star
No Brody No, Penn
Sooner Or Later, Remington
Life’s Journey, Santa Anita
Paint Me Furious, Will Rogers
Cinder Block, Belmont (“went wrong”) – subsequently confirmed dead
Lune de Caro, Far Hills
Senor Gianni, Los Alamitos
Elidefeatspeyton, Parx
Wicked Valentine, Prairie
DD Chicks Piloto, Prairie
Parental Guidance, Retama
Dive Down, Santa Anita
China Girl Lover, Santa Anita
Big Miss Steak, Santa Anita
Screaming Back, Thistledown (“pulled up lame”)

“Bled”; “Bleeding From Nostrils” – as a rule, indicates pulmonary hemorrhage
Ventry Bay, Santa Anita
Radar Love, Indiana
Offtonevrnevrland, Charles Town
Tranzip, Thistledown
Eastern Front, Parx
Man N Black, Prairie
Resident Scholar, Laurel (“went to starting gate with bloody mouth”)
Apolliticaltradition, Los Alamitos (also “vanned”)


(source: Equibase)


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  1. Thank you, Patrick for exposing the sickening sufferings of these innocent horses which have been purposely bred to be exploited for this vile industry.
    These magnificent noble animals endure miserable lives, used and abused until they’re no longer useful with the vast majority discarded like pieces of trash into the horrific slaughter pipeline.
    These horses are bred by the horseracing industry to DIE in a violent manner when very young and yet they can live until 30+ years.
    Utterly unacceptable and inexcusable.

  2. Thanks Patrick for your dedication.
    Racehorses need people like you, and a Blog like this to be their voice as they lay dying in the dirt.
    Even before they die we see, time and again, how they are reduced to disposable commodities.
    All of this inhumane treatment for bets, egos and/or entertainment.
    Shameful, deplorable, and unacceptable.

    • Perhaps you should read more carefully before casting aspersions: Lune de Caro is listed as vanned off, not dead. No inaccuracy here. By the way, have the courage of your convictions and post with a name. Simply another coward apologist.

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