The Casualties, 9/5/16-9/11/16

Last week on U.S. tracks (flats only; does not include training or harness casualties):

Super Nova, Arlington, “vanned off”
I’m So Vain, Arlington, “vanned off”
Blumin Won, Columbus, “vanned off”
Chasing Aces, Del Mar, “vanned off” – subsequently confirmed dead
Danna Gold, Mountaineer, “vanned off”
Facundo, Parx, “returned lame”
One More Thats It, Ruidoso, “vanned”
Never Mary a Song, Ruidoso, “vanned”
Koolnfamous, Ruidoso, “vanned”
One Famous Beau, Ruidoso, “vanned”
Slew of Money, Saratoga, “vanned off” (after being “reluctant to load”)
Iced Over, Saratoga, “vanned off”
Runaway Lute, Saratoga, “fell after the finish”
Classic Empire, Saratoga, “vanned off”
First Tomoe, Saratoga, “vanned off”
Santo Divino, Mountaineer, “bled”
Passionate Talk, Charles Town, “vanned off”
Jets Dash N Cash, Indiana, “hit rail, DNF”
Starship Marquis, Thistledown, “pulled up lame, vanned off”
Jess Another Perry, Albuquerque, “vanned off”
Your Last Warning, Canterbury, “vanned off” (after being “fractious in gate”)
Bissectrisa, Kentucky, “vanned off”
Isle Never Geteven, Presque Isle, “sore”
Mapimi, Remington, “went lame, van off”
Broad Acres, Remington, “van off”
She’snopeach, Albuquerque, “vanned off”
Alittlebitofmagic, Belterra, “went wrong, vanned off”
Can’t Stop the Kid, Gulfstream, “vanned off”
The Fabulous ZZ, Gulfstream, “vanned off”
Pleasant Kalem, Indiana, “vanned off”
Mi Agave, Los Alamitos, “bad step, vanned off”
Pcr Stonie Lady, Los Alamitos, “vanned off”
Bet This Babe, Los Alamitos, “bled”
Stormin Jessie, Prairie, “fell, DNF”
Fleet of Wagons, Prairie, “slammed at the start, went to his knees”
Stoli Cartel, Prairie, “bad step, DNF”
Dark Blue, Retama, “fell, DNF”
Super Woman, Retama, “vanned off”
Big Time Money, Retama, “vanned off”
Royal Descent, Albuquerque, “vanned off”
Shadows Stoli, Albuquerque, “fell, DNF”
Rf Ragstoriches, Black Foot, “vanned off”
Galiana, Delaware, “in distress, vanned off”
Kafwain’s Ghost, Emerald, “fell, vanned off”
Mister Swagger James, Indiana, “bled, vanned off”
Miss Linus, Remington, “vanned off”
Somthin Country, Remington, “vanned off”
Faulty Tower, Retama, “broke down”
Artie Crasher, Belmont, “vanned off”
Harlan County, Kentucky, “vanned off”
Soul Approval, Parx, “lame, vanned off”
Chester’s Due, Sandy, “vanned off”
Painted Eyes, Zia, “vanned off”
Alsono, Zia, “vanned off”

“broke down” – virtually without exception an industry euphemism for dead
“vanned off” – horse unable to walk off track under own power; good-chance dead
“bled”; “returned bleeding from nostrils” – as a rule, indicates pulmonary hemorrhage


(source: Equibase)


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  1. And the racing industry, the state Governments and the Humane Society of the USA continue to do NOTHING about this utterly unacceptable carnage of innocent horses. An unconscionable act.

  2. How can this by permitted to continue in the 21st century?
    Then I find my answer: people continue to attend, and wager on horse racing.
    When people stop wagering this business will be non-existent.
    The other big factor is to pass DECOUPLING.
    Billions in casinos profits should be going to infrastructure, education, healthcare – essential services that everybody benefits from NOT to these people who maim, and kill racehorses.
    This has got to end.
    My thoughts go out to all racehorses who were victims of this industry in the past week.
    Your names are listed here something that the racing industry refuses to acknowledge in most cases.
    I implore local government to stop supporting this via taxpayers money and/or casino money.
    I implore people to STOP wagering on horses.
    Racehorses are merely gambling pawns that DIE in the dirt for this antiquated business model.

  3. Classic Empire took a van ride back to the barn and is totally fine. Not a casualty nor “good-chance dead”. Makes me question everything you post on here if accuracy means nothing.

    • Thank GOD for that…for now at least – since CE is just two years old with only three starts, his immature body has been enduring the wear and tear of racing for a relatively short time. TWO years old and made to race – makes me question how anyone can support this unnecessary gambling industry.

    • Okay folks Doug Bredar needs to be exposed for WHO and WHAT he is.
      Here’s just ONE article on Doug which is one of the most recent:
      Doug is the Racing Secretary at Arlington Park in Chicago.
      For those of you outsiders to this industry, the Racing Secretary has a tremendous amount of POWER over horse racing. The buck often stops with them.
      They have the power to not only write the races, but to decide which races will run.
      If a Racing Secretary is involved with hidden horse ownership in any way, they can strongly influence the outcome of a race or any race for that matter.
      They have access to extensive information regarding racehorses on the grounds at tracks, and any racehorse entered to run.
      They have unfettered access to the commission computers, and it only takes one dishonest Racing Secretary to organize races not to suggest that you are Doug.
      If a Racing Secretary is involved with a syndicate like, for example, Hill N Dale Farms then the chances of their horses winning goes way up it seems.
      It’s a common rumor among horse people that top Trainers, in conjunction with syndicates, have allegedly most Racing Secretaries in their back pocket.
      Of course nobody can prove this because the secrets, the lack of transparency, and no NEUTRAL oversight is part of this business model, and has been for years.
      Doug is heavily connected in this industry, and he has networking that runs deep that always looks after him especially when he gets fired:
      After this, his buddy Frank Stronach at Gulfstream gave the nod to hire him as Racing Secretary for some time.
      He has worked at 30 different tracks over the years, and no doubt he’s very talented at what he does, and deserves his position, but he (like many others in horse racing) is part of the “old guard” network it seems.
      If a Racing Secretary has money invested in racehorses that are flipped at the sales, then the chances of that horse doing good goes right up because there are direct ties between fattening their personal wallets to ensure the horse wins.
      It’s has been reported that Doug has major Bloodstock investments, and that his horses are sold via Summerfield Sales in Florida. Owned by Francis & Barbara Vanlangendonck.
      These people are top consignors because, lo and behold, many horses they sell miraculously win races, and win big stake races. They seem to have outstanding luck over many other sales people.
      Nobody knows who exactly owns horses that are put through the sales because the consignor is on record not the actual owner.
      So it’s possible that perhaps Racing Secretaries, and other key racing commission personnel have bloodstock investments that can use their power to boost their investment by ensuring or manipulating the outcome of horse races.
      Take for example, WILL TAKE CHARGE, everybody seemed to think that Doug had a huge financial stake in this horse, and it won 3.9+ million dollars at racetracks where Doug was the Racing Secretary.
      Even before Will Take Charge won on the track he was sold, via Hill N Dale sales, for $475,000.
      It’s also thought that people cut deals on the side when they buy a horse for that much money.
      They buy it from consignors who have direct networking into key personnel such as Racing Secretaries.
      Again, these are just allegations that are rampant in the industry.
      Anyways, It’s important to note that Will Take Charge was supposed to be a Stallion prospect for Three Chimneys, but that fell through.
      They claim that the horse was retired, but is nowhere to be found.
      When we tried to confirm where the horse was we were met with opposition, and nothing was ever confirmed either via a pic or otherwise.
      So if anybody knows where Will Take Charge is then please let me know.
      So Doug I must commend you for protecting your position, and strong financial ties to this industry.
      After all, it’s made you and your wife a very comfortable living.
      So out of all the racehorses who have DIED you just blow them away with a whisper while focusing on 1 racehorse that I specifically stated in my comment “I hope he’s okay, but I don’t know.”
      So to focus on that one aspect even stretching it to the extent that you suggest many of the DYING facts listed here could be untrue is preposterous, but something I would expect from a racing apologist such as you.
      Now getting back to the Firing at Kentucky Racing Commission.
      There were many articles that came out about why you were fired, but most have disappeared.
      The one I found didn’t disclose why you were fired.
      That said, you were allegedly fired because you were taking care of your friends (including your wallet) at the expense of honest, and integrity.
      Now that’s not to say that the people who replaced you are any more honest than you may have been.
      After all, this is horse racing.
      It seemed to just be a changing of the guards so to speak, but please feel free to inform us as to why you were fired.
      Finally, since you have been a Racing Secretary for many years, I find it appalling that you never passed any rules or regulations (that I’m aware of) that prevented the ongoing cruelty, and abuse of racehorses that are repeatedly entered with little rest including racehorses that have made millions, and are now running for a ham sandwich (racehorse speak for bottom claimers).
      I also don’t find it surprising that your wife has a direct link with TVG – the major wagering company in this country that is supposedly a subsidiary of BetFair.
      Both companies make BILLIONS in wagering profit while giving little or nothing to racehorse aftercare.
      I do respect you for at least stating your name which is more than I can say for most horse racing apologists.
      I find it also deplorable that you question horseracingwrongs accuracy when the horse racing industry has been hiding the FACTS for years, hiding the maimed, and dead.
      You have the audacity to question us?
      The information posted here is done via the FOIA which is any Americans constitutional right even when it comes to the dirty world of horse racing.
      Moreover, racetracks like Gulfstream Park, and Santa Anita where you have worked at one, intentionally BLOCK the racehorses DYING in the dirt on their videos which are publicly funded by the wagering public.
      I suppose you didn’t have a chance to bring that to their attention did you?
      Between all the cracks being exposed recently, via social media, the saddest part is that the racehorses are gambling pawns who are paying with their lives.
      I think we can both agree on that Doug.

      • Thank you, Gina – I assumed Bredar was employed by the racing industry and lined his pockets with monies earned by exploited horses…horses that have dropped into the low level claiming ranks, running with damaged limbs…horses that have been euthanized due to racing injuries…horses that have dropped dead and have been found dead in stalls and even transporting rigs…horses that have been butchered in slaughterhouses. Blood money has padded his bank account. He’s just another exploiter – just a wealthier one than the majority. But you give him undue credit – Bredar has talent? – he’s merely learned the tricks of the trade – a trade that has crippled, killed and sent COUNTLESS horses to slaughter. Deplorable.

    • Interesting that for all the years that Patrick Battuello has listed the deaths of racehorses, only about four racing apologists have come onto this blog (that I’ve seen) declaring that a horse had not died and was fine. It’s also interesting that you, Doug Bredar, state “Makes me question everything you post on here if accuracy means nothing.”

      Now, for all the horses that have been named as dead or a good chance they’re dead, then if this is inaccurate why haven’t the connections of any of these horses come forth with irrefutable evidence that their horses are not dead? Speaks for itself….

      You can question as much as you like, whilst we on Horseracing Wrongs continue to expose the sickening animal cruelty, maiming and killing of racehorses. And the likes of you, Doug Bredar, simply cannot stomach racing’s dirty ugly secrets being EXPOSED. The racing industry has its back up against the wall like never before. For example, in Australia just last week –

      “Racing NSW has committed to a multi-million-dollar expansion of its racehorse welfare program as it moves to stave off pressure from an increasingly influential animal rights lobby.” Chris Roots, Sydney Morning Herald.

      “The youth of today care more about animal welfare than any other generation and we need to keep up with their expectations…” Peter V’landys, CEO Racing NSW.

    • Mr. Bredar, maybe you could do something about the purposeful misleading of the public your industry does so well. Regarding Bayou Royalty, a 4-year-old filly who died this past Friday racing for your entertainment and livelihood – the chart states she “went wrong and was vanned off”. So Classic Empire is “vanned off” and all he did, according to you, was take a little ride back to the barn and he’s fine. Bayou Royalty? – her “ride back to the barn” was just her dead body…after she was put to death on the track and dragged into the waiting van.

  4. So very well said, Gina and thank you for exposing this bloke who is just one example of the scumbags in the racing Industry. These curs line their pockets whilst innocent horses suffer animal cruelty of the worst kind.

  5. Thanks to my supporters who are the ones who truly care, and love the racehorse.
    The supporters on this Blog are people who would never exploit a racehorse for money, ego, or to carry on the legitimized animal cruelty.
    No, many supporters on this site are the ones who rescue, and rehome racehorses at their OWN EXPENSE (and trust me it’s expensive), giving their precious UNPAID time.
    People like Patrick and Nicole who have the guts to start-up a unique Blog like this one.
    The brave people like Ellen in California who exercise their constitutional right to peacefully demonstrate outside of Del Mar, educating folks on their way into the horror show.
    I held so much inside of me for years because, at the time, my husband & I had so much money invested in this business that we felt trapped.
    There are a small group of people who control this entire industry at the expense of racehorses, and they use the human factor to assist with the exploitation.
    The first time I spoke out about the corruption I felt the repercussions almost immediately, and when you have over a million dollars invested they are in the drivers seat, and they know it, and they are so arrogant they will look right into your face, and basically screw you.
    They got you in between a rock, and a hard place.
    They are parasitic scums, and I can tell you that the people at the very top of this game are the very ones that ensure that the systemic abuse of racehorses continue so that wagering profits come in.
    The majority of top Trainers in this country have direct links to the wagering companies resulting in the racehorses being gambling pawns.
    Therefore, the only way to end the maiming, and dying is to shut it down.
    On the road to this goal it’s imperative to cut-off their funding via casino money (decoupling) or taxpayers money.

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