2 More Killed at Saratoga Today – 13 on the Summer

At Saratoga today:

In the 1st, 9-year-old Bob Le Beau “broke down” – dead.

In the 10th, 3-year-old Ring of Truth “went wrong, fell” – also dead.

To date, 13 racehorses have lost their lives on these hallowed grounds:

Hadeed Fi Hadeed, May 30, training
Squire Creek, July 16, training
Zamjara, July 23, race 1
Rootformejustin, July 23, race 5
Indian Nobility, July 27, race 3
Domestic Warrior, August 1, race 4
Lebowski, August 2, “found dead outside stall”
Jonrah, August 3, training
Midnight Visitor, August 4, prior to race 4
Prince Corredor, August 20, training
Elusive Neko, August 24, training
Bob Le Beau, August 25, race 1
Ring of Truth, August 25, race 10


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(source: NYS Gaming Commission)


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  1. Can’t stand Saratoga. Overhyped and overrated. It’s called the graveyard of champions. Just call it the graveyard.


    • Jenni, Saratoga is a graveyard but so is every other track in this country. Horses are quite literally “running for their lives.” Some succeed and some don’t. However, it is easy to shut down the graveyards. Don’t bet and let racing die in the dirt the way that so many of its horses do.

  2. Thomas, it’s every American citizens right to peacefully demonstrate which is why over 50 people will be outside the gates of Saratoga, on Travers Day, educating people on what they are supporting.
    There are hundreds of people supporting these demonstrators that can’t attend due to personal, and work obligations or they live too far away.
    So the 50 you will see there are a small fraction of the people who would never support horse racing whether at Saratoga or Del Mar.
    So we will most definitely stay away from the wagering windows or buy anything that supports this carnage.
    No worries there,.
    Saratoga sure wants millions in tax breaks, taxpayers money and/or casino money that could otherwise go to benefit ALL taxpayers in New York State instead of going to a cruelty circus, and death camp.
    So they want the handouts, but they don’t want neutral oversight or transparency.
    Well that’s going to change.

  3. I wish I was able to protest but I am too far away. Somehow this cruelty has to come to an end.How can this be ok in our country? Is PETA and HSUS involved in the fight to end the slaughter of these innocent horses at all tracks in this country. In my mind it is all greed and glory for a crowd that has nothing better to do with their time and money.

    • It’s been around sense 1665 and was organized in 1868. Saratoga IS horse racing. It’s the history, it’s been around for so long, there’s no cruelty in it how about you read up on it instead of be ignorant and assume. Bet half the people on here don’t even know shit about race horses. If you don’t like it then don’t fucking go that’s pretty easy. To take away from others or protest something that’s been the history of Saratoga is wrong. People now-a-days are a bunch of over sensitive pussies who do nothing but bitch and complain. Get over yourself.

      • Matt, i guess your mindset jasnt evolved past 1865. Let me let you in on a secret. Slavery was part of history until it actually became history when it was outlawed. The South justed wanted those pesky abolitionists to go away and let them keep their way of life but people have evolved since then. If you see nothing wrong with horses dying left and right just cause you wanna keep your game then you gotta find yourself a game where living beings dont die cuz you wanna have fun. Why dont you bet and race among yourselves and run yourselves ragged around the track for a change?

      • The reaons that a horse is put down is because they can not withstand the recovery Processs. Where humans can. Human get similar injuries in sports everyday. By the thousands. Would you put down your kid if they broke a leg ? How easy is it to break a leg. Well unfortunately a horse gets put down. Horses break their legs running in a pasture or kicking a stall what would you do about that ? Not have horses at all because they can break a leg?

      • I grew up outside Saratoga and am very familiar with life on the backstretch. Its not an easy life for man nor beast. There are bad people doing bad things in every sport in the world whether it is horse racing or little toddlers in pageants. PETA and many humane societies should be ashamed of some of the things that they have done as well. But there are a lot of good people involved in racing who spend their life savings taking proper care of their horses. Racing is not my cup of tea, so I dont participate in it. Pretty simple. I show in carriage driving shows and guess what – PETA pickets those too. ” Better dead than domestic” … That’s their motto. Something to think about before you send that next check.

      • Jeanette, horse racing is not a sport.
        It does, however, qualify as a cruelty circus, and death camp.
        So let’s get that out of the way.
        Comparing horse racing to toddler pageants is not applicable.
        Comparing horse racing to any human consensual activity is not applicable.
        I’ve detailed why on many previous posts if you care to review.
        “But there are a lot of good people involved in racing who spend their life savings taking proper care of their horses.”
        Nobody forced these people to get involved with racing so this has nothing to do with the maiming, and killing of racehorses.
        It’s like you expect people to bow down, and thank them for giving up their life savings.
        Are we supposed to be guilty or something?
        It’s as if you try to blame us for them making a decision to support this cruelty circus, and death camp.
        No sympathy here.
        If they want to spend their life savings go rescue the thousands of racehorses that are dumped at kill auctions, and subsequently end up at slaughter.
        That would be a much more admirable thing to do.

  4. What is happening with these horses in Saratoga this year? My family and I lived in Queensberry for 40 years and I don’t recall this happening. What’s causing it???!!!

    • Why? Breeding horses that go fast but don’t race long enough to see if they are actually built to hold up to the strains of racing Hence horses are coming along that have the speed but are weaker and are breaking down faster. The money is in the breeding shed.,..so a hot horse comes along, wins big as a three year old and off he/ she goes to breed more of the same. Structural weakness that would show up if a career were longer are passed down and can be magnified in the offspring.
      Racing itself is not the issue. A race horse has it better than most people. If they don’t it is because we are racing babies. Asking a horse to race as a two year old is like asking a fifth grader to play competitive sports- oh wait. Humans do do that to their kids. Both senerios are harmful to growing bodies.

      Racing at three is not much better. A horse is not mature until 5, which would be a much better age to put a horse to the test of racing. A concept that would take a whole lot of adjustment from the racing establishment.

      No one wants to see a horse go down, injured or killed. But trying to ban racing is like trying to ban football, yet the outcome can be the same. Dead and injured athletes.

      The focus should be in making it safer for horse and rider. Searching for ideal track surfaces has certainly been a start, but a push for banning a horse from running more than a couple races as a four year old, not running a full racing season until five, and no horse going to stud until racing successfully for three seasons would be a solution. Not going to happen.

      Which is so nearsighted of those in racing. People barely get to know a horse, to cheer on, to follow, to bet on, because they are here today and gone tomorrow. A little care in creating an athlete that people could get to know and see race for years would go a long way to increasing the interest in the sport.

      • Liz, you incriminate horse racing without actually realizing it, I believe…“to hold up to the STRAINS of racing”…“to put a horse to the TEST of racing”. Why?…why put a non-consenting animal with legal drugs (not to mention the illegal) injected into his/her body in an activity that carries increased risk to life and limb to see if they can “hold up” to the “strain”?…pass the “test”? And for what?…gambling entertainment? Breeding horses for the industry, training and racing…everything about this industry sets these animals up for bad endings – there is NOTHING in this industry that benefits the horse…not a single thing. So you don’t feel there’s a chance of seeing an end to this animal-for-entertainment purposes-industry, but you would like the industry to change “for the good” and not run 2 and 3 year olds? Not a chance on the latter – because it’s all about profits and “sitting” on a horse until he/she is physically mature to race is not profitable.

        This statement, I always find incredibly perplexing…“a race horse has it better than most people.” How’s that?…and which race horses are you talking about? The majority of them?…the low-level claimers that are raced with nagging injuries, have their joints injected with corticosteroids, get passed around from trainer to trainer & barn to barn, spend another year living 23 hours/day in a stall without the company of a herd, and find themselves before they even reach an equine’s prime age “homeless”, needing some rescue organization to find room for them in their already overcrowded non-profit or standing at a kill buyer-attended auction? That is an absolutely FALSE statement – but for the sake of discussion, let’s say it’s true…the difference is the human can at least attempt to make things “better” for himself. Obviously, a poorly-kept horse is powerless to make things better.

        Finally, to not even try to end cruel treatment of animals and the exploitation of them in entertainment and for-profit industries because it seems unlikely or even impossible to achieve?…then it follows that caring individuals should not work towards terminating puppy mills and factory farming and marine animals parks and the Big Lick industry and circuses and fur farming, etc, etc, etc…I, for one, am so grateful for those who try. And win. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

      • Very well said, Liz Stringer. You wrote a short essay on the horse racing subject and I am pleased to read such a well thought out response.

      • Liz & Mary Lowe: this is not a sport.
        It does qualify as a cruelty circus, and death camp.
        So let’s get that out of the way.
        The only solution is to BAN horse racing.
        The business model is based on the exploitation of a voiceless sentiment being for profit.
        Nothing has ever or will ever change that.
        Joy, thanks for your logical, and compassionate response.
        Revealing the truth is the best feeling ever.
        Being a voice for the voiceless racehorse is a joy, but watching them as slaves DYING is the saddest thing ever.
        If these people cared one iota for their horse they wouldn’t subject them to this cruel,abusive, and inhumane industry.

  5. Matt, I think you have no idea what goes on behind the scenes of horse racing. 2 and 3 year olds shouldn’t even be on the track, a horses knees don’t even fuse until 4 years old. They have no business running so hard at those ages. Look behind the barns in the manure piles and you will find the dead, broke down babies who had catastrophic injuries or just are “losers”. They inject them, cut the nerves to their feet so they can’t feel the pain, run them with blown out tendons. Still think horse racing isn’t about greed? Trainers who repeatedly beat the horses and over train them, it’s a sick “sport” and is cruel. It needs to end and trotters are even worse. I’ve seen it with my own eyes too many times and can’t even watch horse racing. It turns my stomach. As a horse trainer, it goes against all that is good for the horses.

  6. Oh yes, Will PETA and HSUS be there? Because all cults should should be represented for the mindless followers. Groups that actually have no intrest in animals. One for profit one for militant ideals.

  7. If I were to witness multiple animal deaths in any setting, then I would be a voice for them, and I certainly wouldn’t support them.
    The tradition of Saratoga or horse racing doesn’t justify the maiming, and killing.

    • Britt, you must be new to this blog….Horseracing Wrongs. These horses are dying due to the horseracing industry. There are many atrocities that occur DAILY in racing, but the dirt at various tracks throughout the country isn’t one of them.

  8. Animal activist shut down the dog track in Pownal, Vt. or so they say, stating it was cruelty to animals! What do they call this! These gorgeous horses dead because some rich people like the horse track—- sad

    • Not really. Dog racing at Pownal became financially unfeasible and died of natural causes. Dog tracks are still going strong in many less stringently regulated states.

      • Jeanette, the MAIN reason why dog racing at Pownal became financially unfeasible is because Grey2K made sure it did, and Grey2K comprises animal rights activists, animal advocates, and dog lovers.
        So the educational campaign with the public who supports it was successful.
        Dog racing has been BANNED in 8 states, and is on the verge of being banned in Florida.
        This is, predominantly, the result of their funding getting stopped.
        The only thing keeping these cruelty camps going are casinos, and they no longer want to support the carnage.
        Can’t say I blame them so DECOUPLING will finally put an end to yet another antiquated business model, just like horse racing, that is based on the exploitation of an animal.

      • Dogracing is not “going strong” anywhere, Jeanette. More than half of the remaining tracks operate in Florida, and there is a strong push there to “decouple” the racing from the gaming (poker tables, etc.) because the former is so unprofitable for the track owners. Subsidies (from the gaming end), not bets, sustain racing. Dogracing in America will disappear entirely, likely within the next decade.

  9. Out of 10s of thousands of horses in races we hear about 13 that died. That isnt very many. People also lose their lives in athletic events. These horses were born and bred to run. Some will win some will lose some will die trying. For the most part these animals are well fed well cared for and even loved. Ruining this age old sport for the sake of some namby pamby ideal is just not worth it.

    • Bruce, I am anti-racing to the core. However, if ONLY 13 horses died in the dirt yearly, I doubt if I would be as vehemently opposed to racing as I currently am. The numbers of dead horses are skewed in favor of racing. Imagine that! Patrick accurately reports the number of horses that are documented as having died in the dirt. However, those numbers don’t include off-site deaths such as training deaths, or horses that are so badly damaged that they need to be euthanized due to the severity of their injuries and I have personally been involved with quite a few of those. The number also doesn’t include those dead horses that lost their lives in states that don’t report. Again, as anyone who has experience in the industry knows all too well, racing likes to keep its dirty secrets behind closed doors. Oh, and let’s not forget about the thousands of horses, many straight from the track, that lose their lives on the slaughterhouse floor. Therefore, racing needs to go. To allow it to continue supports those “namby pamby” beliefs that just because some racing exploiter gives their horse peppermints and kisses its nose, everything is rosy in the racing industry. Nothing could be further from the truth unless you are living in the enchanted forest. Got it?

      • Thank you Mary.
        DITTO from me.
        Anybody who is an ex-insider of this industry, and/or does rescue for thoroughbreds doesn’t like this industry.
        People like Mary, Joy, 20+ Insider, Carolyn, myself have been and still are on the front lines of the carnage – the mess that this industry creates.
        This industry leaves a trail of physically/mentally/spiritually BROKEN horses. They are discarded like trash, in most cases, when no longer profitable.
        I can’t count the number of racehorses that I personally witnessed boarding the slaughterhouse truck because we didn’t have the resources to take them.
        To this day, their eyes still haunt me.
        Probably no different than the eyes of Jews being transported to Auschwitz.
        It’s a holocaust.
        While this industry makes BILLIONS off the bones, and backs of racehorses they give little or nothing to aftercare.
        There isn’t anything that all rescue organizations COMBINED including industry-funded rescues, that could save all the racehorses because nobody can keep up with the over/irresponsible breeding.
        DYING is an inherent part of this industry whether on or off the track.
        Nobody should support this cruel, and inhumane treatment of any living being.

    • Namby pamby ideal, Bruce? Not out of 10’s of thousands 13 died, out of ONLY the Saratoga Meet 13, no 14 died. That IS a lot. People also lose their lives in athletic events you say? How many? And did the athlete compete by free choice? The horse has no choice. Every word you type is mistaken.

  10. With Sport there ate injuries. How many football players have catastrphic injuries that if they were a horse would have been put down. Horses cant withstand the recovery process of their injuries and to be humane they are put down. Where is the outrage for football players.? Who if the were horse would be dead. Hundreds!!!! Understanding sports whether human or animal explains. And the bad trainers inthis industry are a few. There are many more good and caring. Also blame the Government for changing tax laws to make it not financially possible to wait for a horse to grow. One of the reasons years ago you followed a horse for years. There is more money in the stud barn. Without worry of injury.

    • You blame football that doesn’t have anywhere near the dead athletes that this industry has.
      Moreover, just in case you haven’t noticed, a human athlete has choices – a horse doesn’t.
      A football player gets millions of dollars in salary money for performing, and millions more when they retire to their HOME not to a kill auction and/or slaughterhouse.
      A racehorse gets a flake of hay, some oats, water, and some grooming.
      These are basics necessities, and legal treatment of any animal.
      So you people don’t do anything special for these horses.
      You are, however, distinguished by the whipping/beating, doping, dumping, and/or dying.
      That’s your “special” treatment because there is no human athlete on this planet that is whipped/beaten to perform, doped to the point of dying, and dumped at a kill auction when no longer profitable.
      So let’s get that out of the way.
      There are no reasonable analogies between a human and horse when it comes to profits.
      You blame the government.
      Yet, you don’t blame the government when taxpayers like me are forced into financially supporting something that I don’t want to support. You don’t blame the government when they give you millions in tax breaks.
      There isn’t anything, not one thing, that can explain away or justify the ongoing cruelty, abuse, doping, dumping, and DYING for bets.
      After all this, the industry is a major contributor to global warming.
      The over breeding, the irresponsible breeding, the entire life cycle of a racehorse all increase methane gas emissions not to mention the pollution immediately surrounding the periphery of any racetrack.
      Years ago tracks were built outside of urban areas – they now find themselves surrounded by residential areas.
      These tracks would be blocked from being built today under our current environmental standards especially Del Mar that sits right on top of the ocean, and beaches where people swim.
      I’m sure their hefty profits can deter any neutral environmental assessment though.
      Many, if not most, racehorses are shoved into their disposal system called a slaughterhouse which is an environment disaster.
      So you can blame everybody else, but this antiquated business model has got to go.

  11. Animals always pay the price for humans greed. It won’t stop as long as people participate by betting, or going to watch. Sick just breeds sick.

    • Historically, humankind has been built on the bones, backs, and lives of animals.
      Back then it was a necessity for transportation, and food.
      It’s no longer necessary, and the time has come for a social revolution for all animals.
      They must be free to enjoy their lives just like we are.
      The biggest step that humankind can make is to protect animals under our constitution.
      This industry breeds a racehorse specifically to run in circles for bets while they are being whipped/beaten, doped, killed, and subsequently dumped when no longer profitable.
      This is insanity.
      This should not be happening in the 21st century.
      It has got to go.

  12. Grateful to Patrick, Nicole, Joy, Mary, Jo-Anne, 20+ Insider, Carolyn, and for all the other brave, and compassionate people who know this is wrong – so wrong.
    Whether your motivations are religious or otherwise it just takes some basic common sense, and some compassion to realize that this is WRONG.
    This cruelty circus, and death camp has got to go.

  13. Thank you, Heather! – as we read in “racing news” frequently, the industry acknowledges the decline in their “sport” and its shrinking fan base. Industry members/leaders are wringing their hands in desperation while trying to incentivize the public to support the dying industry. Let’s make certain we simply keep exposing the truths – compassionate individuals do not want to support the crippling and killing of animals. This can be done.

  14. 2 people started the grassroots movement to shut down dog racing.
    Their demonstrations started out with 10 people.
    They kept educating, and it’s now banned in 8 states.
    It was recently banned in New Zealand.
    It’s going to be banned in Florida the biggest dog racing state in the country.
    I’m told that there were plenty of empty seats yesterday at Saratoga.
    We will continue to educate people.
    It will take time, but the industry will shut down in years to come.

    • And Gina I know of one in Florida that should have been shut down quite a while ago. It is called Ebro and is close to Panama City. There was a horrible case there a couple of yrs.. ago where about 30 dogs were starved to death and some had their muzzles taped shut. It took the neighbors to alert the authorities to. The odor was bad but nobody at the track “knew” anything !!!

      The so called “trainer” did not receive the punishment he deserved (sound familiar ?) And the track is still in operation. It is touted as the biggest employer in Washington County !

      Like Rhonda said the animals always pay the price….

  15. I think horse racing is very cruel I feel bad for those horses they run so hard and in the heat . Their hearts can’t take that! I think we should run you people that like horse racing around the track in the heat and whip your butt and watch you drop because your heart can’t take it . And I am glad they have been successful with shutting down the dog races.

  16. Wow is this not abuse, and they get away with it, get just send them for slaughter if you can kill them yoursrlf. Shut this down and the shipping of live horses to Mexico and Canada for. Kill.

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