All the Marbles Killed at Del Mar – (at least) 19 Dead There and Counting

On the same day I reported that Del Mar had hit at least 18 dead on the summer, another horse was felled. 3-year-old All the Marbles was euthanized, says the Daily Racing Form, “after suffering a catastrophic ankle fracture just as he was completing a workout.” 19, and counting – “cool as ever.” (The San Diego Union-Tribune says that 16 horses have been killed racing or training. I have been able to identify 12 of those.)

Presidential Air, July 15, race 6
Dynamite Charge, July 17, training
Pacific Swell, July 21, race 5
Whisky and Wine, July 23, training
Big Book, July 23, training
Dutchessa, July 23, race 2
Fasnacloich, July 24, race 2
Summer Scorcher, August 11, race 6
Hadfunlastnight, August 12, race 3
Unusualy, August 15, training
Alicanto, August 20, training
All the Marbles, August 21, training

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  1. Del Mar MUST be shut down now.
    It should have been shut down a long time ago.
    So sorry for ALL THE MARBLES.
    I have no marbles left in my brains trying to contend with this death camp.
    Let’s wrongfully assume that the owners, trainers at Del Mar “love,” and “care,” for their horses.
    There’s nobody in their right mind that would subject their horses to this death camp. NONE. Not one.
    In fact, they should be protesting outside with Ellen demanding that this meet shut down if they even cared one iota for their horses, or any horse for that matter.
    Instead, they support this. They support this by becoming death, dumb, and blind to the incessant ongoing carnage of DYING racehorses at Del Mar.
    They go silent like good abusers or enablers should only in this scenario they are supporting death.
    So any pro-horse racing people who defends DEATH & DYING you are just as bad as the killers themselves.
    You don’t “love” horses you only love what you can get from them.
    When they are finished giving their last drop of sweat then you run them into the ground until they DIE.
    You all disgust me.

      • Hi ESG, feel free to tell us who you are, and your horse racing experience.
        That said, no person with one iota of compassion, moral backbone, and rational thought would or could support this cruelty circus, and death camp.
        They don’t need to be directly involved in the industry to see this.
        I don’t need to be directly involved with dog fighting to know that this is a horrific exploitation of a dog for profit.
        I trained for 15 years on tracks all over North America.
        I trained on both “A” and “B” tracks including private training centers.
        I can say with 100% certainty that not one racehorse is being trained and/or raced 100% drug-free.
        Most are turned into pin cushions from joint injections, IV and IM drug injections for 2 reasons:
        1. to mask chronic issues, keep the horse training, and filling races.
        2. for a competitive edge

        Since most, if not all, racehorses running have some sort of physical ailment then the doping will not stop and can not stop.
        The use of drugs to mask chronic issues is rampant, and is the main contributing factor to catastrophic breakdowns.
        It doesn’t matter if your intentions are good, or if you think you are good,
        Dying is an inherent aspect of horse racing, and that’s why it has to go.

  2. I would like to see the age of each of these horses who have sacrificed their lives doing what their masters ask of them. The pain they endure is unimaginable. Oh, I almost forgot, they can’t feel their legs below them because they are so juiced up. That is hey can’t feel them until the break/fracture. Then all of a sudden they are family. Really, would you owners, trainers, and jockeys allow your children to be shot up with drugs to mask injuries? Please, do not ever say they are FAMILY, at least not around me.

  3. Consider the use od Marbofloxacin, an antibiotic used in horses. It is a fluoroquinolone, which in people, canines and felines causes tendon and ligament rupture, joint damage, ncollagen disorders and permanent nerve damage. I do not tend to automatically think of one racetrack is the bad guy. The bad guy is the pharmaceutical industry that refuses to give vets full disclosure.

    • There’s not one bad “guy” Jana, but the all supporters and participants of this slavery ring, and death camp has got to go.
      Del Mar has more racehorses DIE on this track than any other racetrack in the USA according to my data.
      So there’s something seriously wrong with that track, and most people agree that it’s the surface which is directly affected by the ocean tides which run underneath the track.
      If this is true, then it has to shut down indefinitely.
      If it’s not true, it has to shut down anyways.
      A full INDEPENDENT investigation should have taken place before any horse steps back on that track.
      This antiquated business model based on the exploitation of racehorses has got to go.
      All racetracks need to shut down not just Del Mar.
      That’s what our goal here is on horseracingwrongs.
      Patrick has made that clear.

      • Drama does not fix this Gina, the sport is huge..The way you show you dont like it…dont go.

      • So what is “seriously wrong with that track”? Because a horse shattered an ankle on it?
        I’ve known horses that were set loose to play in a paddock and did exactly the same thing, and had to be destroyed. Exquisitely cared for horses, who had never set foot on a racetrack, yet the same result.
        Your ignorance is showing – might want to tuck that in.

      • The facts speak for themselves.
        I don’t need to fix anything because I don’t support this industry in any way.
        The horse racing industry needs to fix it – NOT ME.
        So stop placing the blame on everybody else, but yourselves.
        You people blame PETA, you blame animal rights people, you blame pet lovers, animal advocates, you blame Round-up, you blame the water, you blame the air, you blame the government, you blame the casinos – have I missed anything?
        You people feel so entitled to your “private” property getting vet records “private.”
        You don’t need to blame anybody, but yourselves.
        If you were so interested in “caring” for your horse then you would look towards solutions instead of shifting the responsibility onto people who have nothing to do with this exploitation.
        The truth is the only solution to stop the DYING is to shut it down because in order to fill races, increase profits, fatten wallets, stroke egos – the dope is needed to mask chronic issues which is the main contributor to catastrophic breakdowns.
        Most trainers can’t train dope-free, and the owners are well aware of that since they pay the “private” vet bills that they don’t want anybody to see.
        When the racehorse is determined not to be a stake horse, Derby perspective and/or BC contender, then high end connections start the dumping.
        Most end up in the claiming ranks running for their lives – some on previous fractures, some on serious issues.
        They are sore, they are hurt, they are often denied proper vet care, proper diagnostics because lower tier connections dominate the claiming ranks, and most don’t even have money to pay their own rent let alone support a racehorse, and we know this because when they are rescued the diagnostics show this time and time again.
        So you pro-horse racing apologists can use any excuse you want including attacking me – attacking the messenger because you don’t like the message.
        There are plenty more people that feel the same way I do, but you continue to focus on me.
        You only like the people who are enablers of this abuse, and that’s exactly what it is.
        This industry is no different than dog racing or dog fighting only the victim is different.
        Dog racing is being banned in most states, and dog fighting is outright illegal.
        If this type of cruelty, and abuse took place in any other setting it would qualify for Felony Animal Cruelty charges, and it will be eventually.
        I could stop being a voice for the voiceless racehorses tomorrow, but rest assured, there are thousands of other voices behind mine including the younger generation most of whom want nothing to do with this.
        If you people truly cared, and loved horses then you wouldn’t subject them to the necessary operating procedures of whipping/beating, doping, dumping, and/or dying.
        Rich or poor all racehorses are subjected to one or all of these hallmarks, and you have no interest in changing this instead you go after people who see this for what it really is.
        You know you can’t change it, so your priority is money because if the horses were than you would be peacefully demonstrating with Ellen outside of Del Mar or Saratoga.
        Those are the people who “care” and “love” their racehorses.
        Instead, you look for any excuse to justify the killed in action list.

  4. What if this report was if California Chrome had to be put down!!! Would people care? NO!!!! The owners have insurance on the race horses, so what they got their billion from California Chrome. It’s all about the money. So, until no people show up for the pure enjoyment of horses being damaged for life then sold for slaughter or better yet euthanized on the death track. People wake up and Protest Death Horse Racing!!!

  5. I frustrated as well, I don’t believe it has to do with the “owners” and the people that get up and care for these horses at 3am and are in the barns till afternoon feed. Del Mar charges from the fair to racing in 10 days with cars and equipment on the track to racing that’s to short. Racing is highly mandated on medication and just like in any industry there can be bad and good people.

  6. I have spoken to a horse trainer. Horses have been dropping dead during races for a few years now, ever since glyphosate ( Roundup) has been encouraged to be used as a drying agent on grains. There was a 73% increase of the use on Roundup in 2013 alone. The next year, skyrocketing deaths. The horses eat this chemical on their feed, which has been linked to heart issues and more and more of them are having a heart attack during the race. This is not proven, it is a theory, but look into it. These beautfiul creatures matter.

    • Round up doesn’t account for broken bones, snapped-off legs, and profuse bleeding.
      So let’s get that out of the way,.
      Second, if your “theory” was even remotely correct than thousands of horses across the USA would be dying from round-up.
      Finally, it’s incumbent upon the horse racing industry to look into round-up so that they can come up with yet another stupid excuse for this cruelty circus, and death camp.
      Go round up all of the racehorses, put them in a pasture where they belong, and shut this down.
      That’s the best round-up to ever occur.

    • Your so smart thank you for sharing what a horrible event that keeps happening :( also it’s a pretty good insurance pay off when one of these beautiful creatures passes so money is also key …. With all the vets and information we have now a days why must these equine DIE for things that may be fixed like broken ankles broke legs etc….

    • I agree with this…I’ve had issues with my horses that twenty years ago were not as common…something is up with the food for horses as well as people.

  7. You didn’t mention the trainer by name? And your saying “round up” is used in horse feed is just crazy. Fact check

      • Round Up is not a selected ingredient for feed. But it DOES exist in the residual form, and it DOES have consequences to the health of all that ingest it, humans included. If you can consume organic and non-GMO food, that’s the way to go. It applies to all of us.

  8. Horrible and needs an Investigation. I once was offered a deal to buy a race horse and told it would be insured and if it didn’t perform, it would be killed, and collect on insurance. Days latter his partner was found shot dead, stuffed in a closet. Shotgun used. The guy? He faked his death the next day, leaving his car, sprayed with blood to be found..he has not been to my knowledge. Truth!

  9. These beautiful horses are dying at the expense of people wanting to wear a pretty hat, be entertained, and win money!!! Who cares if another horse dies, you got to go to the races!!!! What is wrong with you people??? Stop supporting this horrible sport!!! The track needs to be closed down!!!!!

  10. Such a tragedy! My sister in law has numerous horses and I know she doesn’t ride a horse until it is at least 6 years of age I think it could be longer! But yet at the derby they start at 2 years of age this is terrible and unthinkable. Del Mar should. Be shut down until this problem gets fixed!

  11. I have raced horses for 40 years.
    In any horse competition horses and people die it does not mean they are all abused.
    There are good drugs and illegal drugs.
    The good drugs are needed. for any athlete human or animal.
    Horses clip heels, make sudden moves- these events can break them down.
    My riding horse has twice fallen with me when cantering. It happens.

    • Thank you for a common sense evaluation of the situation.
      I have been a hunter/jumper/dressage trainer for nearly 30 years, and had competed as an amateur for much longer than that. Simple fact – horses die. They flip over jumps and break their necks, they shatter cannon bones weakened by a myriad of different factors, and yes, some of these deaths are preventable.
      But to the critics who think that a trainer will work a horse into the ground ON PURPOSE, you’re fooling yourselves. Owners and trainers sink a HUGE amount of money into their race horses, and they protect their investments with a plethora of treatments and therapies so that those horses CAN go on to race and win. A horse shattering its ankle isn’t an owner or trainer’s fault; it can happen when a dressage horse is turned out into a paddock to play and steps wrong. I know, because it happened to a horse belonging to a friend of mine. Lovely horse, exquisitely cared for, and he just leapt into the air and landed wrong.
      Naysayers need to learn facts before criticizing blindly.

      • ESG or whatever your name is – coward.
        Go spew this absolute BS on somebody that is deaf, dumb, and blind.
        Your obviously a pro-horse racing person to come up with such a ridiculous excuse, and analogy that doesn’t even apply.
        We are all too aware of the FACTS here.
        Go look at the Killed In Action Lists. FACTS.
        Then come back here and say a comment that actually makes sense.

      • ESG??…1), only the wealthy – the MINORITY – “sink huge amounts of money” into their racehorses…much like they would into repairing a race car, for the purpose of having a “money-making-machine”. None of these individuals want losers! – they want to get to that winner’s circle and collect a fat check from the HORSE’s labor and risk to limb and life, I might add! And 2), the MAJORITY are low-level owners and trainers who put very little into their “machines” because sadly, those horses are worth very little in the equine market. Those horses – the backbone of this industry – run with chips and tendons and arthritic joints because their connections have nothing to lose if they breakdown catastrophically and die. They can pick up some more CHEAP – some even FREE in package deals. True story. Witnessed this, too.

      • ESG – I get it. Have owned, shown and bred horses for many years – accidents do in fact happen. Have a yearling break her leg in the pasture playing – BUT with that said – nobody should be getting on a horses back as early as they racing industry does. Their bones are just not mature at 18 months 2 years – 3 years. The problem the Racing Industry does not want to wait that long. Loss of too much money;

      • ESG: I have known MANY trainers, I have rode for MANY trainers, I have had horses break down for MANY trainers, have been picked up from the racetrack dirt by the ambulance many times, because of …MANY trainers that ran sore horses for the sole purpose to make money, or to get them claimed, knowing they had injuries and soundness issues, and that they would not be able to produce revenue. MANY trainers find it more profitable to drop an unsound horse down in the claiming ranks, and get that at least $5,000 dollars, than to retire them.
        Now…I admit I have no knowledge of your dressage/hunter/jumper world. But I do know the world of Thoroughbred racing, and all the ugliness and greed behind the winner pictures and happy ‘selfies’. And your comment, your way of thinking is why this industry gets away with the doping, slaughter, tapping, nerving, blocking, the breakdowns, because people like you are so quick to excuse it all away. People like you and others in the industry are why I speak out. Because you, like so many others, want to brush it aside with ‘weak excuses’, rather than take responsibility and do right by the very horses that provide the industry the means to survive.

      • THANK YOU, 20yr+, for your knowledgable and wise comment!…but THANK YOU X1000 for your courage in speaking up for the horses! I admire you and am so incredibly grateful to you!

        #truth #horseracingkills

      • Thank you 20+ Insider.
        Grateful to you for your extensive experience, and comments here on this Blog.
        Everything you say is so true, so accurate, and 100% right on.
        Many pro-horse racing people who come on this blog to comment don’t have the experience, and insight that you do. They only have words.
        We must often remind them that people like us – ex-insiders – were on the front lines with these horses, and we directly experienced what we relay here.
        Any horse player whose involvement is limited to their bets are completely removed from the pain, suffering, abuse, cruelty, whipping/doping, dumping, and/or dying.
        That’s how the industry wants it.
        People often forget that being a jockey is the most high-risk position on any racetrack. They can get maimed, and killed as they often do.
        I was often shocked at the silence of the jockey union with the permissible use of pain masking drugs, and lack of punishment for the multiple drug violating Trainers who often have both racehorses, and jockeys maimed and/or killed, but never seem to get punished for it.
        Then I realized that in order to fill races, and increase profits drugs must be permitted, and they don’t give a damn if the horse and/or jockey gets maimed and/or killed in the process.
        They are well aware that racehorses are running on prior fractures, screws, bolts, pain, suffering, soreness, and they deliberately BLOCK the vet records so that this abuse can continue.
        They know damn well that if vet records were to be made public, as they should be, then they couldn’t continue to dupe the wagering public, and to increase wagering revenue.
        I’ve seen vet records of racehorses, because I worked for some of the most respected vets in the industry, and they are a records of pain, and suffering.
        This would be acceptable medical evidence in a court of law in order to pursue liability damages for the jockey, and animal cruelty charges for the racehorses connections – and they know it!
        To all you hunter/jumpers and other equestrian disciplines who come on here transferring your horse knowledge to justify the maiming, and killing of racehorses you need to get on a racehorse going 45 miles per hour.
        Until then – take your ignorant comments elsewhere.

    • I have always said they start them much too young! Horses love to run, but they shouldn’t be raced before 4 or 5 years old. Just a personal observation from a pleasure horse owner.

  12. The sport is huge because MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW ABOUT THESE TRAGEDIES. The media barely covers it. I didn’t have a clue until I adopted a rescue TB a couple of years ago. My animal lover friends are horrified when I tell them about it. And these are people who keep informed of everything else in the world. It’s up to those of us who care to keep pressing the media to investigate and keep running stories, to share on Facebook, to make people listen.

  13. Expensive cruelty. These poor horses are exploited and abused. It’s disgusting that any one would defend it. Shame on you, Karma!!! Let’s start a boycott. I’m in.

  14. I’m totally sickened & baffled as to how this continues to happen n nothing is done about it ?!?!? R.I.P. To All The Horses who have died in vain & do to the greed of the owners who see these beautiful animals as $$$ instead of living, breathing n loving animals/companions !!! Also shame on the rich ppl that think becuz they can afford to torture such animals (& ppl) that makes u better than others !!! U might have more money but u lack compassion, morals , common sense & empathy n respect for us regular folk !!!

    • Money! The Thoroughbred Association has way to much money! So sad but true. Most horse lovers – know there horses and love them. Race horse owners (for the most part) don’t have a clue. They don’t stay up all night watching their horse if it has colic – they don’t stay up all night waiting for the new baby to be born – the don’t stay up all night to see if the surgery was successful. They probably couldn’t pick their horse out of a pasture if there were 2 other look alikes. They probably would know the signs of colic or delivery difficulties – it is all about the Money.

  15. To Scott L Hasson in reply to this comment: “….. you dont like it…dont go.”
    So Scott should I stop going to the kill auctions where I’ve rescued many of the racehorses who are dumped there after they are physically/mentally broken, after giving their last drop of sweat?
    Should I stop paying for their much needed vet care when they are dumped for slaughter with broken bones that ultrasounds prove that they have been racing on for months?
    Would you be willing to financially take on 3 thoroughbreds that we rescued steps away from boarding the slaughterhouse truck here in Canada?
    One of the 3 was dumped by their breeder because they didn’t want to spend the money to repair a hernia umbilical issue. She was not even 1 year old.
    Isn’t it funny how participators, and supporters of horse racing want everybody to financially support them, and help them out after their disposable commodity is dumped, but you don’t want oversight prior to this?
    So typical of racing apologists.

  16. Patrick, what’s your proposal for what we should do with the 100,000 plus racehorses in this country? What do you suggest we do to the farms and jobs? You need to come up with some logical rational answers….im diligently waiting to hear them

    • Take care of the ones already here; end the breeding with this generation. As for economics, that is no way to decide matters of morality. Animal exploitation is wrong; the farms and jobs are of no concern to me. Besides, with failure (the horseracing industry) comes new opportunities. That’s the American way.

    • Mr. Marton, approximately 15,000 TB’s go to slaughter each year and the vast majority go underground. You ask what will happen to the 100,000 IF racing would die in the dirt the way that so many of its horses do. I will answer that for you. The same thing that happens to them NOW. Many will go to slaughter but, after a year or two, breeding will greatly diminish and, over the long term, lives will be saved. This isn’t difficult to grasp if you understand basic math and the concept of supply and demand.

      Now, as far as farms and jobs are concerned, I personally don’t give a damn. Farms can be sold, hopefully for a profit, and those who have exploited racehorses for years can find other work. McDonald’s is hiring here in Ohio.

    • The horse racing industry makes BILLIONS in profit every year.
      On big stake race days the wagering is in the BILLIONS when combined not including the illegal gambling going on across state lines, and countries allegedly via the Interstate Horse Wagering Act.
      So here’s my proposal: instead of paying the HBPA/Associations millions collectively from their automatic deduction of purse money often without an owner/trainers’s consent, put aside an automatic 10% of all wagering profits which, in one year, would add up to MILLIONS.
      That 10% ,from just one year, would easily finance the racehorses, once the breeding stops, and would also give financial support to people who transition to other jobs.
      It’s about time that this industry be held accountable for their mess.
      It’s incumbent upon the industry to implement measures that could easily help with this transition.
      However, based on their irresponsible record the only way this would happen if if it was legally mandated.
      I’m sure the industry would spend MILLIONS in attorney fees to fight this, while thousands of racehorses get loaded onto slaughter bound trucks.
      You get what I’m saying?
      This industry will go to any lengths, including DYING of racehorses, to protect their obscene profits all of which was made by exploiting racehorses, and labor.
      This measure should be legally, and fiscally mandated to take care of the mess that they create, and expect everybody else to deal with.
      For once in race horsing history they would be held accountable for the mess that they create.

  17. You can shut down all the race tracks, but they will keep on racing. I like the races, I even bought one right off the track in Del Mar. I ride horses for a living. But it’s not so much the racing, it’s how these horses are treated. They are not treated with kindness, they make a mistake and they get beat, kicked, shocked etc. It’s the treatment that needs to be addressed, not the race track its self.

  18. It’s not the track, it’s the fact that they’re racing BABIES! Most breeds should only start LIGHT riding after 2 years of age…. (age 3 for Arabians) racehorses start at 1 – running hard well before 2. Their knees don’t close until 5 years old. That’s the reason their legs fall apart! The owners just collect the insurance and ruin another baby.

  19. Dee – you are so right. Don’t people understand that at 2 years old when they start racing (may not be 2 since all have a Birthday of January 1) that they started their training when they were yearlings. You don’t just hop on their back at age 2 and go. They are babies – again I say the Racing Industry has too much money to stop the runing at 2 or three years old. The are 900 – 1000 pounding punds on four spindle like legs. Breaks my heart. Only way to stop them is to stay after the ASPCA -they are the only ones who have the power.

  20. All of the above aside, if the horses suffer, that is not good. The “circus” of circuses has finally made one small step, freeing the elephants. At the cost of the well being of animals, we look for entertainment and money, that is not good.

  21. Anybody defending “the game” on this blog is wasting their time. Everyone speaking here has made up their mind and is determined to push forward until horse racing is a thing of the past. Word is getting around and therse days there are less races, less horses, less money being wagered and less people attending horse races. Horse tracks are closing down with no new ones opening up. It’s just a matter of time before there aren’t enough people who care to support this “sport” and it just fades away….
    Keep it up Patrick and followers

    • Another thing, the generation from the 60’s to 70’s are either gone or don’t bet anymore, and nobody is replacing them.
      The majority of people who wager are Senior men.
      This industry has been reduced to stake days, big race days, where they tend to pull in a wide span of gamblers.
      However, these people only come out for the big races, and usually attend once or twice a year.
      Moreover, the younger generation wants nothing to do with horse racing for several reasons:
      1. Most young people no longer want to support business models that are based on the exploitation of animals (SeaWorld, Circus, Dog racing, Horse Racing etc.)
      2. Most young people have lots of other entertainment venues especially with the advent of technology.
      3. Most young people are riddled with debt whether it be student loans, mortgages, credit cards etc. They have financial priorities and their disposal income only stretches so far. Not one young person (under 30) that we spoke to, when conducting a survey, had any interest in spending even one dollar on horse racing.
      4. In order to invest in this industry you have to have bucks – big bucks to play in the game. You are competing against multi-billionaires who spend $500,000 or more on just 1 racehorse. So it only stands to reason that somebody who can afford to pay that can also afford the top drugs, supporting personnel, and facilities. In other words, $500,000 is just the beginning. These are people that you have to compete with so unless you can stand to lose millions than don’t go into it. Very few people have millions to lose and it’s usually only the elite that’s in the starting gate on Derby Day. Moreover, just to keep a racehorse in training is minimally $200 per day not including all the additional bills that pour in. What average young person can afford to justify $3000 per month for one racehorse? Not many.
      5. Time factor. Anybody that gets into this game quickly realizes that it’s a full time passion. You are constantly inundated with phone calls, and bills that keep coming in. Your life becomes a never ending whirlwind especially if you become deeply involved. You have little time or money for anything else. Most owners that I have known over the years, rich and not so rich, have left the business said that they will never return once they got a taste of it. In order to really play in this game, you have to submerge yourself in it, and many people don’t have time to do it or don’t want to make the time or once they experience what’s involved they get out of it within 2 years or as soon as they can dump their horse.
      6. The complexity of the gambling product. While anybody can walk into a casino and play the slots or cards not many can understand the many factors that affect the outcome of a horse race. Not many want to take the time or trouble to understand how to wager. So the product itself is not user friendly.
      Blogs like this who educate the ignorant masses play their part.
      However, the industry itself, will be their own demise because they can’t change the fundamental business model that the younger generation wants nothing to do with.
      This industry may not shut down during my life time, but it will be greatly diminished, and eventually shut down.
      Very sad that the Ontario government persists in supporting this Titanic with 100 million per year of taxpayers money for the next 8 years.
      It’s a money pit. It’s an absolute waste of taxpayers money not to mention a waste of a beautiful racehorses life.
      When we get individuals in government who actually examine the books, examine the industry on a neutral level, place taxpayers and essential services as their priority then they can’t possibly justify giving this industry even one dime.

  22. Hi All,

    Here’s a link to a song I think everyone should agree on how God intended us to appreciate these wonderful animals:



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