Pair of 3-Year-Olds Dead at Finger Lakes

Recently disclosed by the NYS Gaming Commission:

3-year-old Was It Worth It suffered an injury in the 6th at Finger Lakes July 19. From there, “left stifle swelling, ligament rupture” – euthanized August 8.

This past Monday, Victorious Lover, also three, broke down while training at Finger Lakes – euthanized on track.

To date, 65 horses have perished on or at NY tracks in 2016.

This is horseracing.


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  1. Finger Lakes, a “B” track for the maimed, and unsound for the most part.
    This entire business model is based on maiming, doping, and/or dying.
    My thoughts and heart goes out to WAS IT WORTH IT and VICTORIOUS LOVER.
    They lost their lives running for a flake of hay – this has got to stop.

  2. These deaths are Utterly Unacceptable!

    Have you got that, Racing Industry?

    Have you got that, WAYNE PACELLE
    (CEO of the Humane Society USA) ?

  3. Was It Worth It – oh the awful irony of her name. The little bay filly was raced 15 times for total earnings of 8K. Eight thousand dollars that the humans responsible for her young life pocketed – they took the money she labored for AND they took her life. They took it all…all for a lousy 8K. And they let her suffer for nearly a month. Owner/trainer, James T. Wright.

    Victorious Lover, a NY-bred 3 y/o gray gelding. VL raced only four times – the first 3 races, in less than two months. Then 8 months before he raced again. That fourth and final race, he “tired”. Two weeks later, he’s dead. Owner/trainer, Jeremiah C. Englehart.

    THIS is horse racing. Dead three-year-old horses. For sport. Indefensible.

  4. Three years old is a baby in the standard horse world. The brain is very young and the body even younger. these poor souls. The other wrong that needs to stop is the Thoroughbred nurse mare industry that causes suffering, nurse mare foals left to die, nurse mares taken from their foals to nurse others.

    • Yes, the nurse mare business is one more despicable offshoot of racing. Where there is money to be made these people are impervious to the cruelty and suffering the cause the voiceless.

      From the bottom up to the top down, there is nothing good about the racing business.

  5. This is got to stop. They are racing these horses at too young of an age before their bones and bodies are fully developed I’m so sick of this it breaks my heart and I’m very angry

  6. Patrick, here’s an article just in, supports this blog – big time.

    This article exemplifies the mandatory LIVE RACE MEETS perpetrated on casinos AKA Coupling.
    This further demonstrates the immediate need for state government to ABOLISH Coupling and to support DECOUPLING across the nation.

    Racehorses are paying with their lives for this ridiculous mandatory requirement for casinos.
    This has got to go NOW.

    Casinos need to stand up like in Florida and tell their government that they will no longer tolerate being dictated to by the horse racing industry. We can have casinos MINUS the racehorses, and the profits go to much needed societal programs as opposed to this cruelty circus, and death camp.


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