Two More Killed at Del Mar

Two more horses were killed at Del Mar today. First, Whisky and Wine, a 2-year-old being prepped for her debut, went down in a morning training session. Then, in the day’s 2nd, 7-year-old Dutchessa “broke down” past the wire. This makes (at least) four dead at “Cool As Ever” Del Mar – just one week in.

Presidential Air, July 15, 6th race

Dynamite Charge, July 17, training

Whisky and Wine, July 23, training

Dutchessa, July 23, 2nd race

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    the “sport of kings” should be named the “sport of drugs & death” – as long as they allow those no good NON training , NON horseman to TRAIN ON COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF MEICATION & JOINT TAPPING & RACE ON MORE DRUGS & JOINT TAPPING this will not stop, the horses can not feel the pain they are in , so are pushing themselves beyond their normal limits that they woiuld if they could feel the pain,. the rules should be NO DRUGS ALLOWED – PERIOD . NO DRUGS ALLOWED – what part of this cant they unbderstand – a TRUE & REAL HORSEMAN/WOMAN DOES NOT NEED DRUGS TO TRAIN OR RACE ON – A SOUND HORSE IS A SOUND HORSE THAT WANTS TO PARTICIPATE . these horses are UNWILLING PARTICIPANTS for they are training on so much shit in their bodies they have non idea to hold themselves back because they can NOT feel the pain . the “legal” limits of drugs a racehorse is allowed are DISGUSTING , and every day many many trainers go over this “legal ” limit with NO concequences . what the vets do injecting joints is NOT regulated either , so steroids & antinflamatory agents are continually being used to MASK injuries . there are NO REGULATIONS on any of the “work” these vets are doing ( remember veterinarians like Dr.s ) TAKE AN OATH – which PROVES their ABSOLUTE INCOMPETENTS – “I solemnly swear to use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society through the protection of animal health and welfare, the prevention and relief of animal suffering, the conservation of animal resources, the promotion of public health, and the advancement of medical knowledge.
    I will practice my profession conscientiously, with dignity, and in keeping with the principles of veterinary medical ethics.
    I accept as a lifelong obligation the continual improvement of my professional knowledge and competence.” – THIS is the most heart breaking part of the entire game is this veterinary oath . “MONEY IS AT THE ROOT OF ALL THAT IS EVIL” , I am afraid that this is rampant in the “sport of kings” : ((((

  2. Yes Lexi, you are so right. I remember a horse breaking down years ago. The horse snapped his leg in two, and kept running, eventually snapping the other leg in two. The horses legs were completely snapped off, they were only attached by the skin. The horse kept running on the knubs of his knees, his legs were flailing in the air, still attached by his skin. The gate crew had to run out and stop him. Yes, horses that are doped, feel no pain and continue to run, with dire consequences. It is a memory I will never be able shake. Now it is years later, and I wished I had found the strength to pick up that program, so I could share his name now. Things are changing now. Here is a place to speak out. People are listening.

  3. One of the worse breakdowns I’ve ever seen is Miss Pretty Promises. She snapped-off BOTH front legs. As she struggled to get up her nose went right into the dirt. Horrific.
    Yet again, my thoughts, and prayers go out to all racehorses who die in the dirt for $2 bets.
    Anyways to all people who post on this Blog. I’m taking additional action to stop this cruelty circus, and death camp.
    I’ve written a letter to the Del Mar Planning Committee. I’ve read a recent article that implies that most members no longer want to provide the state-owned, publicly-funded property for horse racing.
    They received multiple complaints regarding the dying of racehorses on their properties.
    They also said that they could fill the venue all summer at Del Mar WITHOUT horse racing and replace it with more socially acceptable “family” entertainment.
    I wrote a letter (provided herein) I’m permitting anybody to copy, paste this letter, sign your name with email address, and press one button to help these horses before they die.
    I realize it’s not the greatest letter, but it gets to the point.
    Or, alternatively, write your own letter, but PLEASE do something. Let the planning committee know that whipping/beating, doping, dumping, and/or dying is not acceptable – that this antiquated business model has got to go.
    The only way they are going to realize this is if people write in to them, and hopefully it will get heard at next committee meeting.
    Here’s a copy of the letter:

    To: Del Mar Planning Committee


    From: Former Racehorse Owner/Trainer & Associate Steward for the CHRB

    Re: Del Mar Race Meet

    I’m requesting a cancellation of the Del Mar Race Meet and all racehorse/quarterhorse meets in the state of California.
    This request is based on the following:

    1. WHIPPING/BEATING. There’s no place in the 21st century for the ongoing whipping/beating of horses to perform.
    If this was done to a domestic dog in the park that person would be charged with Felony Animal Cruelty charges.
    This is no different. You are providing and permitting the ongoing cruelty to horses who race at your
    state-owned, publicy-funded properties.

    2. DOPING. It’s no secret that the ongoing doping of racehorses is necessary in order to mask chronic ongoing lameness issues so that racehorses can continue to fill racehorses, and increase profits. You have multiple drug violating Trainers being relicensed in the State of California after numerous racehorses have died under their direct care. You are condoning the ongoing doping of horses by provided these dopers a place to carry on their despicable practices on non-consenting sentiment beings.

    3. DUMPING. The racehorse and quarter-horse industries breed 10,000+ horses every year for the sole purpose of filling races for profits. The planet can no longer afford this irresponsible breeding. The majority of these racehorses are dumped when no longer profitable. They are either dumped into the Claiming Ranks where most are running for their lives. The main dumping is at Kill Auctions, where they subsequently board a slaughterhouse truck for Mexico. This multibillion dollar industry is irresponsible to the very horse that they breed for their profits. Little or nothing is given to ensure their aftercare. This is left up to a community of horse lovers that had nothing to do with the irresponsible breeding, exploitation, and dumping of their horses. The slaughterhouse is an environmental disaster, but so is the entire industry. California, and the planet can’t afford hundreds of thousands of racehorses adding to the methane gas emmisions thereby contributing to the
    environmental destruction of the planet via global warming. Not only is this industry morally reprehensible, but environmentally unsound as well. Why do you continue to support the ongoing dumping of horses, and the environmental destruction of the pollution emitted while being stabled at Del Mar? When was the last time an independent environmental study was conducted on the numerous chemicals being washed down into the sewer systems at Del Mar, and eventually end up directly into the ocean? When was the last time your committee considered the possible
    environmental destruction of the coast as a direct result of hundreds of pounds of manure being
    emitted into the water system on the oceanfront at Del Mar? If this pollution is taking place, and I believe it is, then you will be held financially culpable for providing the property in order for this to take place.

    4. DYING. The ongoing death rate at Del Mar is totally unacceptable. You are supporting racehorses dying in the dirt for $2 bets by providing a facility to carry on such activities.

    I think that our planet, society, and the State of California can do much better than this by supporting venues that don’t include the beating/whipping, doping, dumping, and dying of thousands of racehorses. Nor can our planet afford the unnecessary environmental destruction of breeding hundreds of thousands of racehorses to run in circle for $2 bets.

    This is an antiquated business model based on the exploitation of a non-consenting sentiment being. Nothing can change that and nothing has changed at Del Mar since opening day which is: racehorses are DYING for $2 bets.
    This is not “family” entertainment. This is a cruelty circus, death camp, and environmental disaster that has no place in the 21st century.

    I implore you to stop providing a state-owned, publicly-funded property to permit this unacceptable
    business model to continue.

    Kindest regards,
    Gina Powell

  4. Damn shame the loss of these poor babies and the ignorance of the human race. When will people wake up?! What will it take?!

  5. This is just a few words of THANKS to all of you who read, comment and share – your support for the horses means the world to me. But even more to them. Thank you, thank you…

  6. For information: Only the winners are fed. If a horse stops winning, it is no longer fed!

  7. Is not a strange weird thing..
    Run horses before they are mature.
    Track most likely compacted and not taken care of properly cause high impact injuries to horses legs like fractures. Treat horses like garbage when they can’t run.

  8. Karen Dougherty… The article above & posts sicken me! I had no idea… This must stop! Horses are beautiful mammals and should be treated humanely, with love!

  9. They do slaughter lots of horses including TB Race horses! Ask HiCaliber Horse Rescue in Valley Center, Ca who rescues them at a horse auction every Tuesday in Ontario CA. Right now they recently rescued the son of Seattle Slew who’s name is Seattle Proud. So sad and it is happening…..racehorse are tossed aside after they are done and wind up at auction for slaughter.

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