“Returned Bleeding Profusely” – “Lame” – “Bad Step”

One day at a single American track – Parx, July 16:

Race 2 – “ANTHONY’S FLYER appeared to be kicked in his left hind leg racing into the first turn…battled gamely to the wire, returned bleeding profusely from a laceration on his left hind leg and was vanned off.”

Race 5 – “BERLUSCONI…lame on the first turn and subsequently vanned off.”

Race 6 – “ENGLAND bled profusely from both nostrils.”

Race 8 – “NO MORE STRIPPERS…took a bad step and stumbled in mid stretch.”

This is horseracing.

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  1. HOW can this legitimized death camp continue to be financially supported by either casino or taxpayers money? HOW can our government continue to rubber stamp this death camp?
    This industry gets unprecedented tax breaks, and virtually no oversight on the billions that is gambled across state lines under the Interstate Horse Wagering Act.
    WHERE is this money going? It’s going to the associations for the most part – the corrupt HBPA.
    These racehorses are sent into a virtual torture chamber (AKA stalls) to be repeatedly restrained for the ongoing abuse of needles in, and out of their body.
    They are subjected to shock wave therapy a well known painful procedure that makes them stand there and endure electrical shock into their sensitive legs.
    Their sensitive nostrils are often pinched with ropes to hold them still as the abuse takes place.
    They will do whatever it takes to get their millions into the wagering windows.
    They are parasitic scum bags who also live off the financial avails of many other entities that want nothing to do with the exploitation like the casinos. Yet, they are forced to conduct Live horse race meets plus give them their profits. I’ve never seen such a thing. This is outrageous.
    Then, when people aren’t financially supporting their ongoing cruelty circus, and death camp then they rely on everybody else, and their mother to rescue the racehorses they dump.
    This has got to be one of the biggest scams in modern day American history, and this is allowed to continue as long as people wear their fancy hats, and attend these killing events.
    To ANTHONY’S FLYER (Trainer Marcos Zulueta Owner Hakims Stable LLC), BERLUSCONI (Trainer Jonathon Wong Owner Twilight Racing LLC) ENGLAND (Trainer Howard R Brown Jr. Owner Brown Dog Racing Stable) NO MORE STRIPPERS (Trainer J Guadalupe Guerrero Owner Emerald Field Farm) and the slave master connections who are part of the maiming, and killing.
    To all of you who were bleeding profusely from the nostrils to bring in a $2 bet for a bunch of parasitic scum bags – may your spirit continue to give us the strength to be a voice on your behalf – to make people aware of this carnage, and mayhem.
    We will shut this down one racetrack by one racetrack at a time until the scum bags have nowhere to put their ongoing cruelty, abuse, whipping/beating, dumping, and/or dying on full display.

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