In 85th Race, 10-Year-Old Futurazo Goes Down

The 4th race at Finger Lakes yesterday afternoon was 10-year-old Futurazo’s 85th in a “career” that began when George Bush was still president. It was also his last – “pulled up at 1/4 pole, euthanized on track” (Gaming Commission).

And so Racing consumes another. But before we move on to the next, please take a moment to contemplate the suffering, the anguish, that this pathetic creature was made to endure over his ten short (long) years on the planet. In addition to the obvious – the whipping, the drugging, the buying and selling – there were the privations: an innately free-roaming animal confined to a dark, dinky, dusty stall for 23 hours a day or more; a naturally social being kept utterly socially isolated. No herd for comfort and security. No family for love and affection. Heartbreaking.

So the next time you read about one of these deaths (and the wait won’t be long), think about what came before. The kill, in fact, is but the final cruelty, the shattered leg or failed heart one last bit of pain in a life defined by it.

This is horseracing.

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  1. To anyone who claims to love these horses, the life and death of this 10 y/o gelding must break their heart. Then multiple that times THOUSANDS. Don’t you DARE come here and make your exclamations of LOVE for racehorses then in the same breath support this damned industry that KILLS them. For SPORT. It KILLS them for SPORT.

    I’m sickened. RIP, precious Futurazo….you were the same age and had run the exact number of races as my Greenwish was/had when I took him from the track. I wish you could have had the same chance to LIVE your life as Greenwish is…I am so incredibly sorry.

  2. There is an easy way to stop these atrocities. Stop betting on the horses. It really is that simple. Let racing die in the dirt the same way that Futurazo did. Let those who claim to “love” the horses so very much find another way to entertain themselves.

    • yes.. if NO one went to the track.. the track and the sport of horse racing would not be supported. The money won .. if you come in first or second, comes from the track betting. Let this horrible and useless sport die out. Millions of horses end up in auctions.. the ones who were not first at the track.. stop the slaughter and stop the auctions.. stop breeding them.. for that one in a million shot of being the triple crown winner’s owner.. Just stop it.. … Like greyhound races, which was big in Florida.. that has stopped.. people are just seeing the light.. and betting is cruel.. for only one wins.. and with animal betting? The animals most often are the big losers…

      • Your right, but horse racing is not a sport.
        It doesn’t qualify as a sport.
        It does, however, qualify as a cruelty circus, doping, and death camp.
        As for the money coming from betting?
        Nobody really knows where the multibillion dollar wagering income goes because the racetracks are receiving unprecedented sums of tax breaks, taxpayers money, and/or casino money.
        The billions they receive could be otherwise used for much needed infrastructure, education, and/or health care.

  3. This breaks my heart…….another precious life lost for “human entertainment ” We must end this cruelty! !!

  4. Whipping/beating, doping, dumping and/or dying is their definition of love?
    If this is what these delusion people call love, then I wouldn’t want to see their hate!
    If you really love these horses then stop exploiting them, dumping them like trash, and watch them die in the dirt for $2 bets.
    If you really loved them then you would stop participating in this cruelty circus, and death camp.
    Futurazo – you poor darling. You finally gave way – didn’t you?
    Jeffrey S. Englehart (owner/trainer) you are the lowest form of parasitic scum. You knew full well that this horse was most likely sore, dealing with ongoing chronic issues, and you saddled him to run in his own funeral.
    You piece of trash. You participators, and supporters of horse racing are all trash.
    How dare you justify this demented way of thinking while you run horses into the ground?
    I hope this business dies in the dirt like Futurazo and thousands of others have.
    You all make me sick.

  5. How does it get to this? A favorite line in the industry is ‘a 1,000lb horse cannot be made to anything it doesn’t want to do.’ The cold hard truth is that the backside of racing is horrible and cruel. So many times I have witnessed horses being drug, pushed, buggy whipped into the gate. And the very horse not finishing the race to breaking down. So yes, they can be made to race when they do not want to. In fact refusal is not an option for these horses.
    I just read a facebook post about Anita Vacation. She was found in the kill pen, her last racing date 6/18/16. Her ankles were huge, deformed by the calcification of osselets. Her last connections were trainer- Charles H. Kieser, owner-Runadir Farm. Now some racing insiders are already claiming the fault does not lie within the racing industry. Whom then…whom does the fault lie upon? Those ankles were years in the making, attributed to racing. She did not acquire them from standing in the stall, or walking around the shedrow. They were from being made to continue training and running races growing larger all the while. While those in the industry were busy on facebook claiming no fault and accountability of their discarded athlete, it was Joy Aten and Mary Johnson and others who saved this Anita Vacation. And I will add that Anita Vacation made $78,393 for her connections who were nowhere to be found.

  6. I’m sorry Futurazo that at 10 years old and before your 85th start no one thought you deserved to be retired, loved and just be a horse. Where were the people that loved you like a family member? Run free now sweet gelding. No more pain.

    • Sad to say the only escape for so many of these horses is to die in the dirt like Futurazo. He managed to make it to 10 but his connections finally ran him into the dirt.

      RIP Futurazo you are free of the misery you were forced to endure.

  7. Supporters and/or participants of this cruelty circus, and death camp constantly defend the delusion.
    They actually defend the delusion while watching racehorses die in the dirt.
    The ongoing cruelty, and abuse of racehorses is not justified by saying “they are like family,” “I love then,” but please allow me to beat, dope, dump, and possibly kill the “family member” that I love so much.
    The only reason why this industry continues to get away with such cruel, and abusive behavior is because, under the law, they are considered chattels. They are considered property.
    This is the only reason why racehorse owners can’t be held legally accountable for their cruel, and abusive acts against racehorses.
    They don’t have to actually perform the act, but they sure as hell support it, and condone it by sending their horses into the cruelty ring.
    They are equally responsible just as the commissions, racetracks, and all the supporting personnel who financially benefit from such cruelty, and abuse; who continually allow racehorses like Halos And Angels, Futurazo, etc etc. to enter and run essentially playing Russian Roulette with their lives.
    You supporters don’t “love” your horses. You love the delusion.
    You don’t “care” for your horses. You care about what you can gain from them.
    To all you supporters of horse racing who rescue the racehorses that they dump you need to stop supporting them money or not.
    You are slapping a band aid on a cut that will never stop bleeding because as long as there is horse racing there will always be dumped and unwanted racehorses.
    There’s no excuse for the multibillion dollar horse racing industry to not be legally mandated to be fiscally responsible for the racehorses that they breed. Period.
    Every racehorse should have safe haven when leaving the track. Every one of them. If they can’t do that (which they can’t) then their financial support should be revoked.
    That means casino money, tax breaks, taxpayers money, and the Interstate Horse Racing Act which provides billions in wagering money across state lines with little or no oversight.
    Plus, little or no funds are set aside for racehorses when they are done exploiting them.
    This industry will be greatly diminished in my lifetime. I certainly would love it to shut down, but as long as people continue to economically support, and defend it then the abuse will be prolonged.
    So it’s the supporters and/or participants that are directly responsible for the ongoing deaths of racehorses on tracks all over America.

  8. Sadly, Futurazo was literally raced to death…In his final race, he finally caught the front runner and took the lead just before breaking down. Hard to believe that he was the betting “favorite” in his 85th race. Sad to say, this was bound to happen at some point. And it did…

    • “In his final race, he finally caught the front runner and took the lead just before breaking down.”
      In other words, he gave it all he got to take the lead, his last bit of energy used up for this despicable industry, and for the people who wagered on.
      His poor abused, and tortured soul – broken and dying in the dirt.
      How can any civilized person support this cruelty circus, and death camp?
      They are all responsible for Futurazo’s death, and so many others because they are financially supporting this business model of beating/whipping, doping, dumping, and/or dying.
      Futurazo we will be a voice for you as you lie dying in the dirt. We won’t let you die in vain.

  9. Jill’s Reflection, the overworked 5 yr. old mare, was scheduled to have her 66th start in 3yrs. on July 7th at Parx but was scratched by the stewards. No reason was given which is usually the case unless it is a high profile horse. This is a tough mare but they will finally destroy her. It would have been her 11th start this year so they were right on target for her average 22 starts each year. She has not breezed since the first part of May and, of course, she has had no time off in 3 yrs. of this punishing schedule.

    As we know, there is not one basic rule that would protect the horse from this up front abuse.
    I wonder if the “good people” in the business ever give a second thought to horses like Jill’s Reflection and there are plenty in the same situation.

  10. was he a big black course? About 4 years ago at the paddock a very big black horse was hot from racing and they turned the hose on him, he reared up and hit the fence I was so scared for him poor thing. This horse does not have to suffer any more, and I feel sorry for the amish horses on these hot days as well as they are not greatly very well!

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