3-Year-Old Filly Dead at Parx

3-year-old Notaria “broke down” in the 2nd at Parx yesterday afternoon and, according to the Equibase chartwriter, “was humanely euthanized.” Prior to dying, the Charles Cuprill-trained filly had been put to the whip seven times, all “maiden” level at cheap Penn National. In those seven races, she finished 5th or below five times and averaged 13 lengths back. In other words, that she is dead should come as no surprise.

This is horseracing.


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  1. Can somebody please explain how legitimized abuse, cruelty, and death is permitted to continue in the 21st century?
    The worse part?
    Our governments continue to prop up, and support this antiquated business model.
    These racetracks are receiving unprecedented sums of casino money/tax breaks and/or taxpayers money to run their own private ATM machine while exploiting horses, and people.
    NOTARIA you were just another profit slave for these slave masters.
    You were just a number generating wagering income for these parasitic scum bags.
    Oh, the usual lip service from these exploiters such as: “we love our horses,” etc.
    You only love what you can get from them, and that’s money.
    When your profit slaves are no longer profitable that love quickly wanes, and the dumping begins.
    Notaria – so sorry for you filly.
    So sorry that you were born and bred to grease the wagering machine, and if that meant dying in the dirt for $2 bets, this industry doesn’t give a hoot.

    • “Can somebody please explain how legitimized abuse, cruelty, and death is permitted to continue in the 21st century?”

      Because humans are grossly materialistic fools largely ignorant of their own higher spiritual nature, so how could they possibly be aware of the deeper spiritual nature of another sentient species?

  2. Yes, Carolyn you are right. Some endure the torture much longer but eventually succumb to the drugs and overwork. And if they are tough enough to survive the worst this game has to offer they can “look forward” to a one way trip to Mexico or Canada.

    What a “sport” !!!

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