A. Rod Again Dead at Parx

4-year-old A. Rod Again is dead – “humanely euthanized,” says Equibase – after “breaking down” in the 4th yesterday at Parx. Prior to his death race, A. Rod Again was being offered “For Sale” at $5,000.

This is horseracing.


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  1. The cavalier attitude of these people concerning the cruelty and killing of these horses, most not even mature, is mind numbing and totally beyond what any civilized society should tolerate.

    Mahatma Gandhi, it is said, stated that that the goodness of a society can be judged by how it treats it’s animals…..

    PS Jill’s Reflection, a 5 yr. old mare with an unmerciful racing schedule, is entered in race #2 at Delaware Park tomorrow, 30 June, just 12 days following her nighttime start at Charles Town, WV. This will be her 64th start with absolutely no time off. Plus she will be injected with the powerful diuretic, Lasix, with hardly enough time for her to rehydrate and balance her electrolytes, especially in the hot weather with a road trip thrown in. This is brutality.

    I ask the supporters of this game why such abuse is “legal” ?

    They are working hard to kill this mare.

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