3-Year-Old Dead at Belmont, 18th Track-Kill There This Year

Yet another equine child has been killed at Belmont. The 3-year-old filly Todo Onota suffered multiple fractures while training Monday – “euthanized,” says the Gaming Commission. Hers is the 18th track-related (racing or training) kill at Belmont in 2016.

Please stop betting on animal races.


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  1. I can’t stand it.
    Is there anybody out there?
    How can this cruelty circus, and death camp continue?
    How can our government justify funding this death camp to the tunes of millions of dollars?
    They need to immediately stop all casino profits to this despicable industry. Support Decoupling.
    They need to Cancel the Interstate Horse Wagering Act NOW.
    The funding of deaths must stop.
    Please shut down this death camp.
    Please gamble at casinos that don’t financially support horse racing.
    Your best bet is the native American casinos that absolutely refuse to support this carnage.
    They have beautiful casinos, great buffet lunches, they pay decent wages, and benefits to their employees unlike the horse racing industry.
    They don’t exploit racehorses.
    Las Vegas casinos refuse to support horse racing as well.
    So if you like to gamble, there are many other places to go instead of racinos.

    • TY Gina…I can’t stand it either. And like I said when I shared this – another racehorse death – on my FB wall, how can any individual support racing without embarrassment or shame?

    • Gina, I just read on horse watch that awikino cat has been retired,and I also just read immortal wink was just purchased from his trainer in Puerto Rico and is to be sent back to the states to be retired. Two horses very derserving and so very lucky. To see retirement. If you look on the jockey club website at retired horses and then consider how many horses have raced it’s very sickening to realize how many few racehorses are truely retired to the life they deserved from the start.

      • Thanks for update Billy.
        I sure hope that the information is accurate, and that they do get a well deserved retirement.
        This is 2 that made it out alive, but based on the PP’s, they were getting closer to death with every race.
        You made my day.
        Thanks for the information, and your comments.

      • Yea I also hope the information is accurate I found awikino cat on horse watch look it up…..and immortal wink there is a story written about him and his new found retirement on the paulick report 142 races I can’t find a horse with more starts anywhere (thankfully)

      • Billy,thank you for the updates on Awikino Cat and Immortal Eyes. I just hope and pray these two horses are retired to a safe place. I can’t help being skeptical of anything this business says/does because lying, cheating and disregard for it’s athletes are hallmarks of how it operate.

        Also, I saw that Hansen was sold to South Korea. He stood at Coolmore in KY for about a year .You may remember at one point his owner and breeder, Kendall E. Hansen, wanted to dye the white horse’s tail blue. I guess Mr. Kendall Hansen would have said he “loved” the horse, especially after he won in the Breeder’s Cup. This just illustrates what the object of “love” in this game is. MONEY !

  2. So I hate to burst everybody’s bubble, but Immortal Wink just ran May 22 at Camarero in Puerto Rico.
    He’s dropped to the lowest claiming tag for &3500.
    He was run hard according to a spectator told me the abuse of this racehorse is despicable.
    Given this fact, a nice retirement for Awakino Cat is questionable.
    Quite frankly, until I get the physical address and phone number to check it out myself I can’t believe anything said about thie status of this poor abused horse..
    In fact, I can’t believe any figures or facts coming from this self controlled cruelty circus unless I can confirm it myself.

    • Gina, my appologizes I mean no offense in any manner. Paulick report under horse care the article is ” cosequin presents aftercare spotlight changing the world one horse at a time ” you will find the information you are seeking there. This article was written by Jen roytz her email is on the page. There is also a link to the horse watch in the article where I seen awikino cats name and retired I cannot confirm this at the moment possibly the person writing the page can, I mean no disrespect and I don’t blame you for how you feel I myself am well aware of all the bullshit that goes on I have worked very hard to educate myself

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