3-Year-Old “Part of the Family” Drowns While Training at Hoosier

3-year-old Just Dance With Me died while training at Hoosier Park Tuesday. Nothing unusual there; what is is how this particular kill transpired: The Standardbred “veered off the track,” went through a fence – and drowned in an infield pond.

Imagine that scene.

Like clockwork, when a track death garners (unwanted) attention, repugnant spin follows. Rick Moore, Hoosier GM (Hoosier website): “Our condolences go out to the Wilfong family for their loss. In the sport of horse racing, racehorses are very much part of the family and are cared for as such.” And: “Horse racing, much like any other racing sport, has its inherent risks that we must continue to keep in mind.”

“Family.” Yes, because lots of parents force their children into grave – mortal, even – danger, then sell, trade, or trash them as economics dictate. “Sport.” Sure, because all sports forcibly restrain, socially isolate, drug, and whip their athletes – then send a large percentage to slaughter when no longer profitable.

Look, I know this exercise grows tiresome, but each and every time they vomit this vileness, it must be addressed. So, again: Horseracing is neither sport nor pastime; it is a (largely) failing 20th Century gambling business. It is $2 bets. Racehorses are neither athletes nor family members; they are private property, commodities – things to be used and expended. Enough, America. Enough.

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  1. ABSOLUTELY, Patrick! Thank you for continuing to address and expose the ugly realities of horse racing in America! Tiresome, yes – but how can compassionate individuals who are aware NOT speak up for creatures with no voices?

    My heart breaks for Just Dance With Me…what a terrifying death she suffered. Tragic. Unnecessary. And it enrages me.

  2. It is time to criminally charge anyone who causes the death of a horse. Where did this happen?

  3. Some racehorses will go to drastic measures when running or training sore. They will ‘lug in’ or ‘bore out’ during races from pain or bleeding. Many that lug in, will not stop at the rail, but continue to run against it, or run thru it. Horses will freeze up, refusing to move to enter the track to train or run. Many flip themselves over, dying, when their head hits the wall or ground. These are some of the only way a horse can say ‘I don’t want to do this. I am hurt. I am scared.’ And that doesn’t matter, because they are forced to do it anyways. The only voice they have, are people like all of you that are fighting it. Thank you Patrick, Just Dance with Me, will never be forgotten. His name with so many others, will help spread the truth about the racing industry.

  4. It appears that where animals are “used” by people for whatever reason, there is a dark side, always behind-the scenes abuse and killing. I’ve been trying to expose the hidden torture of K9 (and other service) dogs for many years. Most people don’t know that they are routinely hanged to unconsciousness, kicked, beaten, etc., and just like with this issue, regular P.R. releases paint a very different (and false) image.

    • Sue, you claim that K9 dogs are hanged? I find this difficult to believe. While I am unequivocally against all animal exploitation, including “service dogs,” we must come armed with irrefutable facts and information – for without, we will be summarily dismissed as fringe crazies.

      • Do they allow links here? I will try to put some in, and sincerely hope they will be allowed. My own site is Stoplynching.com. I worked in this for 18 years, and then did the research in order to confirm it wasn’t just my department. Here are a couple of videos from other departments. They are not of a slow hanging (about a minute to two minutes) like what I have witnessed, but close enough so you get an idea of the brutality of it.
        NC troopers torture dogs as a matter of policy | Cop Block

        If Cops Treat Their Own Dogs Like This, It is No Wonder …

    • The darkest side of horse racing is racehorses dying in the dirt for $2 bets.
      The equally darker side of horse racing is those who participate, and support the ongoing cruelty, abuse, beating/whipping, doping, dying, and/or dumping while trying to muzzle those who expose the truths.
      Supporters of this despicable industry are nothing more than slave masters controlling their profit slaves.
      This slavery ring, and death camp has got to go.

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