NY up to 41 Dead on the Year

The NYS Gaming Commission has confirmed that 7-year-old Mordi’s Miracle was euthanized after being “pulled up and vanned off” in the 4th race at Belmont Saturday.

To date, 41 horses have lost their lives at NY tracks in 2016.


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  1. So the death beat goes on.
    Another day – another death.
    So sorry for all 41 racehorses that lost their lives for this despicable slavery ring.
    Yet, they get continued support from media who legitimizes this cruelty circus, and death camp commonly referred to as horse racing.
    FOX news has just announced that they will cover up to 70 stake races at Saratoga this summer:
    “NYRA and its legendary Saratoga Race Course represent the very best in Thoroughbred racing.” Mulvihill said. “We are thrilled to bring daily coverage of NYRA to a national audience on one of television’s fastest growing networks, FS2.”
    Missing in their comment is the fact that many racehorses have died at Saratoga. So I suppose it’s the very best in horse racing like they say right?
    Great family entertainment watching a tired and/or sore horse get repeatedly beaten with a whip while potentially snapping it’s legs off, and dying in the dirt.
    Sure it’s the very best FOX – way to go.
    From compound fractures, to snapped-off limbs, to heart attacks, to bleeding profusely form the nostrils probably choking on their own blood, to daily injections turning them into pin cushions – yea right FOX you really got it good this time.
    Well go ahead and expose this industry for what it is because if any racehorses die at Saratoga this summer now the entire world can see the truth about horse racing.
    I certainly hope all racehorses are safe, but this is horse racing where dying is a daily occurrence.

  2. These deaths are a constant…..!

    WHEN is the racing industry going to be prosecuted for DELIBERATE animal cruelty???

    There’s nothing accidental about these deaths or the injuries and career ending injuries that racehorses suffer. The intent is there to place the horses in an environment which threatens their lives e.g. high speed exercise, whipping when fatigued and cannot go any faster, the abusive riding, the terrible stress on their bodies which results in them bleeding in the lungs (at least 90% of racehorses bleed), training and racing when sore and/or carrying pre-existing injuries, the doping, the 23 hours a day confinement in a box where the horse cannot move as he should for his basic health (both physically and psychologically) and if they don’t die on the track, in training, in a stable, in transport, the vast majority end up in the slaughterhouse. Only about 20%, if that, have another life after racing which includes the breeding barn where the abuse continues with the broodmares and the serving stallions.

    And yet trainers and owners declare how much they LOVED their horses (when a high profile horses dies) when they are guilty of aggravated cruelty with the life that they forced their horses to endure.

    • Love your comment Carolyn.
      So right on.
      It’s deliberate aggravated assault, abuse, and cruelty legitimized by this despicable industry.
      When these actions are tried in a court of law, away from the protection of the racing commissions, it would qualify as animal abuse in the least, and charges would be laid.

    • Janell, it appears that the nature of the injury/condition suffered by Mordi’s Miracle which caused it to be euthanased has not been disclosed by the New York State Commission. The public has a right to know.
      Sometimes the injury is so severe that the horse cannot be saved. And sometimes the horse can be saved but connections decide that the monetary cost for treatment is too expensive and have the horse put down, despite the fact that the horse has given his all and earned money for them.

    • Janell, the majority of racing jurisdictions have NO mandatory necropsy examinations after a racehorse dies.
      So we will never know about Mordi’s Miracle or most others who die for this pathetic excuse for gambling.
      Moreover, when a necropsy is conducted the report is kept private as are drug records.
      Investigations tend to be nothing more than public decorations, and hardly ever lead to a conviction of any sort.
      For example, an owner called Mike Gill had a high rate of deaths, and it took many racehorses dying before they even attempted to do something about it.
      One of his racehorses died, and while the corpse was on Gulfstream Park property somebody went in and sawed-off the rear right leg so that a necropsy couldn’t be conducted!!!


      This example can be compared to the local animal office finding a dead animal in a home, bringing it back to the shelter to conduct a necropsy for evidence in court, and the owner gains access to the carcass to desecrate the evidence!
      This example happened on the grounds of Gulfstream Park so somebody was complicit in aiding this criminal act of sawing-off the leg of a racehorse!
      Nothing ever came out of it.

  3. Thank you all for your help. I’ve been trying to find out what happened to Mordi’s Miracle. Because I am the admin of the Lawyer Ron page on Facebook. And I try to keep track of his kids and grad kids,

    • Sad reflection on an industry when somebody like you can’t get even the most basic information regarding the health, and welfare of the horse.
      Checking the local kill auction is usually a great place to find them if they aren’t lying dead.

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