Dead: Bravelikebetty, Miss Gifted

4-year-old Miss Gifted “broke down” in the 4th at Santa Anita yesterday and was, according to the Daily Racing Form, euthanized. Dead.

Also, I have confirmed that 3-year-old Bravelikebetty, a “broke down” in the 6th at Charles Town Wednesday, was in fact euthanized on the track. Dead.

This video, posted by the winning horse’s trainer, Ronney Brown, shows Bravelikebetty “going wrong” (around the 1:05 mark).

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  1. And they don’t skip a beat after Bravelikebetty goes down. Oh, excuse me. She ” broke down” after “going wrong.” She’s been methodically misused, abused and forced to run for her life. Horse racing is horse killing!

  2. Again, all of this would be swept under the rug, out of the public’s eye. Thank you Patrick, for all you do. We stand with you, in this uphill battle.

  3. Yea agreed I feel I live smack in the middle of where most of this bullshit takes place. The sad part is I’ve lived here my entire life and never knew any of this existed, except for the races held at penn national 4 nights a week.and then one day I seen sun city on tv at emerald downs with 96 career starts and thought to myself damn that seems like alot so I googled horse racing and started looking into it I found horseracing wrongs and my life since has been changed forever I thought horse racing could be fixed made safer and it can by all means but I forgot to look at the big picture I’ve been thinkin of things for months to make horse racing safer for the horses and I have some good ideas I think and then I was reminded about the broodmare part and the auction and kill buyer part and relized the only thing that would help horses involved in horse racing would be to end horse racing long and short of it horse racing esentially can’t be changed

  4. Things could be done and should be done,but yes your are correct inevitably horses would still be injured and die a horrible tragic death for an immoral pathetic reason. Horses are not on this earth to please people or any other animal for that matter.

  5. Exactly Billy.
    In order for horse racing to exist the essential elements are:
    1. Over and irresponsible breeding. It takes 9 horses to get 1 stake horse. The other 9 usually end up running for their lives in the claiming ranks.
    2. Whipping/beating in the stretch when the horse is tired and probably sore as well. Despite the public outcry to end whipping in the stretch the industry ensured that the number of beatings were INCREASED as per the recent decision by the CHRB. The current whipping rules are active in some states and virtually non-existent in many other states such as Kentucky which resulted in the champion American Pharaoh getting a public flogging in the 2015 Kentucky Derby. The slave masters need a cruelty tool. The bull hook is one – the whip is another. The whip was used to beat tired African-American slaves during slavery, this whip is now being used to beat another slave – the racehorse. The object of their cruelty is different, but it’s all the same in the end.
    3. Doping. It’s no secret that the ongoing doping of racehorses is necessary in order to cover-up ongoing lameness issues so that their slave can keep running, and generating profit. We see, time and again, multiple drug violating Trainers still training such as Doug O’Neill, Todd Pletcher, Wayne Lucas, Steve Asmussen. These top trainers are revered by the industry and supported by the top, rich owners in the country who are well aware of their drug protocol, and continue to send their slaves to these slave masters. Highly regarded studies by the most respected equine vets in the country have concluded that doping plays a major role in catastrophic breakdowns in horses. So essentially, people who support the dopers know full well that there will be casualties in these barns, and there are a big number of breakdowns in these barns.
    4. Dumping. For top owner/trainers they sole pursuit is the Kentucky Derby and high level stake races. After 3 years, they know if their horse fulfills these expectations. When they don’t, the dumping begins. The dumping also starts after a horse is no longer profitable which usually means their vet bills are exceeding their income. Even their basic upkeep such as feeding, bedding, and training exceed their income, and the dumping into the claiming ranks begins. So many horses end up surviving their breakdown if it isn’t catastrophic which is referred to as a career-ending injury. These horses are usually dumped as well.
    5. Dying. It’s no secret, thanks to Patrick, that racehorses are dying daily all over North America. The facts are posted on this blog, but let’s not forget that many horses die during training hours or after training hours in their stalls which are never reported. Some tracks, like in Kentucky, don’t want to disclose the basics surrounding the death, and do everything they can to not reveal what exactly is going on. In fact, Gulfstream Park in Florida deliberately eliminates race replays of racehorses breaking down and dying. They are now loading racehorses with fractures, whom are in agony, onto the trailer to van them back to the cobwebs of the stable area where they can do the dirty deed of euthanizing them out of the public’s eye. Just another disposable commodity – business as usual.
    Of course the doping records leading up to these deaths are protected by the industry citing privacy laws. The owners could agree to release them, but they never do. It’s one big cover-up. The slave masters must continue to use their slaves for profit or inflamed egos or both.
    All these 5 facts are the necessary hallmarks of this industry in order to operate.
    It doesn’t matter how good somebody is or how good their intentions are this is a despicable slavery ring, cruelty circus, and death camp.

  6. I am glad that the state I live in doesn’t allow horse racing..They don’t have a lottery either but I wish they did…Horse racing and dog racing isn’t fair… Weinner dog racing is okay. :-)

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