“Faltered, Fell, Euthanized”

The Equibase note for 7-year-old Indanameofdafather yesterday at Fairmount (6th): “… faltered just before finishing a half mile, fell, was euthanized and vanned off.”

This pathetic creature was first thrust onto a track way back in 2011 – as a 2-year-old. In all, including his death run, he was put to the whip 55 times.

Please stop betting on animal races.

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  1. This hard gor me to read all theses deaths. I can’t even imagine tge hirse going through it and how inhuman tge person whopping and killing horses must be to do that. Yet no authorities charge them gor crulty to death. The races continues to there death . There’s something wrong when horses have NO rights at all. Sad how there is nothing we can do about it as an individual. This is where people get so angry they riot. Government deaf ears.

    • Great comment.
      You say you can’t imagine what the horses are going through.
      From somebody who has been there while a racehorse is dying (not any of mine) I can assist you with that.
      When a racehorse has a compound multiple fracture which is often the case during a catastrophic breakdown it’s in absolute agony.
      Not sure if you are familiar with horses, but they are silent creatures for the most part.
      Sure they whinny when anticipating feed or brief whinnies communicating with each other, but they don’t cry out in agony like people or pigs do.
      However, many groan loudly and gasp for air while dying. The blood gets soaked up the sand/dirt track very well, but the outline of puddles remain.
      It’s a horrific thing to directly witness.
      As I cradle the dying racehorse in my head, I feel and smell the pain.
      I do everything I can to alleviate it, but the only thing that can is the euthanization that usually follows.
      I’ve witnessed a racehorse break down under the care of top trainer Todd Pletcher at Keeneland back in 2004.
      Not only did Pletcher spare the sight of this racehorse lying in agony (that was left up to his Assistant Trainer), but he wasn’t there for that horse.
      Yet, he was responsible for the horse in his care and the alleged drug cocktail that was in it at the time of the horse’s death.
      Of course none of us can confirm that because the horse racing industry ensures that vet records are kept private. It’s a nice little cover-up they got going on, and they cite legal reasons for it. Of course the owners could authorize the release of those, more than likely, drug cocktails that was in the horse at the time of their death, but SURPRISE the Owners refuse to release the records as well.
      So yet another victim coming from a top Trainer barn doesn’t receive any justice as he lay lying in the dirt.
      Neither the Trainer, the owner, nor the track is held accountable for these despicable acts resulting in the deaths of racehorses.
      So you see it’s an entire group of people either directly or indirectly responsible for racehorses dying.
      From the multimillion dollar owners to their farms, from the top to the bottom, racehorses are not immune to the horrific end that many of them face.
      They are all victims of this despicable cruelty circus, and death camp.

      • Laz Barrera was NEVER there at the backstretch, the kill house when his horses broke down. I’m sure that if Affirmed did, he would be there for the press, owners & his $$$$ going down the drain. I coined the phrase years ago & my friend Diane McEvoy put a picture to it. ” The Holocaust of the Horses” It has since been copied but I don’t care, as long as the word gets out

    • Thanks for sharing the link, Carolyn…and Ms. Ortiz, your comment there was noted :)

  2. Dislike FINALLY from some members of government who, traditionally, has given the rubber stamp to this cruelty circus, and death camp.
    This industry (especially in Ontario Canada) has received unprecedented amounts of taxpayers money, tax breaks, non-transparency, unaccountably, casino money even making live racing events MANDATORY for a casino to operate!
    There is no other business in the history of America or Canada that has received this royal treatment. This industry has never nor will ever employ the same amount of people that small business employ all over this country, collectively, and don’t receive any monetary compensation of this magnitude.
    Nor do they exploit living beings and labor the way that this industry does while they collect billions from wagering, billions from casino money, billions in tax support.
    There are so many racehorses running for their lives in the claiming ranks.
    Most are probably running sore and endure much pain, and suffering for $2 bets.
    They all mean the same, but what I find particularly disgusting is horses like AWAKINO CAT.
    He is one example of many. Go ahead, check out his PP’s – I dare you!
    This MSW 11 year old gelding who made $643,956 is STILL RUNNING!
    He’s now running for his life in $4000 claiming. He’s changed hands many times.
    This dude made over $600,000 and that’s still not enough to secure a grassy paddock.
    These people absolutely disgust me. They are the lowest forms of scum.
    For all you pro-horse racing supporters that have the audacity to come on this blog and defend this blatant cruelty – you are not “good,” you are part of this exploitation cruelty circus, and death camp.
    Go ahead, rescue this poor soul from this despicable industry.
    Poor AWAKINO CAT – I’m so sorry for you. I hope you make it out alive, but if you do I hope you don’t end up at a kill auction.
    The money you made, the money you ran your butt off for, the money that should go to you for a grassy paddock retirement is not assured like so many others.
    This is the dirty truth of horse racing.

    • Absolutely Gina, don’t we know it.
      The horseracing industry “especially in Ontario, Canada has received – unprecedented amounts of taxpayers money, tax breaks, non-transparency, unaccountably, casino money even making live racing events mandatory for a casino to operate”
      Breeders such as Sue Lesile (President of HBPA also OHRIA) and Glen Sikura (President of CTHS also family owned Hill n Dale farms) in both Ontario and Kentucky were largely responsible for encouraging more generous handouts from canadian government.
      Unfortunately, Canada’s horsemeat industry has not shut down YET
      Our current Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, however voted anti-slaughter of horses on the last bill.
      Former P.M. Harper is all for cruelty to horses but recently announced he’s stepping down as member of parliament representing Alberta residents.

      Furthermore, I agree 100% AWAKINO CAT has a good chance of making his few last steps onto a killbuyers truck (maybe, Brian Moore’s as he isn’t too far from Penn National) and ships regularly to Quebec.
      I sure hope to God, he gets to see that grassy paddock retirement instead.

      • Thanks for your comment Jo-Anne.
        Horse racing in Ontario is on the way out.
        There is no government that can justify the continued taxpayer handouts for this unnecessary, cruel, and antiquated business model unless they accept HUGE financial handouts from pro-horse racing people like Wynne did during her election campaign.
        She had to pay the piper – and she did ordering 100 million per year of taxpayers money to her pro-horse racing freinds while having total disregard for people in Ontario working their butts-off to financially support this despicable industry.
        Whether it’s in Ontario or in the U.S.A. the racehorses are dying for $2 bets. That’s a fact.
        Horses like AWAKINO CAT running for his life after making over $600,000 dollars is a disgrace.
        They all become disposable commodities for $2 bets while taxpayers foot the bill – taxpayers that have nothing to do with the exploitation.
        If they conducted a referendum right now in Ontario I bet the MAJORITY of people would vote to END all taxpayer financing to racetracks.
        All it’s going to take is a politician who can’t be bought by these shady pro-horse racing people.
        The same can be said for the U.S. The industry is being propped-up by taxpayer and/or casino money.
        These are life lines to this dying industry that can’t stand on their own.
        It’s very upsetting to think about my Aunt and Uncle who struggled for years in Ontario to ensure that their small business succeeded, and they supported jobs, WITHOUT handouts from anybody. Moreover, they didn’t receive any wagering income nor did they exploit living beings.
        The same could be said for many small/medium sized businesses throughout North America.
        The day is around the corner, and once the financing ends this despicable cruelty circus, and death camp will end.
        I hope it happens in my lifetime, but I’m sure the younger generation will ensure that it ends.

    • We just checked him out! Almost 9 years racing. That`s ridiculous! This horse should be retired and allowed to live with other horses, eat grass, enjoy life as natural horse in a herd environment. This industry should be mandated to provide enough funds to retire all of these poor souls! We once worked on a thoroughbred farm where the manger sent several of the horses to auction, we know they went to slaughter! We YELLED at him the whole way to the yard! The horses were still rideable and sound. They rode like big, slow trucks steered, but many young people would have enjoyed them as they were bomb proof.Those two horses combined had earned greater than $300,000 in 1980 dollars.We always complained and argued with him after that trip about the proper way of handling old horses. At our farm when a horse dies or has untreatable condition we have them properly put to sleep and buried on our farm. We NEVER send to auction where they could go for meat. We also don`t allow them to be rendered out like many do to their horses in our area when they have had to euthanize a horse.

      • My ex worked the track since 13 years old. Became the asst trainer to saddle Affirmed when he won the Triple Crown. Know what? The racetrack stopped giving him benefits, even when he still is training. No more NOTHING! They have NO heart!

      • It was great of both Joan and Fred to voice their concerns over disposable racehorses. It’s a horrific ending for a horse that generates profit in the hands of heartless people.
        If they don’t die on the track then many die at the slaughterhouse.
        This industry is such a horrific business from start to finish not to mention the environmental disaster it creates.

    • Thank you, Gina, for telling us about Awakino Cat. I did, as did Joan and Fred, look at his PP and it’s enough to make a compassionate individual weep. I wonder if he’s already gone – no race since March 3. And you’re correct that there are so many horses like Awakino Cat…horses scattered all over the country, at all different tracks, dropping lower and lower in the claiming ranks until one day, they just simply disappear. Horses like two TB’s that an organization in CA just rescued from auction and have been identified as Strategist and Engineer. If they have been correctly identified, this from their PP’s;

      -Strategist, a 2004 chestnut gelding with 121 starts. Last raced on 3-8-16 at Turf Paradise, finished last of 9. Last owner/trainer of record – Brenda Chappell/Ron Chappell.

      -Engineer, a 2003 bay gelding with 108 starts. Last raced on 1-16-16 at Turf Paradise, finished last of 8. Last owner/trainer of record – Ron Chappell. (Engineer is extremely lame with possible laminitis in all four feet.)

      So the rescue states this on their FB about Ron Chappell; “Please be advised that we have spoken with R. C. his [Engineer’s] former owner/trainer. Engineer and Strategist were sold to what he believed was a good home. He has been distraught upon learning his horses were dumped at a meat auction…”. In addition to their statement about the “distraught” Ron Chappell, they also stated this in one of their comments; “We spoke to his devastated trainer, but he isn’t able to take them back or financially help.” (no financial help…never mind that the geldings had their lives and limbs put at risk for HIS bank account)

      So let’s just buy the story that Chappell is distraught – that the poor guy is shook up that Strategist, who he raced at the age of 12 and Engineer, raced by Chappell as a 13-year-old, ended up at the kill buyer-attended auction. Poor Strategist – obviously frantic and distressed while tied at the auction (the video circulating FB clearly shows this…although, his behavior and actions are much like the widely-viewed video of a racehorse confined in a stall – instead of by a rope – and racing supporters claim the stall-confined, “acting-up” racehorse is just excited and happy) and the suffering Engineer were sold or given away by Chappell to someone who fooled him into believing she was a good home. Oh if I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that tired and worn-out old story. Do these folks not VET these “good homes”? This problem of racehorses getting dumped by the “person posing as a good adopter” is widespread if one believes the claims, so you’d think these owners would LEARN!

      I don’t buy it…but even if I DID, the “sad stories” of the devastated owners who were duped by the buyers of their unwanted racehorses simply incriminate the industry for one of its inherent faults – it sets its horses up for failure and bad endings. There are innumerable racehorses needing homes when they’re no longer able to run and not enough good homes OR rescue organizations to intake them. It’s a fact and no one can deny that. Here, a comment about the situation with Strategist and Engineer by a low-level racing insider; “Many of these horses are sold to…’a good home’ and the next owner or the next owner or the next owner may be the ones that send them to the killer pens”…and she continues; “I have a ‘war horse’ now [and] I am very particular where he goes but you just don’t know when you sell them…you cannot keep them all.” That’s exactly right…but they’re FAMILY MEMBERS, right?…and don’t we all sell our family members when we’re “finished” with them and can no longer “keep” them? (not to mention, we’re “particular” with just certain ones…)

      Such a farce.

  3. One of the things that you can do to help, if you do not already bet is: Support your delegates, senators, politicians who are fighting to decouple. If you have horseracing in your state, find out who your politicians are that support decoupling. Most legislatures are only aware of the money part of it, and are not aware of the sheer number of racehorse deaths and cruelty.. And PLEASE support Patrick on horseracing wrongs. His work to fight this industry is groundbreaking. He speaks with facts that cannot be ignored.

  4. Indanameofdafather, now just deadstock from liveracing like so many others.
    Regarding Gov. Cuomo, maybe his brother, Chris can interview him and ‘the Donald’ on CNN
    They can discuss the horror of blood spills, gambling and casinos
    Yea. “Make America great again”

    Get rid of horseracing!

    • There is do sympathy gir someone who has no empathy. To not be able to feel what the horses is feeling under the whip the rider need yo feel the whip himself to feel empathy. Till then he is notceirthy of sympothy the horse is. Why should a hirse due on the track or at slaughter firvthe financial gains of mankind? There us no punishment fir nan only the suffering of the horses fir having tgst man on its back and fir giving him the trust he doesn’t deserve.

  5. Horse racing needs to go away. We are in the 20th century where people try to make whatever they are racing go faster and faster. Well these are living creatures being exploited for entertainment, not race cars that can be overhauled.

    • Exactly.
      The horse racing culture is one of exploitation, pain, suffering, whipping, doping, dumping, and dying.
      It doesn’t belong in the 21st century.

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