“Got up and two-foot section of his intestines fell out…”

From the Golden Gate Stewards Minutes:

“Euthanized/Died – The Desert Rat. Horse was gelded Wednesday, May 25 and rolled in the stall. Got up and two-foot section of his intestines fell out of the incision.”

“Two-foot section of his intestines fell out of the incision.”

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“The Desert Rat” – yes, that was his name – was two years old and had yet to be raced.

Declaring, as I always do, that these “stall accidents” – as well as other on-site but non-track-related deaths like colic and laminitis – are industry casualties typically provokes indignation from the Racing people. Unfair (and ignorant), they shout. These deaths can and do happen across a variety of equine settings, including in nature. Unfortunate, but don’t blame us; our hands are clean. Well – they’re not.

From his Frankensteinian beginning to his instantaneous enslavement, there was nothing natural about this horse’s life. Every moment of his brief existence on this planet was controlled by men. When you exert that level of dominance over another being, you cannot cry “innocent” when something goes awry. In fact, in this case the death resulted from a procedure meant to make the horse more submissive, more easily controlled – a procedure, by the way, itself an affront to nature.

So you see, “nature,” “happenstance” do not apply here. Racing owns this death – this horrific, likely terrifying death – just as it owned all that was the entity known as “The Desert Rat.” Put another way, horseracing has blood(y intestines) on its hands. Again.

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  1. Desert Rat – the name says it all doesn’t it? This is exactly what many in this industry call a non-profitable, non-performing racehorse only in this case Desert didn’t even have a chance to prove himself.
    He was considered a rat right from the start according to the name. You would think somebody with even one ounce of compassion would think of another name to call their horse. Despicable.
    Racehorses, and rats have more intelligence, compassion, and consideration then these racehorse participants, and supporters will ever have.
    The vet who performed this routine procedure will probably get a slap on the wrist, and go forward. This industry regulates itself. It routinely regulates, and covers the despicable aspects of this industry that is happening on a daily basis: whipping/beating, made to train and/or run on chronic physical issues, doping cocktails legal and perhaps illegal, extreme confinement, dumped into the claiming ranks running for their lives in many cases, dumped at kill auctions, dying on the track, dying in the slaughterhouses, over breeding to fill races, turned into breeding machines when done on the track, etc. etc. The list is long, and so is the killed in action list posted on this blog. These are indisputable facts, and the industry is so far gone they operate under virtual impunity from the law.
    While this industry, participants, and supporters collectively portray a well-construed, well-financed image that all is well in horse racing, that the horses are treated like “royally,” that there are “good” folks in horse racing, etc. etc.
    There isn’t anything good about this cruelty circus, and death camp. Not one thing.
    Don’t think for one moment that racehorses in top trainer barns with multimillion dollar owners makes one difference. It doesn’t.
    In the end, every racehorse is not immune to the mandatory aspects of this antiquated business model. Whether it’s being beaten/whipped, made to train and/or race with ongoing chronic issues, doping cocktails, illegal dope for competitive edge with little compassion for the consequences of doping protocol, extreme confinement, vulnerability to the 10th degree while standing in a stall with needles coming at them, dumped into the claiming ranks running for their lives, standing at kill auctions a hairline away from the perilous journey to slaughter in Canada or Mexico.
    It’s all there, and it’s all part of this cruelty circus, and death camp.
    This ongoing cruelty, abuse, and inhumane treatment of a racehorse is necessary to both grease the wagering wheels to increase wagering income, stoke egos, and to feed a delusion.
    Desert was just one victim of thousands, but it doesn’t make his pain, and suffering any less than any other racehorse.
    This is one post, thanks Patrick, but I saw so many deaths during training hours at all racetracks from the most prestigious to the B tracks – it’s all there.
    Moreover, the private training centers don’t even have to report anything. They operate under a shroud of secrecy. I stalled at the top private training centers in North America, and I witnessed extensive deaths on a daily basis.

    • The vet doing the gelding must have been totally incompetent! What a CRUMMY name to give a horse! We always try to give a horse foaled on our farm a decent/ catchy name that people will enjoy saying to other people when talking about their horse. We have seen MANY horses gelded at other farms done by several vets. None ever had this kind of complication. We have also seen many hernia repairs too without complications including one done on ourselves! Its easier for us though as we will follow doctors orders about not doing hard work.

  2. this unfortunately does happen to castrated stallions sometimes, it is a vet who is at fault here, the incision they use to geld a horse they as routine DO NOT CLOSE IT UP with stitch’s , but occasionally the vet can cut into the stomach lining & the guts just fall out of the hole, this should have been a case where the horse was stitched up after gelding , this can happen on or off the race track , so it has nothing to do with the race track itself but this was a veterinary error that rarely happens .

  3. A “desert rat” is a colloquial term for someone who loves the heat, sand, and sun of the desert and either grew up in a desert city or loves doing the things one can do in a desert city such as off-roading, hiking, swimming, etc. It is not a derogatory term. In no way does the name of this horse signify that anyone thought he was or considered him a rat in the definition you are portraying. I understand the anger and outrage on this site…well, most of it. And I share your anger. But until you have actually been a participant, please don’t judge all of us. Yes, I am heavily involved in the horse racing industry. I have been a judge, an official veterinarian secretary, racing official, horse owner(or rather I’d like to think my horses own me, not the other way around). I have been a groom, trainer, exercise rider, worked for TV networks that show horse racing…you name it, I have done it. Many of the posts you post are true, and heartbreakingly sad. Believe me, I cry all the time about it. But please do not lump all of us involved in the same category. I am not in horse racing for the money, fame, or whatever else you choose to believe. I cry every time a horse gets hurt or dies. Or even just when I think one should be retired even though he is still happy and healthy. I care about each and every one of them. I am still involved in horse racing because I truly do care about these animals, more than I care about most human beings, and if there are not people like me who are willing to hold the bad guys accountable and try to be that change, then I would be an even more horrible person for doing nothing about it at all. I check each and every horse, examine it’s history, know it’s vet and trainer, and previous vet and trainer, check it’s workouts to make sure it is physically fit to compete, check all medical records, etc., etc. I check when a horse is being dropped in price and investigate why and take appropriate action to make sure there is no underlying issue or malpractice. Unfortunately, I can only do this at whatever track I am working on at the time. The amount of drug testing we do and how much it costs would boggle most people’s minds. We drug test more than the Olympics, or any other sport, human or animal, and accept drug levels that are so low, you can barely detect them. Most people take more drugs in a day than they get in a week due to the fact we can see drugs horses were given 2 weeks prior, and sometimes longer out. I am also very active in finding these horses who have selfishly, and without their permission, given their lives to racing, and I know MANY people who’s whole lives are dedicated to this. Unfortunately, in your eyes, racing is not going away. Fading, yes, and for myriad reasons. But would you rather have all bad guys? Or have people like me trying to make what little I can, better. I know better is not what you are looking for. You are desiring total obliteration of racing. But since that can’t be done, just please know that there are people who are doing their best to ensure the safety of these beautiful animals and hold the criminals liable to the best of their ability.

    • Where to begin. First, I believe you are sincere. That said, horseracing is gambling – not a sport, not a tradition. It’s $2 bets. How can even one horse breaking and dying for that be justified? As for your reason for staying in, sorry, if you truly wish to help horses, you should be doing all you can to end this vile business. And make no mistake, the racing-Thoroughbred (Quarterhorse, Standardbred) will go, just as the Ringling elephant, the SeaWorld orca, and the dogracing greyhound are, as we speak, in the process of going. Stand up and be counted (for you have much to offer); in the end, you will be on the right side of history.

      • Anything we relate on your site will ALWAYS be the truth as we have experienced it.At our local tracks MOST all the horse people gamble! We have seen them hopelessly trapped into the cycle of always hoping for the big payoff. They also rely on winning bets to make ends meet due to our being one of the lowest purse racing states in the country. As a result we have been told some of their horses look thin and are in not the best shape. Our state won`t even allow one to be a groom or exercise rider without having a job first! Catch 22 no job , no license!

    • It’s more of a logical atomism than a colloquial term.
      Even then the name still doesn’t reflect what Dessert Rat or any other racehorse goes through for that matter.
      If they really wanted to use colloquial terms, then Cruelty Machine, Disposable Commodity, and/or Profit Slave would be far more appropriate.
      You claim that they are doing their best.
      I suppose increasing the number of times a racehorse can be beaten/whipped when tired and/or sore is doing their best?
      How about denying medical records to follow a racehorse so that invasive procedures are not repeated? Instead, they choose to perform physical lobotomies on these racehorses with no oversight.
      That’s doing your best?
      Or how about the kill auctions that are filled with racehorses who are no longer profitable?
      Oh, I know what your going to say – but, it wasn’t people in the horse racing industry that was responsible for the dumping.
      The multi-billion dollar horse racing industry is collectively responsible for the irresponsible breeding, over breeding, whipping/beating, doping, dumping, dying, turning mares into breeding machines, providing hormone collection companies with mares who live a horrific existence, filling kill auctions, and being a supplier to slaughterhouses.
      This is the dirty world of horse racing where dying for $2 bets is a daily occurrence.

  4. I am not, and will not ever say, that any horse dying is justified. I have not met one person in racing that likens the value of a horse’s life to a $2 bet. It is a broad and not entirely true statement. Most people in the industry don’t even gamble. I am also only one person in a huge industry and I am making the difference where I can and where it counts. I don’t care about being counted or my name being on the right side of history, because I know I already am. I go to sleep beaming with happiness that I helped ensure there were no breakdowns on my watch. I also make myself crazy, and beat myself up and go into deep depression if one does. I wished you understood I am doing a whole lot more for the horses by working in the industry than I could being out of it. If I leave right now and become a complete anti- racing activist, believe me, many more horses will die without me and I am not willing to do that, and according to this site’s mission, neither should any of you ask or tell me, or people like me, I should leave. ( For what? Just to prove that I am truly against it?) You will be posting many more deaths if so, I guarantee you that. I am not willing to leave because there will be even more blood on my hands if I do. You have no idea what I have done and will do, who I have stood up to, who I have been threatened by, but to say I should just leave would be more cruel to the horses than staying and helping those that I can in the here and now, the ones that have no choice, right now, TODAY. I have been following this site for a long time now…and I have always wanted the people on here to know that there are people in horse racing that truly care, perhaps even more than you. That live, eat, breathe, sleep for these horses. I knew what kind of answers I would be met by, because they are all the same. I know I will get the same replies and that I will get frustrated trying to prove my point, just as you will trying to prove yours. But this is not a black and white issue. I wish it was. I wish it was as simple as you all make it sound like. It’s like trying to stop the government…and you see what’s happening in that arena. It will not go away overnight. And maybe, just maybe, if the commenters on here spent the same amount of time and energy researching laws, regulations, contacting politicians, going to city meetings where there is horse racing,etc.,as they spend on online forums voicing how wrong it is, maybe more advancements for your cause would be apparent and working (better). I truly am sincere, when I ask this, but other than forums like this, what do anti-racing activists physically and actually do to stop horse racing wrongs? I am genuinely interested. I know, as one person, I can’t stop it. But I do know I’m walking out the door in a few minutes to make an actual, palpable difference and save some horses lives tonight. I am not trying to argue, be rude, or anything of the like, but seriously, What are all of you doing today…please tell me how many horses lives you will save today…I bet I will save 123.

    • How can a small breeder in our state ever have an ability to fight the cruelty, illegal methods we have seen! We have a FINITE limited amount of funds to work with! It is utterly impossible to fight the rough stock, whip them into submission attitude of the horse people in our state!! We have extensive experiences too. We worked our way through university by being a groom/ exercise rider at the track and breeding farms. As far as testing goes our state does not even do finger print checks anymore! We were told that it cost the state too much money. All the rules don`t mean much when/ if you try to report illegal activities, you are threatened and see others or there horses harmed. We left in 2005 after such an experience.We have been told by prospective buyers of our horses that the same crummy, lousy trainers are still plying their trade in our state who we once galloped horses for.There is no way…. to much money to still be made by people in the industry despite the wild swings in handle. The tax codes for depreciation rules need to be changed! The emphasis is on a fast turn over of breeding, horses in training stock. No emphasis on longevity for the horse. Earlier this year we attended an open house for the introduction of a new stakes winning stallion in our state. The farm owners son was asked what was to happen to all the unsold, at the track by auction mares that were not going to be bred to the new stakes winning sire at their farm. He said they will go to Canada for slaughter!!! These horses showed longevity by having been in MANY races all over the country. That is a rotten end for those horses. Our track also has a terrible breakdown rate because of their racing in the DEAD of winter. We make a difference too by educating people who come to our farm interested in racing our thoroughbreds in our state.We explain to them all the experiences and firsthand knowledge we have. We explain to them until racing eliminates 99% of the abuse and the poor practices as well as the Shock Wave therapy using trainers we have personally witnessed, we don`t want ANY of our horses raced.We have had the experience of having the same sire, same mares off spring race here and accomplish absolutely NOTHING. As soon as we sent them out of state they began to win races!!! One of our horses won at Del Mar! We now realize it is better to place our horses into the hands of young families who want good tempered horses. We take great pleasure in receiving pictures of the young children with their arms wrapped around their new horse!!! If one wants to live in the country of our state you have to show some kind of farm income to retain your farm property status. We have lived in the largest city of our state. We will never live their AGAIN with no control over housing, transportation costs, crime, over crowding there. When we travel through that city we don`t even recognize the place anymore! We were born there!

    • If nothing else you are living a deliberate delusion.
      First of all, don’t dare question me about what I should be doing?
      That question should be proposed to pro-horse racing people like yourself who creates the problem on a daily basis.
      You are all about passing the responsibility, and blame onto everybody else but yourselves.
      You all created this deplorable mess so go clean it up!
      I did the best thing anybody could do – I left.
      I could no longer support the ongoing beating, doping, maiming, dying, and dumping.
      You claim to have worked all these positions then you have either directly or indirectly participated in one aspect of this despicable cruelty circus.
      You have the audacity to defend this deplorable cruelty circus, and death camp?
      You all make me sick – every one of you.
      I can’t wait for the day, whenever that comes, when this industry is shut down.
      Once shut down all this animal cruelty, corruption, and people who support it will sink into one big abyss.
      That day can’t come soon enough for the slaves (racehorses) who are exploited and die on a daily basis for people like you.
      You abet and assist with the disgusting deplorable conditions that these poor horses live in every day.
      You can also throw out your claim that people on this blog know nothing about horse racing.
      You are sadly mistaken.
      Many of us have worked in the industry for years in many different capacities until we could no longer justify or overlook the basis of this industry.
      This is nothing more than a cruelty circus, and a death camp.
      It has for its very basis the exploitation of a defenseless, and innocent racehorse many of whom are DYING for $2 bets.
      There is no amount of caring that changes that. Not from you. Not from anybody.
      If you cared so much about horses then you wouldn’t be in this business.
      Like Patrick has said: you can love horses. you can love horse racing. BUT you can’t love both.
      In the end, all racehorses are vulnerable to any or all aspects of this industry which is beating, forcing them to train while sore, racing them on chronic ongoing lameness issues, doping on a regular basis, confinement, dumping in the claiming ranks where they are running for their lives, dumping at kill auctions, and dying in the slaughterhouse.
      Keep in mind, I’m just addressing the racehorse issues. I haven’t even begun to address the deep-rooted corruption aspect of this entire industry that has a grave effect on the outcome of many racehorse lives.
      These are all necessary aspects of this industry because in order to grease the wagering machine this is mandatory. They can”t carry on this business without these spokes of the wagering wheels.
      Staying in this industry, living the delusion makes you just as bad as the bad people whom you say you stand up to.
      There’s only one way to stand up to them – LEAVE.
      Once you are away from the madness, and once your delusional bubble is broke you will know exactly what I mean.

      • From your post, it appears you did not read mine. I can’t make you read my post and respond intelligently to it, although I had high hopes that someone would. No where did I say I support it. I work in it because it is the only way, at this moment, to help the horses in anyway. Did you walking away save horses’ lives? NO. I didn’t tell you what you should be doing, like you are telling me. I was merely asking what you are doing. Your words and accusations to me really break my heart. My only delusion was to think that if I could show you that I see your side, you would see mine and maybe meet somewhere in the middle so the people that care, which I thought was all of us here, could actually figure out a solution. And I am defending the horses that race on my track more than you are. Like I said…I am at work, (not for the money, because believe me, I barely make a living), and I will have been an actice participant in saving horse lives today, at least 100 of them. And I ask again, what are you doing to do that? Just because you aren’t “supporting” the industry, is that stopping horses from dying? No. If all the people that care get out of the industry, horses will still die, and much more of them. I guess that is what you want in order to prove you point.

      • How did I defend it? I stated from the very beginning I participate. You’re telling me to go clean it up, and I am doing everything in my power to do that. But then you tell me to walk away. Which is it?

    • I agree with you jess in that horse racing is like fighting the government with that said I’m sure you can understand why these people left listen to them they tried to fight the fight stand up for what’s right try n do right by their animals and as much as they tried change never happened you might be saving horses daily and I deeply comend and respect that but the problem at hand is that it exists its never ending for you because of that reason change is what’s needed but change doesn’t happen in horse racing for the horse what could you possibly change to make it safe for the animal they experience eiph 90 percent of horses supposedly they are treated with a medication the takes away dire things a mammal needs to do what they do water calcium and potassium with noted side effects that all horses will experience different add in the fact they are whipped or encouraged while fatigued and exerting maximum effort on top of the fact that if something does happen ie horse breaks down falls whatever what do you say 75 percent of injuries are incurable and result in euthanasia due to the nature of their compition some are euthanized because lack of funds or simply because they wouldn’t be able to be competitive in racing add in the fact they have no choice in matter of anything that happens to them I would have to say horse racing is the shitiest thing I’ve came across in my life that’s why I will never support it it’s unethical practice to a compassionate animal no matter how much you love them I do stand up for you jess I’m not I. The industry won’t be ever I commend you for what you do but until it ends its a never ending battle it is fighting the government so here’s my question to you cause I’m not one to just rant and do nothing I’m a 31 year old construction worker that lives close to the track I have an average life and an average income for that matter I don’t own my own house I have an apartment nice place but not mine so I question what can a man like myself do.I’m not sure.I did try for months to be in contact with the trainer/owner of a horse I follow finally did the other day found out she’s been retired there is another horse I follow I went to the track and asked the lady with the horse ( not sure who she was I know it wasn’t the trainer) how long they plan on racing this horse and what their plans are she had no answer didn’t know that horse races again on June 8th I’m going back to the track to ask the same question there is another horse I follow that when he races again I’m going to do what I can to prevent it I have called numerous commissions about numerous horse and got the same fucking stupid answer “we leave it up to the trainer” I as you am doing what I can for what it’s worth and if that means educating myself to the best of my ability from all sources. I possibly can and sharing that I don’t see the problem do you have any advice of what a man like myself could do I struggle with this answer daily keep doing what you can jess that is why were all here.

  5. Jess save your breath these people are not going to give you any respect. I’ve tried waste of time.

    • David, I have book offers.
      Yes, I should finish the book that I’ve started writing a long time ago. Your right about that.
      I don’t want to pass on any negative feelings whatsoever just because you are pro-horse racing.
      You are a voice for the industry – I’m a voice for the racehorse.
      Instead of expending energy to defend this industry, and all the horrific consequences, unintended or otherwise, you should all be defending the racehorses.
      In order to defend the racehorses, you can’t support the business.
      It’s just not possible.
      Like Patrick said: you can love racehorses. you can love horse racing. you can’t love both.
      I don’t harbor bad feelings towards any one of you, but I do get sickened by people who claim to love racehorses by upholding this business model of beating/whipping, doping, dying, and dumping. One or all aspects of these facts are necessary in order for this business to continue whether you are caring or not.
      To really make a difference, you need to stop supporting these atrocities and start putting your energy into educating people on the truths that you witness every day as a participant in this cruelty circus, and death camp.
      All the best to you and the delusions that pro-horse racing people seem to have.

  6. Ok. Well, I guess no one can answer my sincere questions. I am sorry to have upset anyone and wasted your time. I wish you the best in whatever you are trying to do here, but I am going to go back to my job and (try) to make a real difference, instead if wasting my time with people with so much hate and anger it’s impossible to have an intelligent conversation.

    • We save our horses lives foaled on this farm by NOT having them race in our state. We have tried to go to the authorities, only to be threatened or have the remark made ” if you want to race/ train your horses here you will do as your told and never talk to the inspector” That lone inspector was a very lonely individual! NO ONE ever even gave him the time of day, let alone report anything.That is why we changed the focus of our selling of our young thoroughbreds. You did not waste our time, it is always appreciated to hear another persons views, but one has to be realistic of the racing environment of the state your located in.Good that you had the resources to stand up for whats right , but not every small breeder has that capability. Also at our tracks ,both fair meets and the recognized ones, almost all horse people here gamble! Security, grooms, owners, riders, trainers. When there not playing the horses they are playing every combination of poker you can imagine either at the track kitchen or the track tack shop.Were the ONLY ones who did not gamble, drink, smoke or carouse around. We were just interested in riding/ training our horses in a fair, honest way.

    • The obvious point that you delusional people seem to consistently miss is that there would be no dead horses, no breakdowns, no over breeding, no corruption, no doping, no delusions if this cruelty circus, and death camp would shut down.
      There would also be no people like you who defend this inhumane treatment of a racehorse and then justify it by portraying yourself as a savior and hero.
      Just think – you wouldn’t have to blame people like me who don’t create the mess and then expect us to clean it up.
      Go ask your multimillion dollar horse racing industry to take care of their own. Heck, they don’t even give decent wages to people who take care of the horses which you acknowledge.
      There’s only one difference that is needed and that’s for this cruelty circus and death camp to shut down.

      • I will ask you, for the third time, Gina….how do you suggest we shut this circus down and what are you doing to aid in that shut down? And what are you doing for the horses until that glorious day comes? Please just answer the question instead of making yourself appear very ignorant and heartless. Please answer and tell me and people like the gentleman who is asking what he can do…what are you doing other than sitting on the computer saying it needs to be shut down? I think we have all established that, repeatedly. What actions are you taking…if you cannot answer that very simple question then that is scary that horse racing only has the caliber of people like you to help shut it down.

    • jesslighthill…I’ve really tried to read through all of your posts carefully and thoughtfully. There is so much, and the only way to address even some of what you’ve stated is to list some of your thoughts/statements…but I’m certain I will still not address everything you bring issue with those of us here;

      -“But until you have actually been a participant, please don’t judge all of us.” No one needs to participate in any animal-exploitive industry to concede it exploits. I don’t need to work in the circus, at SeaWorld, in a puppy mill…nor in the horse racing industry. That being said, there are a number of us who support the horses who HAVE worked within the confines of the industry in one manner or another and have therefore witnessed the abuse and exploitation first-hand.

      -you mentioned you have held the “bad guys” accountable and have held “criminals liable”…can you explain how you have done that and what were the specific results of doing such?

      -in checking horses, their histories, their medical records, their workouts, etc, you mention you take “appropriate action to make sure there is no underlying issue”…can you explain this “appropriate action”?

      -“We drug test more than the Olympics, or any other sport, human or animal” – where are those policies/ guidelines with which you make that comparison?

      -“Most people take more drugs in a day than they [racehorses] get in a week”…again, jess, you are stating this as if it is documented fact – and that is an impossibility for you or anyone to have knowledge of that. I can only say that if I were to use my own family and close friends as “most people”, what you stated is, in fact, an untruth. And in making statements such as this one, it appears you are trying very hard to defend the industry.

      -“But would you rather have all bad guys?” I don’t have to choose…there is no need to have even ONE “bad guy” in an industry that doesn’t possess a single purpose to exist.

      -I find it interesting that you haven’t met one person who devalues a horse’s worth to that of a $2 bet…I met and knew many. There were a good number who considered their value at what the kill buyer was currently paying, but there were most definitely some who exclaimed “he isn’t worth anything to me”.

      -“You will be posting many more deaths if so [if you leave the industry], I guarantee you that. I am not willing to leave because there will be even more blood on my hands if I do.” – what a horrific industry you are defending…“many more deaths”…why in the HELL would anyone feel it needs to continue…that is incredibly disturbing…

      -and the “threatening” and “more cruelty” [to the horses] if you leave? Again, what incredible incrimination of the racing industry! MORE cruelty. Sickens me that there is any…

      -“But this is not a black and white issue” – absolutely it is. There is nothing grey about abuse and cruelty. There IS a right and a wrong when it comes to treating animals cruelly, a right and a wrong regarding abuse. NO middle ground. NO grey areas.

      -“I wish it was as simple as you all make it sound like.” There’s nothing simple about shutting down a multi-billion dollar gambling industry and you’ll need to point out where that was said by supporters here…again, you’re stating an untruth because we all realize there is NOTHING simple about it. And although you’ve called us (at least some of us) cowards, there is certainly nothing cowardice about standing for the horses of this industry and having a constant barrage of hateful things said about us. Actually, that makes me chuckle a bit because we are so often called “haters” when it is truly the other way around.

      -This statement of yours was really something …“And maybe, just maybe, if the commenters on here spent the same amount of time and energy researching laws, regulations, contacting politicians, going to city meetings where there is horse racing,etc.,as they spend on online forums voicing how wrong it is, maybe more advancements for your cause would be apparent and working (better).” Didn’t you also say this? – “You have no idea what I have done and will do”…yes, you did. So….YOU claim to know what we do with our time (and according to you, we just spend time on “online forums”) but you bellow “You have no idea what I have done”! How arrogant.

      -You also stated “I know, as one person, I can’t stop it.” Absolutely. So you will continue to fill 5-gallon buckets of discarded racehorses from a raging waterfall of them as long as this industry continues.

      -And you also won’t “fix it”. Industry insiders pleaded for a captain of the rudderless ship [national oversight of the self-policed horse racing industry] at the 2008 Congressional hearing on the drugs and breakdowns in TB horse racing and when doing so, one exclaimed he had been begging for 25 years. This was an insider with wealth and power…yet he was powerless to produce change. Now industry members are fearful of the public’s “perception” having a convincing influence on the future of horse racing – and they should be. Just like the exposure of SeaWorld’s treatment of their enslaved orcas and the subsequent negative impact it brought, the spotlight of Horseracing Wrongs and other forums like it are slowly but surely chipping away at an already fading and antiquated industry.

      -finally, this…“But I will not be bullied, and grouped or labeled by someone who does not know me, because I am not doing that to any of you…no matter how crazy and unintelligent you all are coming off.” Read that, jess…carefully. Better yet, I’ll shorten it up for you – “I am not labeling any of you crazy and unintelligent people”.

      • Thank you, Joy, for the first intelligent post that actually addressed my questions. I do appreciate it, finally, and will try to get back and address your points as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I just got home from work where myself and many others helped (albeit little), 123 racehorses to safely make it through a night of racing with no fatalities or injuries. That is 123 horses that may have died, so in the scheme of things, to me, that is something positive amidst all the horrible. The sun is almost rising and I have not slept since Friday because work, so please forgive me as I need to sleep.

  7. And just one more thing. LEAVING is the act of a coward, someone who is not strong or smart enough to stand up to wrong doers. In NO way is leaving a way to stand up to someone or something that you loath or disagree with. Leaving is for the weak, and those that want to place blame on others instead of actually doing something. Leaving should have been, to all of you who used to be in the industry, should have been a non-option. How dare you leave the helpless horses to fend for themselves. You can’t change a thing when you leave.

    • We are most certainly not COWARDS! We had the necessary guts to ride a horse at 38+mph on the track time after time while NOT being ever PAID! Every horse we place into the hands of horse loving families and another year we survive in operation without state breeders subsidy of foal registration is a victory! Many small breeders such as ourselves have gone bankrupt here because they relied on the racing model of the #`s game. One of our horses won at Del Mar several years ago at 69/1 odds. That would have never happened in our region of the country. We sent our horses away at TREMENDOUS cost and sorrow trying to provide them an honest opportunity which was not possible in our state. So.. we fight on with a complete change in focus for our farm. We wish you well with your future racing, BUT, be careful, there are many really evil people out there in racing. Most all the good people we knew have left the industry. They are driving gravel trucks, working in maintaining buildings, and in printing trades like one jockey we knew who got out, while he still could gain training in another industry that was safer to his health. He now makes more monies easier than when he was riding as well as having better benefits too. Same goes for the Elmer who now works for an assisted care home maintaining the facilities.

      • It’s not incumbent upon people, who don’t support this cruelty circus, to rescue the horse racing industry from their despicable acts.
        It’s incumbent upon the industry to change themselves which they have never or will never do because their entire basis to operate is based on the exploitation of an animal including: whipping/beating, doping, maiming, dying, and dumping to name just a few.
        In order for this industry to operate those aspects are necessary. So in order to justify, and cover-up the ongoing cruelty, and abuse they must fool the public and people like you into thinking otherwise.
        This is called a deliberate delusion – one in which you have succumbed to.
        It’s not incumbent upon people to rescue the thousands of discarded racehorses standing at kill auctions or in the kill box waiting for a captive bolt to the head.
        This unwanted thoroughbred problem has been created by the industry, and continues to be created since they must over breed in order to fill races.
        The sole purpose of breeding a racehorse is to fill races, increase wagering income, and to make somebody some money or stoke their egos. After this they are considered disposable commodities.
        I hate to burst your bubble, but their is nothing you can do to change this – nothing.
        The most effective way to shut down this industry is to shut-off their finances by:
        1. Passing the Decoupling Act throughout North America.
        2. Cancel the Interstate Horse Wagering Act.
        3. Don’t watch or wager on horse racing.
        4. Educate children and the public.
        Now, I must go to the farm and take care of my racehorse Wolfie who was weighed down on a consistent basis at Woodbine (people were charged after the investigation), messed up his Lasix needle with another substance to alter the outcome of the race, intimidated me to the 10th degree because Wolfie was a Grade I stake horse that they made sure was a upper Allowance level horse only, dumped him, and then I rescued him. The aftercare program didn’t give me one dime. In fact, they were too busy rescuing horses from the Board Members that made 6 figure salaries. Then after I’m finished taking care of Wolfie, I will then give some attention to the other 3 OTTB’s that we rescued from a local kill auction.
        Have yourself a nice day.

    • Leaving is an act of compassion. Only a coward stays in the cobwebs of this despicable industry unable to change the foundation of its daily operations such as whipping/beating, doping, dying, and dumping.
      A coward takes an innocent, defenseless, voiceless racehorse and beats it when its tired and/or sore. A coward holds a defenseless horse as it gets repeatedly injected with dope to cover-up ongoing chronic issues which is a common practice in every race stable, a coward knows that the horse is sore, but convinces themselves that the horse can run sore, a coward places blame on everybody else but themselves, and the industry for the despicable acts they commit on racehorses every day in order to fill races and increase wagering income.
      Being a coward, for me, is a non-option.
      Standing up, being a voice for the racehorse, not protecting, supporting or participating in the abuse is anything but being a coward.
      We are making changes – big changes by educating people about the truth of this industry.
      By staying, you are the coward especially when you watch racehorses die and you have the audacity to defend the deaths!
      Evidently, being beaten when sore or tired, dying, and being dumped is okay by you cowards.
      Well it’s not okay with me.

      • Who am I blaming?? Trying to have a rational conversation with you that makes any sense seems futile with you. You are not answering my sincere questions, and you are accusing me, someone you have never met and do not know, of horrendous things that I do not do or feel. I have begged you to show some rationality and answer my questions so that we may have an open, productive dialog to hopefully find some sort of solution that could help the horses, NOW. You keep saying shut it down. I’ve heard you know I think a dozen times. That unfortunately is not happening so we need to move to the next best option and realize we live in the real world, which is unfortunately cruel. You obviously don’t want to work with a person that wants the same thing as you, which is the saddest part of this whole thing. Please do not respond to any more of my posts unless you want to answer my questions and have a reasonable, logical discussion about something that is obviously important to both of us. If you would ever like to speak on the phone and promise you can be polite and respectful, I would be more than willing and happy to hear anyone’s suggestions or actions that you think would help and are within realistic boundaries. I have not heard anything from this group except that it needs to be shut down. Like I said, we seem to all agree on that point so there is no sense arguing with me about something I’m not even disagreeing with you about. It does not look too bright. But I will not be bullied, and grouped or labeled by someone who does not know me, because I am not doing that to any of you…no matter how crazy and unintelligent you all are coming off.

    • As I suspected, you, Jesslighthill, have portrayed yourself as a do-gooder in the industry. Yet you remain in the industry witnessing the inexcusable cruelty inflicted upon these horses – the drugging, the 23 hours a day confinement, the whipping, the electrical devices, being forced to workout and race when sore and/or carrying pre-existing injuries, inhumane living conditions, inadequate veterinary care, the list of these animals’ sufferings is endless! You know very well that the mistreatment of these horses will continue, you can have yourself on but you’re not having me on.

      Calling people who leave the industry cowards and your most recent comment to Gina, tells me what an extremely rude person you are. You are a classic example of the sick culture in the racing industry. And why do your contradictory comments remind me of the likes of Debolivascurtis, Laura Mohr et al?

      • Have you read what she has been saying to me? Again, for the 4th time, I am merely asking for answers to my questions, that is all. And still, no one can or you are for some reason refusing to. You are all ganging up on me, which is sad and petty, but ok. I have said nothing even remotely rude in comparison to what has been said to me. Yes, I have been completely honest from the very beginning and admitted I do witness horrible things, and I am doing everything in my power to ease the pain and help these horses. I’m truly sorry I cannot convince you of that. You can keep listing all the horrible things that we all know happen, but Listing them again and again and again is not making them going away! Again, I plead with you to tell me, other than leaving the industry and abandoning the horses that are literally in front of me, what would you have me do. I have been nothing but open and willing to suggestions, and yet you all refuse to give me any ideas that can actually help these horses in the here and now, that don’t have the time to wait til horse racing is abolished. I asked politely not to be bullied and blamed and called a bad person, because I am not, and I am not doing that to you. If I said something contradictory then please quote me and provide evidence. Please, can someone on this forum answer my questions. Just because I am not willing to leave these horses means I support or condone any of the bad things that happen to them. Please, re-read my posts. It appears as though none of you have, and only like to repeat things that are not providing any solutions, and like I said many posts previous, I am wasting my time trying to work with people who obviously don’t want to work with anyone unless they have the exact same opinions and angry demeanor. Bullying people who are trying to help and are adamantly, consistently, repeatedly saying they agree with you on most points is not the way you are going to stop horse racing. You are pushing away a person who could actually one day be in a position to further your agenda.

      • I am not familiar with the people you are likening me to, and I’m not claiming to be some hero, but I am just one person trying to do as much good I can in a world of horrible things and people. I will ask politely again, if you cannot add something positive or productive to what I have asked, and you cannot show kindness or respect, please do not reply to me. It is unnecessary and a waste of my time, your time, and most importantly, the horses time. Peace.

    • And you obviously can’t change a thing by staying in either what changes have been made to this sport to make it safer for the horses what changes have you personally made I thought I could give you benefit of the doubt that we all here on this site are here for the same reason have the same views that inheritidly horse racing is wrong how dare you come here and call people cowards and ask a question that even yourself can’t answer people that have devoted and changed their life for this cause it is quite sad you choose to be kind of ignorant to the people that stand for the same as you and just for your information every person on this site has agknowleded me kindly has answered every question I have ever had people like joy Aten who took the time to read my personal emails give me the time of day and respond on her own time and own will for a person she doesn’t know people such as Patrick who took the time the first day I found this site to take the time to make a post simply because of my asking to do these people here have done everything and keep doing everything to stop this I thought we all stood together in this matter with people in the industry with words and actions such as yourself it speaks volume of why there is no change tell me this what changes have been made for the horse to flourish in this sport for their safety every single sport has gone to great lengths to ensure safety for its competitor except horse racing I mean what can you do to make it safer for a group of 1000 lb animals that are running at maximum speed giving maximum effort while 90 percent suffer from eiph are givin a drug to combat this which doesn’t work a percentage of the time and add to fact that when an injury is sustained it is say what 75 percent incurable because of either the inability to fix the animal the owner doesn’t have the money to fix the animal or is simple euthanized because it would not have a racing future no I will never stand or support anything of this sort with a competitor that essentially has no say in the matter I urge you to consider why we are all here and what we all stand for and why and if you are against it you should stand with us good day

      • I’m ignorant, but you can’t spell or use punctuation in a way that is comprehensible. As I stated in my previous post, I thanked Joy for her response and said I would address it, as well as you questioning what I have actually done personally to make a difference, after I get some sleep from staying up almost 3 days straight making sure 123 horses were sound and healthy to race today because it’s the least I can do, and having someone else less qualified or who doesn’t care do it, would be an even bigger crime in my book. I guess in your books, that is me doing something wrong and horrible. Either way, I will reply after getting some sleep and taking care of my own animals. I will gladly address your previous post as well asking me advice on what to do with the horses you were interested in, but perhaps you can rephrase it with periods in between the one huge run-on sentence so that I can better understand what you are saying and answer accordingly. Good night.

      • How low can you go, jesslighthill, insulting Billy Yiengst for a few spelling mistakes and punctuation? What a shallow mind you must have – it’s what’s in people’s hearts and minds that are important and what Billy had to say was inspiring and i’m grateful to him.

        • A few mistakes? Are we reading the same post? When I am here earnestly asking him to be a little clearer with his thoughts because it is like trying to decipher a kindergarteners writing, and so that I may address him as thoughtfully as I can, you’re going to criticize me for that as well. Anything I post on here, no matter if I told you I love you all and have the answers, will be met with disrespect and negativity, and that does nothing to help the horses. I am pointing out the mere, in-your-face facts, people. Unbelievable. I did not call him names, I was not rude, I merely asked him if he could rephrase his thoughts in a more inteligble way. I’m done with the mean-spirited, ignorant, and unrealistic folks on here. If you want to continue bashing me, you have my name, look me up, ane have at it. You don’t want me here, obviously, even though I want to help, so I will remove myself. I’m not helping any of you, and you most definitely are not helping me or any of the horses. Just because I don’t see 100% eye to eye with all of you, and am handling a bad situation with what I feel is compassion, love, and strength, didn’t mean you had to make us enemies. That is not why I came here, but it is why I am leaving. Good luck with your cause….horse racing is not going anywhere for a long time, so in the views of many, you are all part of the problem, not the solution. I’m sure all the 123 racehorses that raced at one single track yesterday appreciate whatever the hell you are doing for them. As for Billy and Joy, like I promised, I will get back to you via another channel. Best of luck, you need it.

    • ‘jesslighthill’:

      Your grotty assault upon someone’s grammar would be quite chucklesome but for the graveness of the subject matter under consideration.

      It betrays an essentially ferine nature that is less noble than the very equines you claim to care so much about.

    • Jesslightill, I know of several horses that desperately need help. What can you do for Jill’s Reflection, Shamrock Road ? And as you know,there are so many others waiting for help that never comes while they descend in the claiming ranks which is the core of this sorry business. Unfortunately, I’m not wealthy, like so many in this business, or I would claim many of them.

      PS My only involvement in racing is the seven I managed to get before they were, killed, crippled or dumped into the slaughter pipeline.. And you know well that is the fate of these horses. What do you think happens to the horses at “your ” track once they are “finished” racing, provided you are able to ensure they come back safely every time they start ?

    • Jesslightill, I know of several horses that desperately need help. What can you do for Jill’s Reflection, Shamrock Road ? And as you know,there are so many others waiting for help that never comes while they descend in the claiming ranks which is the core of this sorry business. Unfortunately, I’m not wealthy, like so many in this business, or I would claim many of them.

      PS My only involvement in racing is the seven I managed to get before they were, killed, crippled or dumped into the slaughter pipeline.. And you know well that is the fate of these horses. What do you think happens to the horses at “your ” track once they are “finished” racing, provided you are able to ensure they come back safely every time they start ?

  8. GOOD QUALITY this horse was, according to equibase.com, bred by Danny M Brown and Donna B Brown and owner was Maggi Moss until April 30, 2015 when claimed for $15,000 by Randy Wientjes his current owner/trainer. It appears that Maggi Moss raced this horse with Thomas Amoss, as trainer, for 7 starts with this racehorse earning about $28,700 during those starts. Why would one get rid of a horse that had been doing well, averaging $4,000 per start at that stage? Did he have a health issue? This horse commenced racing as a 2 year old and apart from his first start the remainder of his races (to date) have been in the insidious Claiming races – up for sale, not unlike used cars. After he was claimed he did not race for about 12 months. Under new owner/trainer, he resumed racing at Keeneland on April 8, 2016 and came home 12th/12 last by 21.5 lengths, chart stated “brief speed then retreated”. Next start on June 5, 2016 at Churchill Downs he came home 8th/8 last by EIGHTY-FOUR (84.5) LENGTHS, chart stated “was done early and eased down the lane”. Something very wrong for a horse to be done early in a race. The question has to be asked “What did the vets find?”

    Will the racing authorities permit GOOD QUALITY to race again when it is more than obvious that this horse (apart from being uncompetitive) has a health issue? If they do, they will be commiting an act of aggravated cruelty upon an animal, in my opinion.

    • Thank you Carolyn. This is very troubling news. My constant prayer is for the complete shutting down of Horse racing. It is slave labor. It is total abuse.

      AS you know. ALL Horse Racing is an act of aggravated cruelty.

  9. Please excuse my spelling and also my grammer. I know fist hand it is terrible when I had the chance to learn in in school I wasted that time doing other things that I thought were more important. I am not a writer or a professional man so please dearly excuse my ignorance. I apologize for being a hater or rude to you. You came on here and were not so polite to the people who have gone to great lengths to help me in my quest and have stood up for these animals in every way they could. I do not wish for you to leave jess hill people like yourself who are in a much better position. Then myself to make change I have nothing but the up most respect.my grammar sucks my spelling is not much better I do appologize dearly for that.I’m not interested in English class for that matter at this point of my life for there is minimal benefit at this point. I do appreciate you very much jess hill for what you do for the horses that’s all I’m personally trying to do that is my only concern, I like many people don’t agree with this horse racing at all and am trying to my best with the position I’m in think how tough it is for a regular plain Jane person like myself to help in this matter.I’m looking for education and advice on how to make a difference how to be there for these animals when the people that should be aren’t that is all I am here for.thank you much for acknowledging my post and giving me the time of day. I sincerely try to make my post as clear as possible please do not fault me for my lack of knowledge in the English language.thank you very much for what you are trying to accomplish I commend that to the fullest.and one last thing you can’t insult someone because of their view you have no right to be judgemental on what anybody has done to accompish our same goal. anything is something correct. My apologizes on the grammar I hope we can have a mutual understanding of eachother.and I have given you the benefit of the doubt and will always treat you with the highest respect I can by all means until you come on here and say certain things to the very people that have been there for my every problem regarding this matter I will not tolerate that. I wish you a good sleep jess hill sure sounds like you need it clear your head some come back with an open mind and remember it’s not about any of us it is simply about the horses that is the only reason we are all hear because we care greatly just like yourself. I reside close to penn national I hope you understand after reading that why I’m so bothered by horse racing. Thank you much for your time

    • Billy- Hey, don’t worry about your grammar, you are doing great. If attacking your grammar is what it comes down to, then I assume what you have to say is making those in the industry uncomfortable. And what you have to say matters. My grammar is not the best, and I am not well written as I would like to be. But my voice matters, too. Mistakes in grammar, does not take away, and void one’s voice against the cruelty of this industry. So together, lets keep speaking up and out…bad spelling and all!

  10. The racehorses can’t spell, nor can they speak, or defend themselves.
    Yet, they have bigger hearts than anyone of you who are exploiting their weaknesses just like you attack a man for his lack of writing skills.
    It just shows how heartless you people are, but that comes with the territory when you are part of the exploitation, but justify it by saying your helping the horses.
    We’ve heard that on this blog time and time again.
    The only way to truly help them is to shut this business down.

    • We are all here for one reason and one reason only.for these horses that have no voice or say in their life controlled by humans. Every facit of these animals lives are controlled by humans. these animals are at our mercy 24/7 for the duration of their lives we as people have a serious responsibility to that. Period. I could really care less what someone has to say about me or my lack of writing skills for that matter. This is not a personal matter by any means and shouldn’t be made one WE ARE HERE FOR THE HORSES THATS ALL THAT SHOULD BE BROUGHT UP HERE.

    • Thank you Gina for all the work you do rescuing these most generous creatures that still have the spirit sometimes to protest their conditions at the track. We always appreciate your writing of your experiences, horrific, they maybe. Just because an individual may not be the best writer does not mean anything. It is where the heart/ mind is that`s important! We have ridden a thoroughbred named This Tune Rocks who because his trainer was to slow getting him tacked up we had to enter the track through the OFF gap. 5 year old Rocky still had enough spirit left to protest going through the wrong way to enter the track! We NEVER used a whip on any the horses we galloped ever.We did not even carry one! That poor horse was terribly abused with joint injections in his left/ nearside knee. Most of the time he was dead lame at a walk but remarkably could gallop reasonably well on the track. We always galloped him as slowly/ gently as we could while most of the other horse people just laughed! We were not afraid of him breaking down despite the fact he was at least17 hands tall. We felt sorry for him being in the hands of that crummy, corrupt trainer and his wife. We tried to ride him as easy as possible. We even spoke to the owner and told him the horse needed time off as he was not competitive at all. But unfortunately he was a hopeless gambler who earned his monies cleaning scores of stalls and also raced horses. The trainers would race his horses for FREE if he would clean a dozen stalls daily for them.Davie was the only man who came and visited us after our devastating experience on May 10th, 2004 at 9:58am. His brother Elmer is the one who rescued us with our horse.Took us to be treated.Elmer is also the one who told our family repeatedly “never return to the devil`s den of iniquity, full of evil people, that you can`t trust anyone” After Elmer left with his newlywed wife on the last day of June 2005, that`s when we stopped going to the track. We no longer felt personally safe after threats made to our person by a trainer as well as private track vet. We sincerely hope that lousy, filthy, leaky roof circuit dump of a facility closes down soon. It has gone bankrupt several times in its 50+ year history! But our state keeps propping up the industry by having FREE registration of foals financed trough a Hub based tax instead of out of competition, unannounced, comprehensive testing on all horses brought to the track. Our horse we brought was the CLEANEST horse ever to gallop at their track with the cleanest rider, ourselves,. we would wager on!

      • Your experiences are common place sadly. Thanks for sharing them Joan and Fred Booth.
        You had choices to leave, and you did – good for you both.
        The racehorses have no choices, they can’t leave.
        Their lives, like Billy stated, are controlled by the humans that exploit them.
        This is the horrific world of horse racing.

      • Thank you, Joan and Fred and Gina…what a heavy load of heartaches all three of you carry…

  11. I had been in this industry for over twenty years. Caring, speaking up, vetting my anger, bringing horses to the vet in post parade, telling trainers their horse I galloped that morning was sore, tears of frustration watching horses run on a snapped leg, only to watch them snap the other off, and then keep trying to run on their knubs of knees. Watching horses I cared about drug, and loaded into the gait after trying to refuse to load, and then break down in that race. Watching time and again, trainers ruled off for infractions, hire a program trainer and carry on, and everyone knowing this. Told to keep horses away from the vet in post parades, watching trainers retain their license’s after drug infraction after infraction. I could go on and on…
    There’s not a damn thing I could change. No, because caring in the industry does nothing. I could stay, and not one horse would be safer because of it. But know I’m gone from that life. And those I support have the power to make changes, including decoupling. Trust me…real change is coming

    • Thanks for sharing 20+ Insider.
      Like you, I witnessed it all.
      I agree with everything you say.
      Caring does nothing because in the end this is a gambling business that exploits horses to fill races, and increase wagering profit.
      The horses are always secondary to that prime motivating factor despite the industries carefully construed image that it’s otherwise.
      Participants of the industry convince themselves that the horses are first, they care, and that they make a difference.
      They don’t make a difference because no amount of caring prevents the hallmarks of this industry: whipping/beating, doping, training/running a horse sore, dumping, maiming and/or dying.
      As for decoupling?
      There is every indication that it will probably start in Florida, and continue throughout many states. This will effectively, and not soon enough, end Racinos as we know it.
      It’s now known that the financing from casinos raised purse money considerably and there was a direct correlation to the increase of catastrophic breakdowns as seen in New York State.
      Moreover, casinos are fed-up with supporting an industry who rarely operates in the black. The casinos are financing the Titanic with racehorses dying at unprecedented rates.
      This must stop, and in order to stop it Decoupling must be passed.

    • Thank you 20yr+…the same goes for you as it does for Joan, Fred and Gina…heartbreaking memories that will never leave your heart and mind. I’m sorry for the horses, and I’m sorry that you, too, carry those horrific memories with you.

      • Thanks Joy.
        We all had the compassion to leave.
        What I find so disturbing is that participants, and supporters watch this horror play out on a daily basis, and still go back!
        Either a piece of their heart and/or brain is missing.
        The most disturbing of all is the people who come on this blog to defend this cruelty circus, and death camp.
        How can anybody justify the ongoing abuse, and deaths of innocent racehorses?

    • We sure hope so! We can hardly wait. We appreciate reading of your insights and experiences.

  12. Who is this person who has done so much for the horses? And what exactly is her/his job confronting nameless individuals in behalf of the horses. Pardon me but if it wasn’t so sad I would laugh.
    When all else fails let’s be critical of spelling and punctuation, the grammar police arrives to make the writer feel inferior. Is the content what counts. Your lies are so pathetic is beyond stupidity for jess to even bother wasting the time trying to be a HERO whose presence saves horses lives. If you really wanted to help at all you would leave. Sorry, I don’t believe a word that you spew. Self serving and gutless.

    • Well said Sybilyne.
      I have a Master’s Degree in Linguistics with a specialty in English.
      That said, I often break the grammar and spelling rules while writing.
      Sometimes it’s necessary to do so in order to transpire heart into words.
      My passion is so strong that my heart often talks not my technical writing skills.
      Like you said, it’s the content that counts.
      More often than not these pro-horse racing people deliberately divert the facts on this blog.
      In this case, she is focusing on writing skills instead of the content.
      Let’s be clear there is nothing that can take away the following facts: whipping/beating, doping, dying, and dumping. These are indisputable facts that take place every day on training centers and racetracks in America. It’s also blatant cruelty.
      These are the hallmarks of this antiquated business model.
      However, it’s abuse from the very conception to the death of every racehorse.
      Everyone of them either end up being an ongoing commercial commodity that is supposed to make them money with very few getting that decent grassy paddock without human dominance.
      Let’s not forget the rest of the slaves for this cruelty circus such as broodmares being forcibly bred year in and year out with foals taken away. Discarded broodmares sold into slavery for their hormones standing tethered with collection bins strapped to their genitals, broodmares have their babies taken away within 24 hours so that they can nurse a more expensive commodity at a multimillion dollar farm.
      The geldings have it equally worse. Many get sold into cruel, and abusive rodeo shows or running for their lives in the claiming ranks.
      It’s all bad from start to finish.
      Of course one of the most disgusting features is a beautiful racehorse, legs snapped-off, lying in the dirt dying for $2 bets.
      This is the dirty world of horse racing.

  13. are you affiliated with PETA? All your logic sounds like them…The Lord made animals to be with us in a HUMANE fashion….there is nothing wrong with gelding! Just as we spay and neuter…oh but am I to assume that is wrong also? Read the bible…we treat animals with love and respect, they live to live with us!!! Oh and yes many race horses LOVE to race!!!

    • The reason racehorses are gelded is to make them easier to handle purely for the purpose of $2 bets, human “entertainment”, greed and big egos.

      And you are so very wrong, horses do not love to race. It just makes you feel better to think and say that and you cannot justify the unjustifiable.

    • If many horses “LOVE to race” why are many poked, shoved and prodded into the starting gates ? Further, if they love to run why are they whipped ?
      And pray tell what is “HUMANE” about how these horses live and die ?

    • PETA has nothing to do with the exploitation, ongoing abuse, cruelty, pain, suffering, whipping/beating, doping, dying, and dumping.
      That sole responsibility belongs to participants, and supporters like you of horse racing!
      So why in the heck do you people focus blame where it doesn’t belong?
      You have every right to practice your religion, but to use religion to justify the ongoing abuse, and inhumane treatment of a living being is illegal. It’s called animal cruelty.
      Religion should never be used to be inhumane and/or kill any animal. Civil law should always take precedent over any religion.
      For example, parents who deny life-saving medical protocol to children because it’s against their religion is the biggest crock of BS in our society. Many children have died because of people using religion as a crutch and many racehorses have died if they think the way that you do.
      With children it’s called child abuse. With animals it’s called animal abuse. Both are cruel, and inhumane. Both are punishable by the law of the land.
      There are many religious people that use their religion to protect animals from this abuse. They would never exploit any animal or be part of horse racing because they know it inflicts unnecessary pain on racehorses.
      They see animals as God’s creatures, and they don’t use the bible to justify the animal cruelty like you do.
      I’m an atheist, and I protect animals because I know it’s the right thing to do.
      Religion is often used to justify oppression, and your comment is a prime example of this.
      All life on this planet is equal. All life has a right to live free of slavery.
      Horse racing is a form of exploitation, and slavery.
      These animals have their own lives, their own families, their own thoughts. They are not here to run in circles while getting whipped when sore/tired to generate profit for some selfish, and greedy people.
      They are not here to be doped up so that they can generate $2 bets.
      They are not here to lie dying in the dirt.
      Nor are they here to be another number in the kill box at the slaughterhouse.
      It’s participants, and supporters of this blatant animal cruelty that is solely responsible for the irresponsible over breeding, doping, whipping when tired and/or sore, intensive confinement, breakdowns that significantly alter their normal way of life, catastrophic breakdowns that result in them lying face down in the dirt while in agony, dumping in the claiming ranks running for their lives, and dumping at the kill auction to name a few.
      It’s not PETA or people like myself who don’t support this exploitation and slavery.
      So take a good look in the mirror because it’s people like you that are solely responsible for this slavery ring that has no place in 21st century society.

  14. AWESOME Gina, thank you for educating me by your posts since I’ve came across this very inspirational

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