Four Kills on NY Tracks (Video of One Included)

Just-disclosed kills by the NYS Gaming Commission:

5-year-old Karenina Gal, 9th race at Belmont May 18 – suffered multiple fractures, “sedated, vanned off – euthanized.” In her last completed race, April 14 at Aqueduct, Karenina Gal finished 11th of 12, some 37 lengths back. Trainer, Rick Violette Jr.

2-year-old Hadeed Fi Hadeed, training at Saratoga May 30 – “pulled up lame after breezing, xrays revealed fracture – euthanized.” Hadeed was being readied for his first race. Trainer, Chad Brown.

3-year-old Noble’s Whim, training at Belmont June 1 – “suffered a fracture to her left shoulder while galloping – euthanized.” She, too, was being prepped for her first race; she, too, was trained by Rick Violette Jr.

8-year-old Precise Accusation, 9th race at Buffalo June 1 – “fx LF leg [causing another horse to ‘catch wheel,’ fall, be injured] – euthanized.” Trainer, John Perrin.

Video of that final kill: (Wed, 1, race 9). The crash comes at around 1:00. At 2:00, as the remaining horses make another pass, the about-to-be-dead Precise Accusation can be seen lying motionless in the dirt.

This is horseracing.

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      • Absolutely!

        My late father only had the telephone and a secretary to type letters, on a manual typewriter, to the racing authorities et al in the industry, in his campaign to ban the whip. If he was alive today, he’d be thrilled to bits to see what Patrick is doing, what we’re all doing on this page and what other people/entities in Australia and the UK are doing.

        The powerful racing industry, which considered itself untouchable for far too many decades, simply cannot do anything about the exposure on social media of the inexcusable and inhumane sufferings of the racehorse.

    • nohorseslaughter ortiz – thanks for providing this link. Yes, we will certainly keep it up and continue to fight the fight for the racehorse, a noble, intelligent, trusting equine. How dare they be abused in any way whatsoever!

    • Yes, thanks for providing this link, Ms. Ortiz! I might skim through Paulick’s pieces but I never miss the comments – there is always so much incrimination OF the racing industry BY the industry’s own insiders and supporters!…such as this (and this is verbatim);

      “Owners use hard owned money to purchase commodities (horses) to win money…it enrages me when riders do NOT ride their horses out for 3rd and 4th position and do NOT use all the tools [poster is referring to whips] available to them…horse racing is and always will be about the money.”

      Absolutely it is, “vinceNYC”…it’s ALL ABOUT THE MONEY…and the horses are COMMODITIES. Absolutely.

      • Joy, speaking of self-incrimination, the racing exploiters never cease to amaze me. In the past, Ms. Sue Sefscik has posted on this blog a list of Afleet Alex’s progeny that seem to have disappeared and she has reached out to us, who are against the exploitation of the TB racehorse, with the hope that one of us could help locate one of the horses on her list and I would like to add that her list is quite extensive. Now, it should be noted that Ms. Sefscik feels that “we” should be more “enlightened.” Enlightened about what? The drugs….the injections…the breakdowns….racing babies…slaughter? Perhaps she, as a supporter of the atrocities in horseracing, needs to be “enlightened” but perhaps she is “enlightened”, at least in one area….slaughter. She seems to have “found” an Afleet Alex son or daughter and is “always glad” when she finds one alive that she thought had disappeared. Really? Why do so many disappear? The vast majority should be alive and well so why would one continue to support an industry that uses slaughter as its disposal system for unwanted horses? Perhaps she is just a hypocrite but what I can say is that she is a true “hater”….she hates all of us that speak up for the horses that are maimed and killed daily.

      • Mary, it’s unfortunate that our cause is met with such hatred. But it’s not surprising. Humans can be very selfish and entitled – in the case of those who support racing, there ARE those who should know better but they choose to continue supporting the industry and not the horses that carry that industry on their backs. We know that making “enemies” comes with standing up for what one believes in. Yet it’s perplexing that self-proclaimed “horse lovers” have such a problem with us – we want only to protect the horses! So we acknowledge the abuse in the industry, realize it has no redeeming qualities and does nothing to benefit the horses – then advocate for its demise – ALL TO PROTECT THE HORSES, but for that, we’re met with hatred. I guess that makes things really clear…individuals like this Sefscik might claim she loves the horses, but she clearly chooses the industry.

    • Yes, indeed the industry is under pressure! We just read that wagering is down for the last quarter. More and more people on racing sites are saying end whip use. One person even stated that if racing did not improve its image with the public, the business would only be left with county fair type meets.We have noticed many young people in their 20`s don`t even realize that racing exists in our area.They also think it is drug ridden and cruel because the horses are whipped so much.We encounter these young people as we have our dental work done at an area dental school of Hygiene.

      • Yes Fred and Joan Booth.
        Last time I was in Kentucky I was astonished at the amount of young people who wanted nothing to do with the horse racing industry.
        During this visit, I went to a Keeneland barn to rescue a horse on the way to slaughter. I was doing some co-ordination since the connections didn’t want to now that the horse was lame and no longer profitable. So typical of the “good” folks in horse racing.
        While I was there a racehorse snapped its legs off in the stretch in front of thousands of people. It was a well attended Sunday race meet.
        While walking to my car I was walking behind about 6 young people all students of U of K, and Transylvania U.
        I overheard their conversation.
        For many of them it was the first time they had gone to Keeneland, and they all said they would never go back. Two of the girls were still weeping over listening, and watching the legs snap. They said they had never experienced something so horrific in their life, and that it would be forever etched on their mind. They all said they would never go back.
        I’m sure they told their friends and it got around.
        This seems like an isolated crowd of youngsters, but these breakdowns are now seen all over YouTube, and social media.
        The dirty world of horse racing, the dirty truths of the dying, is all getting around.
        People are becoming more aware, and their carefully construed image is being broken down leg by leg, death by death.
        This industry is on its way out. I hope it shuts down in my life time, but it’s well on its way.

  1. Good ole Rick Violette has, once again, raised his ugly head…not once, but twice…..with TWO deaths at Belmont within two weeks. Unbelievable! Oh, I forgot. This is horseracing where the destruction of horses is just all in a day’s work. Let’s not forget that just a few months ago, Violette was babbling about “responsible stewardship” and “viable options” when a horse’s racing career is over but if Violette isn’t breaking them down, he is unloading them as he did with Financial Mogul whose story was recently posted here on this blog (Shedrow Secrets). Violette’s colleagues crawled out from under their rocks in support of the bastard and unmercifully attacked Kelly Smith for euthanizing a horse that had severe end stage osteoarthritis. Now, let’s see what they have to say about these two Violette horses dying in the dirt. Let’s see if they attack the bastard the way they attacked Kelly. My guess is that they will continue to make excuses and will continue to kiss his ass.They ALL make me sick.

    • You took the words out of my mouth, Mary, RICK VIOLETTE again!!!

      Financial Mogul immediately came to my mind.

      Wonder if Rick Violette has the guts to comment on his two (2) recent racehorse deaths. Probably not,
      he’s a coward and a hypocrite and appears to have a history of his horses breaking down and dying.

      • Carolyn, Violette doesn’t have the “balls” to comment here on the deaths of his horses. How do you defend the indefensible? Even his “ass kissers” will stay silent which they should since they don’t have a leg to stand on.

    • That’s right, Mary…and poor Karenina Gal tried damn hard to tell someone she needed OUT. Violette – the “trainer” that he is – couldn’t see that?…or he just ignored her pleading? I think the latter…

      MULTIPLE fractures but they still chose to LOAD her and trailer her off the course. They can’t even do the humane thing when the mortally-injured horse is at death’s door. What a disgusting industry on every damn level.

      • It is beyond belief that this mare suffered multiple fractures (lots of broken bones in her body) and was forced onto a trailer to remove her from the track and do the euthanasing out the back, out of public view. They couldn’t put this mare out of her misery when that should’ve been the very first thing to do when they got to her.

        And dare anyone argue that when she was “sedated” she was relieved of her agonizing pain, fear and shock – the last time I saw a case like this at a big prizemoney meet (couldn’t put the horse down in front of a big crowd, oh no, heaven forbid we must hide this) the vet did give the horse a sedative but it was taking too long to take effect and she was eventually forced onto transport and died in the trailer). My information is that there’s no sedative currently on the market to effectively sedate a huge animal like the horse within a reasonable time frame. The racehorses that I have seen euthanased on the track are not given a sedative but are promptly given a lethal injection relieving the horse of its excruciating pain.

        SHAME on you vets at Belmont on this day – how low can you go? Well, you can’t get much lower than failing to euthanase a horse right THERE AND THEN when it has been so seriously injured. So much for the veterinarian’s oath that you pledged – you’re in breach of your duty of care to the animal – the following is an excerpt from the oath –
        “being admitted to the profession of Veterinary medicine, I solemnly swear to use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society through the protection of animal health, the relief of animal suffering……I will practice my profession conscientiously, with dignity and in keeping with the principles of veterinary medical ethics…..I accept as a lifelong obligation, the continual improvement of my professional knowledge and competence”.

        What a sick bloody lot you vets are in the horseracing industry.

  2. My heart goes out to every racehorse that, not only lives a horrific life for this industry, but also dies for it.
    All racehorses are vulnerable and sustain the ongoing abuse, cruelty, doping, whipping, maiming, dying, and dumping at some point.
    It doesn’t matter if it’s a “top Trainer,” or a multimillion dollar owner, these racehorses are dying for $2 bets and rich egos.
    It’s a despicable industry that needs to shut down.
    This industry institutionalizes, and legitimizes blatant animal cruelty.
    It will be up to us to shut it down by following these steps:
    1. Support decoupling
    2. Cancel the Interstate Horse Wagering Act
    3. Cancel all taxpayers support
    4. Don’t watch or wager on horse racing
    5. Educate

    The greyhound racing industry did it, and horse racing is next.

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