Three Break Down at Belterra, Rest of Day’s Card Canceled

Two “athletes” “broke down” in the same Belterra race yesterday afternoon; “broke down,” of course, is the industry’s euphemism of choice for dead. Glint, eight, had been put to the whip 43 times entering Sunday; Mr. Mostly, six, 52 times. One race prior, 7-year-old Twentycarattenpin had this line on the (Equibase) chart: “took a bad step and fell.” But earlier in the footnotes, the winning horse is said to have “inherited lead when rival broke down.” So, he too is likely dead. That makes three in two races.

Unsurprisingly, video on these races is not readily accessible. But the destruction must have been fairly horrific – the rest of the day’s action was canceled.

This is horseracing.

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  1. The video replays would only confirm that horseracing has, yet again, killed more non-consenting innocent horses – the intelligent, noble thoroughbred, a trusting animal by nature and a companion animal to many. Pathetically attempting to hide the evil of these horrifying deaths in the very public horseracing industry, is futile. There’s no getting away from the fact that horses being sacrificed is utterly unacceptable in the 21st century – today’s society abhors animal cruelty.

    The connections of GLINT and MR MOSTLY and TWENTYCARATTENPIN had the full knowledge that there was a high risk of their horses dying. Belterra racetrack, the relevant racing commission, the stewards and the vets also had full knowledge and of course the racing public placing $2 bets, as well as some members of the general public.

    So, why is this bloody carnage allowed to continue?

  2. “inherited lead when rival broke down.” Only a sadist could write such a callous description of a horse suffering excruciating pain, fear and dying while another herd mate, also racing for its life, “benefits” from the death by winning the race. SICK, SICK, SICK!

  3. A friend on Facebook actually posted that Nasa a son of Smarty Jones was put down after multiple fractures to one of his front legs, he said that it was horrible and you could hear the bones snap like a shotgun going off. I have only seen a couple of races at Philadelphia Park and thankfully none of those horses were injured. I love horses especially since my great uncle and I would have long, long talks about the pedigree of his Champion Quarter Horses. Every time I hear about a defenseless racehorse getting hurt it breaks my heart because they are put into situations that us humans make them do. My uncle used his horses in parades and as family pleasure horses. None were racing stock. If we wanted to go ride one he’d say go get the lead rope and halter and catch one lol, was great just riding out in the 80 acre pastures and enjoy the ride. I don’t understand why horse racing is such a amusement for people when no one understands what actually goes on behind the doors from the publics eye. Sad awfully sad that so many are destroyed for the pleasure of them running at 40 mph.

    • Thanks for sharing Tonya. The racing industry’s dirty ugly secrets behind the doors is being exposed to the public especially on this site, thanks to Patrick. The public need to be informed as to what really goes on with these voiceless horses and then they can make up their own minds – any decent human being would find the cruelty inflicted on these animals is totally unacceptable and inexcusable.

  4. The video is not ‘readily accessible’, that really pisses me off. Anything to cover up the truth. People like Kelly Smith are starting to speak up. She has the proof in her hands of what racing does to these horses. X-rays don’t lie. There will come a time when forces are joined, information and evidence are brought forward, and the cold hard truth will have it’s day in our court system.

  5. The deliberate cover-up of racehorse deaths on racetracks such as Gulfstream, and Belterra are blatant violations of First Amendment Rights, and a violation to the wagering public. Their going to keep on doing it until somebody files a civil litigation complaint in court to rein in this death camp.
    Moreover, any positive changes made in the horse racing industry are so few I can only cite one example: the whipping rules implemented in some states. These whipping rules were not a result of altruistic motivations on behalf of this cruelty circus. Rather, the rules were enacted due to public outcry, and decrease in wagering revenue.
    Quite frankly, there should be animal cruelty charges brought forth in a court of law against the connections whenever a racehorse dies. These commissions are just cover-ups for the industry.
    It’s a disgrace that modern day slavery, abuse, cruelty, and inhumane treatment of a racehorse is being endorsed, promoted, and financially supported by either taxpayers or casinos.
    This should not be happening in the 21st century.

  6. This morning I confirmed with an Ohio racing official that ALL three horses that broke down on Sunday were euthanized, including Mr. Mostly. And so the carnage continues unabated…

    • Thanks Mary for letting us know.
      I was holding out on the hope that all horses were okay, but this is horse racing.
      How in the world can a business in this country get away with such blatant animal abuse, cruelty, whipping/beating, maiming, dumping, and killing?
      There’s no amount of money or jobs worth this carnage.

  7. Just wondering if footing & /or track conditions played a role? So sad to hear this :(

  8. Right Erica – the proverbial excuse: it was the track. bad step.
    The ongoing daily administration of drugs on racehorses is usually the main contribution to catastrophic breakdowns as per many reputable equine vet peer-reviewed studies.
    Moreover, the ongoing abuse of racehorses is clear to see upon review of the PP’s. They clearly demonstrate that they have no business training or running on a track, but are continually allowed to enter, and run.
    Just check out the “Killed in Action” list on this blog. Pick a name. Let’s start with Tejano Trouble. This example exemplifies the deliberate consent of the racing commissions to, essentially, send this horse to his death.
    He’s one of many. These PP’s clearly demonstrate that many racehorses who are dumped in their disposal system called the “claiming ranks” are literally running for their lives.
    Let’s be clear. The main reason why these racehorses are permitted to run is to fill races, and to increase the potential for wagering income. Profit is a priority while the racehorses pay with their lives.

  9. Two horses were ‘vanned off” in the $500,000 Woodford Reserve Turf Classic which was the 11th race at Churchill Downs on the day of the Derby. The #13 horse, Kasaqui “fell while in tight” and #9, Triple Threat toppled over him. Both were vanned as a “precaution” according to the stewards. Also, there was a “stewards” inquiry into the incident !!
    Got to put the best face of concern on when it is a half million dollar
    race and on Derby Day to boot !

    I’m wondering if anybody knows where Shamrock Road is ? He last raced at Mahoning Valley in a $5.000 claiming race on 2 Feb. 2016. He won and was claimed by trainer Richard L. Markham for owner Timothy B. Troup. He has had a hard life at the tracks with 25 starts in a year and a few months. From 4 Sept. 2015 to Oct 10th 2015 he was started 6 times And this is all perfectly “legal” in this business. My guess is he is so far gone they can’t get him to the track.
    He will turn 4 on 25 May and like so many others, totally worn out before they reach maturity.
    And racing is fine with this. This is totally indefensible.

    PS Jill’s Reflection, 5yrs. old on 19 April. In her 3 yrs. at the track she has been started 61 times. In her last race at Laurel Park she finished 18 lengths off the winner ! She was bred and raced, initially, by the Rose family.

    • Thank you, Rose, for naming the two horses vanned after the WRTC – I had heard that but had not gotten their names. What a horror for horses to go down…they will do whatever it takes to keep their feet. But business as usual…

      And I’m certain you have heard about Shagaf – the colt pulled up in the Derby. For those who haven’t, this 3-year-old baby has chip fractures in TWO joints – left ankle and left knee. He’s now undergone surgery to address the fractures training and racing an immature horse has caused. Plan is to race him again – unless that statement is just to lull the public into thinking the damage from the pounding he endured is surgically “fixed”. Imagine the arthritis Shagaf will have. And what just appalls me is how this has become so commonplace in racing – they talk about a 3 y/o horse and their fractures like it’s no big deal.

      Here’s the article about Shagaf from the Paulick Report – don’t miss the comments.

      And from the Daily Racing Form – note what Rick Nichols, VP/GM for Shadwell Stables had to say about Mohaymen; “We’ll give him a few easy weeks and let him eat some grass.” That’s big of ya. But why would you do that? – doesn’t he just love his job? Poor Mohaymen is going to be miserable, having to hang out in a pasture and graze!

    • Shamrock Road entered Wednesday May 25th. 2016 Race 2 Presque Isle Downs.

      • Here’s the results of the ongoing masochistic abuse of Shamrock Road:
        SHAMROCK ROAD pressed early on the inside and gave way – 2nd last by 10+ lengths.
        How is this allowed to continue?
        This is horse racing.

  10. I’ve got nothing, Rose. Shamrock Road could be standing injured in a stall somewhere, maybe he’s been shipped to slaughter, maybe he’s getting a break due to a variety of reasons – to racing industry members, he’s just a “thing” to be used for their financial gain. So dead or alive, it doesn’t matter. To the industry, that is.

    And Jill’s Reflection?…what a pounding her poor body has endured.

    So many horses needing help. So many waiting for help. THOUSANDS that we are unaware of – but they’re waiting.

  11. The ongoing masochistic abuse of Halos And Angels is despicable.
    This poor mare.
    In her last race on May 16, 2016 she finished 25+ lengths last yet again.
    I can only speculate on the extensive pain, and suffering that she must be enduring.
    Yet, the “good” folks in horse racing are nowhere to be found.
    In fact, they continue to permit the entry, and subsequent racing of a mare who has no business being allowed on a track let alone raced.
    If she is allowed to continue to race, a fatal breakdown could be imminent.
    This is horse racing.

  12. I am shocked..shouldn’t be though…us superior humans at it again. And the cover-ups!!! So many of us don’t know anything of this cruelty. The word In-humane sure came from somewhere. What can we do to stop this(keep in mind the on-going horror
    F Dog in-breeding and dog shows) I. Lenz

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