Racing Kills Horse – and Rider

In April ’13, a 2-year-old racehorse named Czech Revolution “broke down” – snapped both front legs, a la Eight Belles – while training at Delta Downs. Dead. But this, of course, is not what made this story newsworthy to the Racing press – after all, Czech was no fallen “star.” What did was that the rider also died (when the horse came down atop). Anyhow, one of the rags, the Paulick Report, ran this loathsome headline:

“Louisiana Exercise Rider Killed by Horse…”

“Killed by Horse,” Mr. Paulick? Well – let’s set this straight: The killing, here, was done by the industry; the killed, in the first place, was the horse. That primary tragedy, in turn, begot a secondary one. (Just to be clear: My use of the words primary and secondary is in no way meant to imply that the horse’s life was more important than the human’s.) So, Mr. Paulick, this is how your headline should have read:

“Horseracing Kills (Another) Horse – Responsible for Rider’s Death, Too”

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  1. Did you comment that on his site? I know that comments can be left because I’ve visited there before. That is an utterly infuriating headline. The horse had no choice!!

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more, Patrick. You are absolutely correct. Blaming the horse – speechless!

  3. More people need to see these travesties from the horse’s point of view. The ignorant supposition that the horse is dangerous to humans but controlled is outrageeous.

  4. Unfortunately he controls the comments, so he probably would have deleted it. The industry needs to see this. Thank you so much. So so sad.

    • You’re right, Gigi. There are several who comment here that have been banned from commenting on the PR…Patrick included, I believe.

      The industry always attempts to sterilize the killings – to “clean them up”, if you will – and it’s my opinion that in doing so, they become even more inhumane.

      • Joy, I hope you read my comment. It all ties in with the dumping, and potential dying syndrome. Maggi Moss is continuing business as usual. You know – the one who “cares” about her racehorses.
        HAZARDS OF LOVE (HOL) made her $564,708, and he’s no longer performing at the upper levels so the dumping has begun. HOL was dropped into a $32,000 Claimer at CD finishing 5th. It’s highly probable that his joint injections, and doping cocktails are no longer working – at least not for the upper levels anyways.
        The downward spiral into the claiming ranks has begun; standard operating procedures for owners like Maggi Moss, and many more. It wouldn’t surprise me that by the fall he’s running in the lower claiming ranks for a flake of hay IF he doesn’t have a catastrophic breakdown.
        Over $500,000 is not enough to ensure a good retirement for HOL as the lemon will continue to be squeezed dry. That’s what this industry calls the “good” folks in horse racing.
        Meanwhile, people are rescuing OTTB’s every week from the Holland Kill Auction that have not made one dime off of them. They do it out of the goodness of their hearts.
        People like you, and Mary. That’s the good folks – not people like Maggi Moss.

      • Gina, the “good folks” like Moss are worse, in my opinion…they pretend, they act, they put on a good show…they deceive. The paupers who don’t claim to love their horses and admit that racing them is just how they make their living are honest, at least! Take Burton Sipp for example…not known as one of the “good” guys (Google him – you’ll have lots to read). Sipp claimed a former Moss-owned horse for 5K last September – the 2010 gelding, Marchwood. Months passed and Sipp didn’t run him, so I called Sipp to see if he would be willing to sell Marchwood. His response was “Sure, he’s just another horse. He doesn’t mean anything to me.” So Mary informed Moss she could buy the horse she sold and get him out of Sipp’s hands. Now if one just reads about Burton Sipp they would be FRANTIC to get their horse away from him!…especially someone who claims to love and care about equines! Mary has the conversation saved so she would be better able to give the details, but the bottom line was a “No” from Moss and a “No” from the rescue she is associated with. What I’m hoping has now happened is that Moss had him claimed on April 18 at Mountaineer – he WAS claimed for 5K by someone that could have done it for Moss. Marchwood came in 9th of 10, sixteen lengths behind in that race. Maybe he’s safe now. But the point is Moss is no better than the scum that even the “good folks” admit exist in this industry – they ALL unload their horses when they can no longer perform to their expectations. Out of sight, out of mind. Throw them to the wolves.

        Moss’ former runner Voodooville, that she unloaded last June, has finished 8th in his last two races.

        Rock City Road Hog, a MSP 2010 gelding that she sold for $7500 via claim, last ran on April 28.

        And like you mentioned, Gina, Hazards of Love…9 years old, 75 starts, and Moss doesn’t retire him but sells him instead. In his last race, he finished 5th of 6, “tired” and 18 lengths behind.

        Tricolette is a mare that Moss sold to scammer Jonathon Pippin then ultimately landed with Jeff Radosevich. Tricolette last ran in October of 2015…she was eased to the wire, over 40 lengths behind.

        And the list of Moss’ horses that she’s gotten rid of goes on. LOVE them?…give me a break.

        Lastly, one more racehorse’s situation draws some attention to another of these so-called “good” owners. Mr. Mostly…a 2010 grey gelding. He once ran for Midwest Thoroughbreds – lauded as upstanding and caring owners. I have notified them that the gelding they once called their own and ran in their silks is NOW owned by a KILL BUYER. Jaroslav/Jaron Gold, who is a licensed racing owner under the name SAB NC Stable, owns and races Mr. Mostly. Here is my message to Midwest Thoroughbreds, Inc,; “Your former horse, 2010 gelding Mr. Mostly, is currently owned by SAB NC Stable – otherwise known as Jaroslav Gold. Gold’s ‘day job’ is a kill buyer…in fact, he’s one of the largest horse suppliers to a Canadian slaughterhouse. Mr. Mostly is being run in 5K claiming races…and is OWNED by a KILL BUYER. Are you going to get your former gelding to safety?” Midwest Thoroughbreds’ response; “Please send your concerns to the website administrator.” I’m not joking.

  5. As we all know Ray Paulick is financially supported by the horse racing industry.
    So his loyalties lie with the horse racing industry, and he has to ensure that the carefully construed image of fancy hats, mint juleps, and grassy paddocks is maintained.
    They always blame the horse when a rider is killed so this doesn’t surprise me as the sleaziness of this industry knows no bounds.
    All participants in this industry uphold the ongoing doping, whipping, maiming, dumping, and killing of racehorses including Ray Paulick who financially benefits from this exploitation.
    So sorry for you CZECH REVOLUTION. May you find peace away from the hell hole that you, so unfortunately, were born into.
    This industry probably doped, and ran you into the ground. There’s NO WAY that your connections were unaware of ongoing physical issues, but continued to exploit you for money. They were responsible for your death, they are responsible for the riders death.
    Another thing, since the track and/or connections don’t want to be held accountable, via a wrongful death lawsuit, that’s probably the main reason why they blame the horse because all they care about is the money.
    I so wish that this riders immediate family and/or spouse commences a civil litigation lawsuit against them so that the vet records would be released. Provided they were not tampered with I bet you that they would reveal a very common scenario of doping, and running. It’s for this very reason that they should be held accountable such as giving the keys to a drunk driver – the same thing.

    • 75 starts for Hazards of Love! Good grief, is not that enough races for this poor horse! He needs to be retired. Allowed to be a horse out in good grass and to be able to roll in the dirt as well as have the company of other horses to groom/ socialize with.This is a sad life for an obviously good horse with a generous nature.

  6. Ray Paulick is a paid mouthpiece for the killing machine which is horseracing. It is always tragic when an exercise rider/jockey loses his or her life, but not nearly as tragic as what happened to the two year old “baby”…Czech Revolution. The humans chose to participate in this killing industry. The horses do not. Seems incredibly simple to me.

  7. As we know the claiming game is part of the disposal system for the horse. And if he manages to survive the brutality of being shuffled from barn to barn along with being run sore and too frequently it is on to the auction or a more direct entry into the slaughter pipeline. Racing would look very different were it not for the convenience of claiming and slaughter.
    Someone who is heavily into the game told me he could not survive without the option of claiming and that holds true for EVERYONE in this despicable business.

    There are no “good people” in this business, just a few pretenders.

  8. When I was an active owner/trainer I despised the claiming ranks even at the height of my delusional psychosis. So I took the time to develop an in-depth study, including research, and presented an entirely different business model that completely eliminated claiming. However, it did maintain a decent purse money structure including a mandatory 1% of handle going directly into a slush fund for racehorse retraining, re-homing, and transitioning into another career.
    I presented it to an HBPA Board Member, and he didn’t get past the preface that stated the claiming ranks must be eliminated. He laughed, and laughed saying “are you that naive?”
    I said what’s so wrong about changing things for the betterment of the racehorse?
    He told me that the claiming ranks were a disposable system, and was completely necessary in order to attract investors to the game. He also stated that if owners were held fiscally responsible for the racehorses in their care, after they were no longer profitable, then nobody would get involved.
    It was a notable moment for me. My bubble was burst.
    It was then, and there I realized that the industry is a business whereby entitlement, exploitation, fiscal irresponsibility, and heartless traits are required in order to participate.
    This is not a sport, nor is it an industry – it’s a cruelty circus, and a death camp.
    Sadly, the racehorses pay with their lives.

  9. It’s not surprising. The racing industry will always put blame on anyone but themselves. The horses are the only ones innocent in this.

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