The Racing Kill-Machine doesn’t discriminate – some horses go down after several years and many races (more than a few, no doubt, due to said pounding), others after having just arrived on the scene. Case in point, yesterday (Equibase):

At Thistledown, All Snuffed Up “broke down” (racing-speak for dead) in the 2nd; it was his 62nd time under the whip.

At Tampa Bay, Greatest Lisa was “pulled up and euthanized” in the 2nd; it was her 4th time under the whip.

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  1. The destruction in this industry is astounding. Kelly Smith asked some good questions on FB page today. One such question is, How many horses break down? I say, What is happening on the inside is a very hidden bleak picture. The information is there, at every track. It would take a subpoena, but it is there.

    • Yes the information is there IF it hasn’t been misplaced intentionally.
      Ongoing doping to cover-up chronic issues, and to get a competitive edge is a major contribution to catastrophic breakdowns.
      So the Kentucky Derby is next Saturday, and upon review of the entrants the MAJORITY of Trainers are multiple drug violating Trainers. For example, Steve Asmussen has multiple entrants in the Derby, and has the favorite with leading money earners. Then there is Doug O’Neill with a top entrant who has an extensive rap sheet of doping, and deaths in his racing stable. Bob Baffert – need I say more? Todd Pletcher is a multiple drug violating Trainer as well who made major headlines when numerous horses in his care tested positive for cocaine in Florida back in the 90’s. Not sure what came out of that, but many more drug positives followed, and like all others are still training with horses dying in his care. Mike Maker who has (the last time I checked) about 6 outstanding drug positives, and just keeps moving to another state with little retribution. He has allegedly direct ties to wagering accounting firms.
      Given these facts, it only stands to reason that, sooner or later, there will be a major catastrophic breakdown during the Kentucky Derby especially if previous doping protocol is implemented in their racing stables.
      In the past, there have always been at least one breakdown on the under card.
      Permitting these Trainers to continue Training is like giving the keys to a drunk driver.
      Will the so called stringent security rules prevent something like this happening? Remains to be seen.
      Sadly, it takes major racing events to bring attention to the horrific plight of racehorses when whipping, maiming, and/or dying happen on a daily basis on racetracks in America.

    • Thanks for that heads-up, 20yr+…I went to Kelly’s FB and answered as best I could…and thanked her for the great questions. As we know, NONE of the questions but one can be accurately answered. The rest, the industry doesn’t want answered.

  2. Just as I finished writing the previous post yet ANOTHER fatality occurred this morning, during training hours, at we think Oaklawn Park?
    The fallen here is CASH BACK – a 3 year old filly that won 4 races out of 4 pushed to the brink.
    I tried to get details, but they are being kept under wraps.
    It seems that filing FOIA requests like Patrick does is the only way to confirm fatalities, but usually doesn’t disclose the deaths by using choice words such as “vanned-off.”
    So sorry for you pretty filly. May your spirit help the other profit slaves.

    • Follow-up to CASH BACK. It happened at Churchill Downs this morning while she was breezing, and prepping for the Derby Oaks under card.
      Evidently, all staff, and connections at Churchill Downs are being told to remain silent on any breakdowns leading up to the Derby. Apparently, they want information to be handled by their Public Relations Department. I obtained the details via the Daily Racing Form.
      So the trail of dead racehorses leading up to the Derby has officially begun. Like I said death camps.
      Would somebody please shut down this cruelty circus?

    • That same race Cash back was in another filly Kandoo was only 3 and she too was also killed from injuries in that race. is where I found Kandoo information February 20, 2016 is her death. Melody of Colors Stakes.

  3. Gina-Yes indeed- the cover-up. I know of a horse that broke down and was vanned off, but when looking for this information it was not there. (no mention in the charts of being vanned off) This horse was made to run sore for a very long time, and was let down by everyone.

    • 20+ industry insider: like you have said on previous comments EVERY Trainer (sooner or later) sends out a sore horse – every one of them.
      I’ve seen it myself. Outsiders tend to revere the big name Trainers, and often think that it’s the small owner/trainer that only does this – nothing can be further than the truth.
      What many people don’t know is that the small time Trainers buy the crippled/lame/sore horses for cheap (sometimes getting them for free) from the big name Trainers or claim them. I don’t think that I saw any claimed horse or any horse coming out of a big name Trainers barn that wasn’t sore/lame or had mental issues as a result of training/racing/doping beyond their natural ability in most cases.
      In other words, these racehorses are “recycled” instead of retired in order to fill races, and they are a recipe for disaster.
      The really big names in horse racing such as Asmussen, Pletcher, Baffert, etc. don’t give anybody a chance to find out just how crippled their racehorses can be because they literally “disappear” when it’s determined that the racehorse is not stake or Derby material.
      You just don’t see these Trainers with horses dropped-down into the claiming ranks where somebody could reveal just how crippled or screwed-up they may be.
      This seems to be deliberate in order to protect 1. their drug regime by testing the horse once somebody buys or claims it. 2. protect their carefully construed image. Anything to protect themselves, but the racehorse.
      Instead, most of their horses are either represented in the upper ranks or simply “disappear.” For example, the big name Trainers get about 100+ young horses almost every year. By the time they get to the Derby maybe 1% are left standing and able to enter. Then everybody thinks they are a genius! What a joke. What they don’t say is that they have gone through 100+ horses to get the few that end up on Derby day. Some of those 100+ horses become part of the KIA list here.
      So every Trainer, at every level, is responsible for the ongoing use, and abuse of sore horses at some point; to what degree depends on the individual horse, and the Trainer. It works in tandem.
      Another big issue often overlooked are the owners. Most owners know full well that their racehorse is being doped up to run, and possibly win because they get the vet bills! They often claim “innocence” when a Trainer is caught doping, and the Trainer takes the rap. So even the owners in this business are all part of the cruelty circus going on.
      From Trainers to Owners to Jockeys – the racehorse is let down every step (pardon the pun) of the way with devastating results.
      It’s a cruelty circus, and a death camp all for $2 bets.
      Pathetic, and disgusting.

  4. This also happens at the state level when a large breeder for a state gives away or sells very cheaply his not fast enough/ mental problem/ unsound bred stock. We have seen this many times here.Some jockeys we have seen bring a horse back to the barn saying ” There is a flat tire” “This horse can`t be galloped today”. Sadly that did not happen very often. That rider almost was killed later in a race he was supposed to receive an award for outstanding older rider. That was the result of blatant illegal use of shock wave therapy machine use on horse every single day up to and including the day the mare died racing breaking BOTH front legs. Sadly, that very good jockey with VERY good hands no longer rides with all his years experience as he was too badly injured.We rode with him many times in the mornings galloping horses as he was always safe to gallop horses with.

  5. How do you find out the breakdowns at the tracks? Is it through the tracks or does it only get posted by Patrick? It’s sickening that these tracks cover up any breakdowns or as Patrick has posted before NOT Public information unless your a vet or connected to the horse.

    • Many times you have to be at a specific track observing the races. Kind of hard to coverup when a horse breaks down in front of you or is pulled up because something went wrong. We have observed MANY horses injuries and experienced a few ourselves when galloping horses in the mornings.

  6. There are people who could very helpful with this, if they would be willing to talk. I think that they would want to help. Who would I direct their names to? I would like to do this on the terms of anonymity.

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