Two – Macho Sox, Fiddler Blue – Killed in Same Los Alamitos Race

The Equibase chart for the 8th last evening at Los Alamitos: “MACHO SOX…broke down… FIDDLER BLUE…fell over the fallen horse…vanned off.” Both, according to the track itself, dead – two more sentient beings killed for $2 bets.

How does 21st Century America continue to countenance this barbarity?

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  1. This is as bad as the English races over jumps – except it is every day. You are right, Patrick – how does a civIilized society accept this?

  2. A familiar story..Macho Sox had no raced since 8/15 and in that race came in last of 8. Last 4 races were over the Turf so why the switch to the ‘bull ring” that is Los Alamitos? An accident waiting to happen. It also cost of the life of another horse.

    • Just goes to show what racing thinks about the lives of the horses. What a sorry bunch of callous low lives at every level of this subculture….

  3. The beating/whipping, maiming, dumping, and killing is all part of this cruelty circus. Anybody who actively participates in this is just as guilty of the deaths as the connections themselves.
    Quite frankly, I’m having trouble sometimes keeping up with all the deaths being reported here (thanks Patrick for all your hard work, and dedication).
    How in the world can something so blatantly cruel, and inherently wrong be allowed to continue?
    Just think about it.
    Can you imagine if this industry was starting up in the current 21st century?
    It would go something like this:
    we are starting a business that will exploit horses to generate billions in wagering. In order for our goal to be successful we will beat them when they are tired even causing catastrophic breakdowns, dope them to run, dope them to cover-up lameness issues, dump them at kill auctions, and support the slaughterhouse on a regular basis therefore contributing to environmental devastation. Oh, we forgot to mention, while we are exploiting, and killing horses we will also exploit labor. All of this will go on with the backdrop of multibillion dollar sales of racehorses with about 1% of the profit going to ensure their well-being when we are finished squeezing the lemon dry.
    How about it? A resounding NO would reverberate from the majority of Americans who wouldn’t allow this blatant animal cruelty to begin.
    Unreal how tradition often justifies blatant animal cruelty.
    Please shut this cruelty circus down. It can’t come soon enough for me.

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