The Kill-Machine Keeps Humming, Even on Light Racing Day

A racing truth: The kill-machine is never idle. Yesterday, Monday, one of the two lightest days of the U.S. Racing week, yet another hapless horse lost his life in the pursuit of handle cash. Salty’s Hero, four, “broke down and fell near the far turn” of the 9th race at Parx – “humanely euthanized” (Equibase). Dead.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Abused, mistreated and then put to DEATH. So sorry SALTY’S HERO that they treated you with so much disrespect and with no regard for your safety and well-being resulting in your life being violently stolen from you.

    Another horse dies on the racetrack – business as usual in the horseracing industry!!!

  2. Thank you Carolyn for giving some respect to SALTY’S HERO – another profit slave for this cruelty circus. Many times on this blog I will capitalize the fallen heroes name deliberately because it’s the least I can do to show some respect for this once living being.
    Upon analysing SALTY’S HERO PP’s it seems evident that the horse was dealing with lameness issues that were probably addressed by doping, performing, and then getting sore again. They were playing with his life most likely.
    He lost.
    A racetrack is nothing more than a cruelty circus, and death camp.

  3. Patrick- On the terms of anonymity, I would like to help you if I can.

  4. I happened to see this tragic loss of life on tv the other day n there are quite a few things that are so disturbing to me it’s hard to explain salty hero left from the gate in the lead n goin into the turn fell tumbled a few times a horse behind lost the jockey missing salty hero laying on the track it was very clear to the most ignorant could care less person that the horse broke down fell tumbled violently n lay there this is what the track announcer says salty hero is being pulled up in distress appoaching the 3/8 pole I cannot believe someone would even go there to say that I decided to do some research on saltys hero n find out it is a ramon precadio horse he is currently suspended for clenbuterol positives 4 of them actually so I question what was done with saltys hero and to add to this as I’m aware there is no current pa racing commission I believe the ag department is in charge of racing for now could very well be wrong so I question what now swept under the rug overlooked like nobody’s buissness never. Have I been so ashamed to be a pa resisdent my question is what can I do what does a man like myself do to change how horses are treated its not going away in my state not at this moment annyway so my question is how to make a change in such a ignorant well protected industry it is the most disturbing thing I have ever seen thank you Patrick for what you do or I wouldn’t have a clue about this n thank you all who post on here for your stories experiences n knowledges I guy like me wouldn’t have a clue without yous

    • Thank you for the comment, Billy. The target here is hearts and minds. So toward that end, write to local newspapers with information from our site (the KIA lists, for example), call in to radio shows, etc. Let people know what is happening on American tracks. The goal is to end, not tweak, horseracing.

  5. Billy- I was astounded to have found this site. I googled Patrick’s name, and could not believe here was someone that was taking on the racing industry. I have the same questions you do. Is there legislature? How do we get this to the court system for animal cruelty? What needs to be done, what can we do? Patrick, I stand behind you…know this.

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