The Casualties From Yesterday

Saturday at the American races:

Malbros “broke down” in the 7th at Charles Town – confirmed dead.

Valiant Quiz “pulled up distressed” in the 6th at Fonner.

Bank Robber “fell, vanned off” in the 5th at Los Alamitos.

Deliverance Day “bled” in the 8th at Mountaineer.

Jesse Jr First Down “vanned off” in the 8th at Remington.

Eyesa Pretty Wagon “fell, vanned off” in the 11th at Remington.

El Wedo Valiente “vanned off” in the 1st at SunRay.

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This is horseracing.

(quoted information from Equibase)

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  1. How did Malbros get into a stakes race at Charlestown yesterday? Not a decent finish in 13 months except for a 2nd place finish at Oaklawn on 4/10.(suspicious) Recent form was telling…all Claiming races…bringing up the rear most of the time yet was continued to be run with increasingly poor efforts. Went off at 54-1 so everyone knew something was wrong. Poor horse was run into the ground…RIP.

    • Glen, just another kill in racing, but there are still those who defend this sinister industry. It simply can’t be defended because it is rotten from top to bottom. Seven horses in one day (and those are the ones we know about).

    • Glen, I agree it really is strange. The horse was running in $5,000 claiming races and finishing 24 to 28 off the winner. He started Nov. 11th in a $5,000 claimer at Hawthorne and finished 24 3/4 off the winner. He was not claimed but shows up next at Oaklawn in a $40,000 claimer with a different trainer, Umarov Otabek. He finished 28 back. And then he is started in a stakes at Charlestown….Something is not right here apart from the fact the horse was not fit to race which was plain for anyone to see.

      • Yes, Rose…not claimed after that really poor November race but is with another owner/trainer in the March race. That part’s not so unusual…these poor horses are passed around like cheap bottles of wine amongst teen-agers. But oddly enough, this Otabek Umarov who trained Malbros his last three races was his trainer and owner his very first race back in 2013. Just odd. Here, some info from his PP…what a disturbing picture. Just looking from his first DNF on May 23, 2015 to when he broke down and died;

        -May, 2015…”pulled up early” and “vanned off”, DNF in a 7.5K

        -July, 2015…last, 27 lengths behind in an 8K

        -August, 2015…5th of 7, “faded late” in a 10K

        -September, 2015…9th of 11, “faded late” in a 10K

        -October, 2015…6th of 9, 15 lengths behind in a 5K

        -November, 2015…8th of 9, “gave way”, 24+ lengths behind in a 5K

        Then he doesn’t run again until March of 2016…he wasn’t claimed in the November race but in March is with a different owner and trainer. November was a 5K…March, a 40K AOC!?!?

        -March, 2016…8th of 9 again, “never a threat” and over 26 lengths behind in a 40K AOC

        -April 10, 2016…a 15K claiming race with a 2nd place finish

        -April 31, 2016…in a stakes race, “never close”, “broke down after a half mile”, DNF again. Dead at the age of 5.

        This is so incredibly sad. Maddening, as well. And in the Caixa Eletronica Handicap, no less. Another racehorse that had no business running anymore – then is killed while training. At 9 years old. In the middle of winter in New York. With 69 starts and nearly 2 million in earnings. Just sickens me.

        RIP Malbros. (For the person who tracks Afleet Alex offspring, Malbros was his son)

    • I am trying to figure it out too. Maybe they thought they had “figured it out” when he ran the 2nd at Oaklawn, but even so, he got beat more than 7 lengths and had no business in a stakes race. A lot of times when a trainer enters a horse in a stake races that has no business there, it is a small time operator living in dreamland who thinks his horse has a Secretariat inside him just waiting to be brought out. I’ve seen a lot of people like that, who keep horses for years and will take any horse anybody will give them, and haven’t won a race since Hector was a pup. This trainer, however, looks quite successful. So … yeah … I’m curious too.

  2. As I have said before, horses in this gambling business are doomed – killed at the tracks or in the slaughterhouses before or shortly after reaching maturity.

  3. Valiant Quiz. Just three years old, a little dark bay filly. She ran twice in July of last year and then not again until just this month. On April 17, she “lugged in suddenly in midstretch” and finished 5th of 8. They – Lexon/Leigh Backhaus – ran her again only 6 days later where she finished last, “distressed”, “pulled [up] shortly after the race but walked off under her own power.” Just a baby.

  4. What about BANK ROBBER’S PP! This 2008 bay gelding had 4 starts in 2011. All lackluster, for sure. He doesn’t race again for almost 2 years…and only 2 races that year (2013), a win and then a last place finish. Then…nothing for nearly 3 years! He’s with a new owner and trainer…in that April 23rd race, he tires and coming in 18 lengths behind, he falls past the wire. Outside of seeing a horse break his leg in a race, seeing them fall is the most horrible. You know how traumatic that is for them. What a sh***y life. And where will he end up…in some match race, an auction…

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