Five More Sacrificed for $2 Bets

The entire career of the athlete known as Hewearsthefoxhat:
March 13, Golden Gate – 9th of 10
April 3, Golden Gate – last of 8
Yesterday, Golden Gate – “broke down in deep stretch…euthanized” (Equibase)

Dead at three. The people: Steve Sherman, Ron Brewer, Jim Robinson, Russell Baze.

(At least) two other racehorses also “broke down” yesterday on American tracks:
6-year-old Attaboyatteberry in the 8th at Sunland Park
8-year-old Brassy Pete in the 8th at Turf Paradise

Both can safely be presumed dead. The people: Henry Dominguez, Carl Atteberry Jr, Joseph Milchen, Enrique Portillo Gomez (Attaboyatteberry); Ramiro Barraza Sosa, Martin Cisneros, Renny Arrieta (Brassy Pete).

Meanwhile…Finger Lakes wasted no time in recording its first kills of the season. In the week leading up to yesterday’s Opening Day, two were felled during morning training sessions: 5-year-old What the Frost – Ralph D’Alessandro, Andrew Cohen; 6-year-old Loomin’ Lori Lou – Jeffrey Englehart, Anstu Farm.

This is horseracing.

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  1. The Paulick Report had a short piece about Baze’s spill aboard Hewearsthefoxhat – Paulick reported that Baze suffered a broken clavicle…he’s going to live, of course. But not ONE WORD about dead Hewearsthefoxhat – not one damn word of acknowledgement that he died. Even a comment asking about the horse hasn’t been answered. Dear God but these people are cold…

  2. From “News of the Horse”…

    “Phoenix, AZ – At the Turf Paradise race on Saturday, as hooves thundered around the 1/8th mile mark, Brassy Pete suddenly collapsed on the turf at full speed. Gochamydear tripped over Brassy Pete and also fell, throwing his jockey. Brassy Pete was seriously injured in accident and was euthanized. No word on what specifically caused Brassy Pete’s collapse.”

  3. These ‘people’ can’t fathom that every sentient being, not just the human being, is more than a merely bio-molecular machine for selfish exploitation or profiteering.

    “To create suffering without recognizing it – this is the essence of unconscious living; this is being totally in the grip of the ego.” Eckhart Tolle

    • Sean, I have made up a name for it. I call it DDP. The acronym stands for Delusional Denial Psychosis. Any person that partakes in the exploitation of an animal for profit is experiencing DDP. The usual symptoms are the following: “Oh, but I love those animals!” “Oh, but I take such excellent care of them.” “Oh, but they love what they do!” “Oh, they don’t do it because they have to, they perform because they love to.”
      Famous last statements from various industries that exploit animals for profit. We all know where that ends. Sad endings unless people that usually had nothing to do with the exploitation or organizations like PETA who step up to the plate to financially take care of these animals after their physical/mental/emotional being is maimed after years of servitude.
      No, it’s not enough that these profit slaves generate (in some cases) millions of dollars during their servitude. Little or nothing is financially contributed to their aftercare by the exploiters themselves.
      People who financially support these industries such as people who bet on horse races or people who attend SeaWord, or various other circuses are suffering from DDP too.

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