Snapped Leg, Broken Back – Two More Kills at Los Alamitos

In the first week of April, two horses were, according to the Equibase charts, “injured, vanned off” at Los Alamitos – Apollitical Chic April 1, Shellbell April 3. Turns out, both perished, with one even euthanized on track. From the Stewards Minutes:

“The running of the eighth race was marred by the breakdown of #5 Apollitical Chic following the conclusion of the 350 yard handicap. …the horse suffered a major injury to its right foreleg, causing it to stumble sharply and fall. The rider, Ramon Sanchez, was attended to immediately by the ambulance staff and was found to be uninjured. The horse was not as fortunate and was euthanized on the track.”

(How many “athletes” in other sports are referred to as “its”?)

“During the late stages of the sixth race, #1 Shellbell, with jockey Cruz Mendez aboard, lost its action and in the process lost the rider. Jockey Mendez was quickly attended to by the ambulance crew and found to be uninjured. It was later learned that the horse had suffered a broken back and was euthanized.”

Two more dead animals – but thank heavens the jocks are okay.

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  1. So sickening. These people treat them like royalty to the eyes of people who don’t see racing flaws, but still call them “it’s” HUMAN GARBAGE

    • These animals are PRECIOUS in GOD’s EYES. This is Quite Preventable and NOT A SPORT when you are so nonchalant about any type of injury and especially when one dies or has to be euthanized. THIS NEEDS TO BE STOPPED. Find something else to do. I am SURE there must be SOMETHING much more Civil you could do. SHAME, SHAME. I could NOT be an observer or Participant in anything so CRUEL.

  2. Thank you posting and having a blog on this sport that cares nothing about the animals..maybe it can is again about $$ and always has been!

  3. Thank you Patrick for all your dedicated work. Your KIA List are FACTS, and they are horses speaking to us from their graves.
    You do more for racehorses than many other people. Thanks again.

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