Mrs Loud Mouth Euthanized On-Track at Charles Town

I have confirmed that Mrs Loud Mouth was euthanized where she lay after breaking down at Charles Town Saturday (6th). She was four days shy of her sixth birthday. Jose Lopez, trainer/owner; Ivan Perez, jockey.

Dead animals every day – this is horseracing.

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  1. Sick of disgusting humans ruining and destroying beautiful Animals, what is wrong with us? Stop the disgusting treatment

  2. These cruelty circuses, and death camps have got to go. It will be greatly reduced and hopefully shut down once FUNDING is eliminated.
    So here is a step-by-step formula: 1. Supporting DECOUPLING. Make sure that the DECOUPLING ACT is passed. They are a hair away from passing it in Florida. If this happens, other states will follow and the house of cards will begin to fall. 2. CANCEL the Interstate Horse Wagering Act. This is a major source of funding for the racing industry. It was supposed to be temporary and cancelled back in the 70’s that never happened. This Act funds BILLIONS to the industry and is largely unregulated, untaxed, and is technically against the law. However, the racing industry contributes to the politicians, lobbies in Washington, and uses their millions to continue this Act. 3. Don’t wager on or watch horse racing. 4. Educate.
    I sickened, and saddened for the racehorses who die all in the name of a $2 bet. It’s for you that I continue to speak out and post my comments. You racehorses are the only honest beings on the track. You carry the entire business on your broken bones, backs, and even die for this despicable cruelty circus.

  3. May God give everyone connected with this site either by first person evidence or commentary a thousand blessings. For centuries horses have been abused across the globe…an evil entertainment that was instituted by murderous Monarchs and their obsequious subjects.

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