14-Year-Old Dead at Yonkers

After the 2nd race at Yonkers Friday night, Report For Duty N “fell to the ground – suspected ruptured aorta.” Dead – after being used and abused for 14 years.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Why are they racing a 14 year old? Are these idiots that desperate for $$$,I find this despicable.The horse should have been enjoying life on a ranch or as someones buddy doing other things.I thought they weren’t allowed to enter a horse that age.The horse racing world is pathetic & I think the feds should step in &take over the whole thing, these people get away with too much BS! They’re always talking about cleaning up racing but they never do anything, except for the bare minimum. The fines they give jockeys or trainers or any of them are ridiculous.They will never learn.Its all about money.They breed the horses like rabbits &what happens when they don’t make the derby or big races? They end up in claiming races, raced until they drop, sent to slaughter houses, given to uncaring people, etc etc. And lets talk about the drugs, just like when Baffert was giving horses thyroid, you don’t give thyroid meds to someone who doesnt need it, it can cause heart failure, heart attacks, strokes,How many did he lose? Like 7&no one even blinked an eye.The steroids in use is ridiculous too, given too frequently it can cause liver problems, weak bones and metabolic problems I know I’m rambling, but I don’t care! Too much death &abuse &cruelty going on.I’m sick of it..

    • Well said. Agree with everything you stated. I don’t know if you have ever been involved with this industry in any capacity, but experiencing it from the inside (as I did) is much worse than you can ever imagine.
      Outsiders only read snippets of what happens, but to be in that stable area every day witnessing what goes on is nothing less than a cruelty circus with corruption running rampant.
      In this entire scenario, it’s the racehorses that are paying with their lives.
      Key members who could effect change are not interested in changing because the status quo makes them very rich. The rest just fill races for them, and the racehorses pay with their lives.
      This seems to be the main modus operandi of the industry in a nutshell.

      • I believe every word you said.Unless we out them or get someone to film record or just document what they see, it can be taken to the feds, our gov reps& even tv and radio.peta does things, but they don’t get enough stuff,&alot don’t believe them bc they hate them.Mercy for animals seem to also get good film on abuse, they don’t get caught either.i heard down from Hieleigh Fl. There are people doing backyard slaughtering, horse included, isnt there a racetrack around there?I wonder if horses r going there.How low can these people get, that they would run the horse into the ground&they just toss them like they’re trash.Its Pathetic &a felony now to abuse

    • You summed it up so well muttley1. There was no rambling – you stated fact after fact after fact!

    • muttley1, welcome to the the world of horseracing!

      I love this quote posted on Horseracing Wrongs FB page. “Putting together animals, gambling and prize purses is a toxic mix. It’s capable of turning men into monsters”. (Lyn White, Animals Australia)

      • Love the quote “Putting together….turning men into monsters.” The only thing that I disagree with is that it’s only men. Believe me, some of the biggest racehorse abusers that I’ve witnessed on a racetrack are female Trainers and jockeys.
        When it comes to abuse there is no gender specification.
        I would say it “turns people into monsters,” especially when money is involved.

  2. The PETA video clearly showed animal abuse, neglect, pain, suffering covered up by ongoing use of drugs. Not only drugs to cover up pain, but drugs to be more competitive (thyroid dope) instead of administering it therapeutically.
    It was the real deal. It showed business as usual in a typical race stable operations.
    Yet, the industry did little or nothing about it. A slap on the wrist.
    Just today, I’m told that they nominated Steve Asmussen to the Racing Hall of Fame!
    In actuality, the industry and the commissions protected this horse abuser and are now rewarding him with a Hall of Fame nomination.
    This example shows just how bad this industry has become for the horse, and for anybody who participates in it.
    Steve A. was running poor Nehro when he knew half of his hoove was hanging off!
    I wouldn’t even take my horse trail riding if he had a hoof condition much less worse than Nehro’s.
    He was forced to run in pain. That’s cruelty to animals!
    This industry has become a cruelty circus and a death camp.

    • Gina, I’m not in the least surprised Asmussen is now nominated to the Hall of Fame.What a farce. He was about to be nominated when the PETA story broke so, as usual, racing waited for the brouhaha to die down; in racing it seems nothing sticks.

      Also, I believe he was supposed to be in trouble because of falsifying documents for illegals. Amazing what this corrupt animal abusing business gets away with. It sure looks like selective application of the law on every level.

  3. Muttley 1 you are right on !! And you are also right about horse slaughter in the southern part of Florida. Basin 9 is an area that hosts illegal slaughter and that includes horses. A black market in horsemeat thrives in that area of Florida. Of course it is illegal but nobody enforces the laws against this slaughter. Laws are only as good as how they are enforced. It really is disgraceful how these people thumb their nose at the law and get away with it. And we are well aware that racing is somehow exempt from the law when it comes to animal cruelty.

    It has been said, we are a nation of laws but it would be more correct to say we are a nation of unenforced laws when it comes to racing and many other atrocities involving animals.

    The plight of horses in the gambling business is a blatant example of the lack of cruelty law enforcement for all to see. This is shameful, to say the least.

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