Goldtique “Falls” at Parx, “Suffers Severe Injuries” – Dead

First race ever for a 2-year-old horse named Goldtique (from Equibase):

“GOLDTIQUE fell after hurdling CANTINA BUTTERFLY approaching the quarter pole. Despite instantaneous and prolonged intervention by track veterinarians, GOLDTIQUE, who suffered severe injuries during her fall, was humanely euthanized.”

Sport? Entertainment? Only to the ignorant or callous.

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  1. Oh yes and it was at PARX (a racino) – say no more!

    GOLDTIQUE, you were one beautiful young equine and yet your life came to an end in a manner that should not happen and it was your first and last race start. You were a baby girl filly and you were entitled to live for decades which your species naturally enjoys but you were purposefully bred for horseracing and that was your sad fate. What were you thinking when you were confronted with “hurdling” a mate, CANTINA BUTTERFLY and another mate DIGGER’S JIGGER clipped heels and fell. Who knows what their injuries were? Not disclosed of course.
    I hate to think of your panic, despair, confusion, fear and then the excrutiating pain and suffering from your serious injuries which i hate to think about and which also are not disclosed, how convenient that they prefer not to mention that gruesome detail. I am so sorry that you were created in the first place because the chances of you living a decent life were NIL! The chances of you living a life of abuse, mistreatment, cruelty and death on the track or in the slaughterhouse were extremely HIGH.

    As it turned out, you died on the track suffering a painful and undignifed death.

    According to the chart THREE (3) HORSES fell in this race, now what does this tell us? How safe horseracing is? Methinks not. “Despite instantaneous and prolonged intervention by track veterinarians”. Ohh.. I see…. the emphasis here is on the efforts made by the so called vets on duty at the time. The standard of veterinary care in the racing industry is abysmal and that is common knowledge. Oh, it’s such a joke.

    And here we go again, one of the horses clipped heels (racing tight– abusive riding) which resulted in GOLDTIQUE losing her life.

    Pleased with yourselves you bastards!

    It’s all here folks in a public document –

    • It sickened me to read the notes in Equibase, Carolyn. Racing apologists should all WATCH a race where something like this happens…in fact, they should watch every single race where horses break down and crash to the dirt and die! But of course, supporters exclaim “Oh no, I can’t watch that!” – well why not? – the horse has to LIVE it!

      RIP, little chestnut filly, not yet three years old. Her abusers, breeder/owner Jane White and trainer Donald White.

  2. We’re never allowed to mention the gruesome details of what happens to animals before they die. Euphemisms politely cloud their brains to realities of what animals feel and go through. It’s so much easier on those humans who push them to their deaths.

  3. Right on Carolyn. This cruelty circus has been around since the turn of the century and NOTHING has changed for the better. All these years, and the unsafe conditions for both horse and human are worse than ever so they haven’t learned a dam thing!
    Instead, they have learned how to squeeze the lemon dry, how to dope up more to continue running them into the ground.
    All their so called safety integrity meetings, and nothing has changed.
    They still have multiple drug violating trainers training horses just like a drunk driver who they keep giving the keys to.
    It’s all about maiming, killing so they can profit. Yes, they are bastards.

  4. the fact that 2 year olds are even put into races should be a criminal offense. horse racing is a cruel and dangerous sport for these horses and the only way to stop this inhumane treatment is to stop watching the sport.

    • Elise, I agree with everything you say except when you refer to horse racing as a “sport.” It’s not a sport.
      What sport in America has athletes die every day? What sport in America has secretive and unaccounted records of doping? What sport would continue to allow a trainer to dope up their athletes to the extent where they die? What sport doesn’t pay their athlete who generates profit? What sport doesn’t pay their athlete a retirement provision? What sport confines their athletes 23 hours per day? What sport plunges needles into them day in and day out without their permission? What sport dumps their athletes at a kill auction when they are lame and no longer profitable? What sport forces pregnancy on their female athletes when they are no longer able to perform? ETC. ETC.
      The answer is NONE. Therefore, horse racing is not a sport. It’s a death camp.
      These racehorses are bred and born for one reason: to generate profit. What happens to them after they are lame, and can no longer generate profit is many times a trip to the kill auction, and subsequently the slaughterhouse.
      Some are lucky and end up in homes, but the majority don’t. Just do the math.
      There are thousands of racehorses unable to find homes now. Yet, they keep breeding them. They breed them to fill races and generate profits. They can’t possibly provide homes for them all and they know that many will be by-products of this horrific industry – unwanted horses.
      Lastly, there are other ways to stop this cruelty circus besides stop watching them which I totally agree with you.
      Here are the most effective ways to shut down these death camps: 1. Don’t bet – don’t wager. 2. Write petitions to politicians to CANCEL the Interstate Horse Racing Act. 3. Support DECOUPLING. 4. Educate people who don’t have a clue about what’s going on because the industry does a good job of promoting their product of fancy hats, mint juleps, and grassy paddock retirements. We don’t have their deep pockets (generated from their profit slave racehorses), but we have a voice. Use it. I do.

  5. The knees do not close until 3. For God’s sake don’t ride until 3!!!! Best advice my vet gave me. My horse will be 29 this month!!#

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