Kibble “Takes Bad Steps” at Aqueduct, Dead

3-year-old Kibble, under the whip for the 8th time, was “vanned off” Sunday at Aqueduct after “[taking] some sudden bad steps at the three-sixteenths pole” (Equibase). Outcome: dead – “suspected pelvic fx, went into shock – euthanized.” According to the Gaming Commission, she is the 12th kill on the NY Racing year.

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  1. Sorry – I don’t know what a pelvic fx is. Sounds like a fracture. Poor girl, that would have been so painful for her. At 3, she would be well versed in her society but stil young enough to be precocious. None of that natural expression for her. Rodeo is not much better than racing as it all shakes out.

  2. R.I.P. Kibble – Run Free my precious baby…..Only 3 years old, another precious life stolen away. I’m sorry you had to suffer Kibble. We will remember you, with the countless others who have given their lives for this blood letting sport.

    Stop betting people you are participating in nothing less than murder of magnificent, living, breathing souls. How on earth do you sleep at night, you and all the merciless owners, reckless trainers, the whole rotten lot of them. May this whole racing house collapse on itself, it is time for this sport to cease to exist.

    Marlene Thornley

    • Marlene, I agree with most of what you say except for one thing: I don’t consider horse racing a sport.

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