Louisiana’s 65 (at least) Raceday Kills, 2015

Through a request to the Louisiana Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following 65 deaths on Louisiana tracks in 2015. This list, however, covers only raceday kills; when I requested training and “non-racing” documentation, I received the following reply from the Commission:

“We do not track or maintain a list of deaths that occur during non-racing hours/training hours as those are more often than not handled between the trainer and their private veterinarian.”

So – the following carnage can easily and reasonably be doubled, if not more.

2-year-old Good Problem, January 7, Delta 6

8-year-old Can’touchthisgal, January 8, Fair Grounds 9

4-year-old Rusty Raven, January 11, Fair Grounds 2

4-year-old Solomon’s Sun, January 12, Fair Grounds 6

3-year-old One Step Higher, January 15, Delta 3

3-year-old Boston Brute, January 21, Delta 2

2-year-old Snaff, January 24, Fair Grounds 3

3-year-old Colstons Leaving U, January 25, Louisiana 7

3-year-old Alexis Charm, January 31, Fair Grounds 1

3-year-old Sergush, February 1, Fair Grounds 2

5-year-old Drew Clear, February 7, Delta 3

5-year-old Strike It Cody, February 9, Louisiana 7

4-year-old I Jus Wana Hav Fun, February 14, Fair Grounds 1

9-year-old Royal Blue Miracle, February 16, Louisiana 2

3-year-old Brendon’s Pic, February 20, Fair Grounds 9

3-year-old Wild Tchoupitoulas, February 21, Fair Grounds 12

2-year-old Indict, February 26, Fair Grounds 7

3-year-old Macho Mia, February 28, Louisiana 5

4-year-old Take It Out Back, March 2, Louisiana 3
“sudden death”

2-year-old Heza Fast Lajolla, March 2, Louisiana 5

3-year-old Mm Paul Revere, March 7, Louisiana 7

3-year-old Leon the Lion Tamer, March 12, Delta 1

3-year-old Lookin At Daisy, March 14, Fair Grounds 4

3-year-old Sheezflippinsexy, March 14, Fair Grounds 11

5-year-old Who Dat Fans, March 15, Fair Grounds 3

3-year-old Mdt Backstreet Bully, March 24, Louisiana 3
“sudden death”

1-year-old Jetrunaway, March 24, Louisiana 4 (first ever race)

3-year-old Starrific Is Ours, April 10, Evangeline 6

6-year-old Wakeup N Dash, April 22, Delta 4

6-year-old Awesome Bandit, April 23, Evangeline 8

3-year-old Tres Coronas Please, May 2, Delta 8

2-year-old Big Chestnut, May 7, Evangeline 1 (first ever race)

4-year-old In a Dispute, May 14, Delta 7

7-year-old Tauphine Pass, May 23, Evangeline 2

4-year-old Pop’s Cajun Gold, May 27, Evangeline 9

4-year-old Mark’s Wings, May 28, Evangeline 5

5-year-old Pickup Man, May 29, Louisiana 7
“sudden death”

4-year-old Ole Pete, June 3, Louisiana 5
“collapsed past the wire”

5-year-old Cajun Cosino, June 5, Delta 3
“went down in gate”

4-year-old Doc’s Son, June 10, Evangeline 4

5-year-old Betty Mc, June 17, Louisiana 4

2-year-old One Fast Jet, July 11, Delta 10

7-year-old Strong and Tough, July 29, Evangeline 6

4-year-old Tribute to Buddy, July 29, Louisiana 5

3-year-old Queen Tracy Afleet, July 30, Louisiana 5

7-year-old Its Champagne Time, August 19, Evangeline 2

4-year-old Jrs Special Feature, August 22, Fair Grounds 3

5-year-old Walk the Tango, September 2, Louisiana 1

3-year-old Jls Alyssas Story, September 5, Fair Grounds 2

3-year-old Contangold, September 17, Louisiana 5

3-year-old Starry Madelyn, September 17, Louisiana 7

3-year-old Tee Tan Stan, October 24, Evangeline 7
“collapsed – bilateral hind limb paralysis”

4-year-old Miss Celeb, October 29, Delta 7

3-year-old Aut’s Maria, October 29, Delta 8

3-year-old Hempin Strut, November 4, Evangeline 2

5-year-old Jb Magnik, November 12, Evangeline 8

3-year-old Beauregard Sopo, November 19, Delta 8

4-year-old Cuban Divide, November 19, Delta 10

4-year-old Richter Con Jar, November 20, Delta 3 (first ever race)

5-year-old Sweet Baby Gaines, November 21, Fair Grounds 6

4-year-old El Tarto, December 4, Delta 10

2-year-old Bayou Banker, December 12, Fair Grounds 11

4-year-old Commander Seul, December 18, Delta 10

5-year-old Carefully Worded, December 26, Delta 7

3-year-old Urtheoneeyelove, December 26, Fair Grounds 6


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  1. I reviewed the race records of most of these horses, and it’s SHAMEFUL that this industry is allowed to conduct what amounts to a death camp. It’s absolutely disgusting.
    The majority of these horses were running for their lives in the lower level claiming ranks. Most, if not all, of the older horses (over 3) where finished last by many lengths. Blatantly obvious that they needed another career or a grassy paddock. They had no business being on the track which brings me to the main point.
    Most of these racehorses were merely a number, a profit commodity, that filled races for $2 bets. They were nothing more than profit slaves for the Interstate Horse Wagering Act. There are a few people at the top controlling this money and defending Trainers who conduct this cruelty circus. They defend them so that their races fill, the wagers come in, and profit is made.
    This deplorable antiquated Romanesque circus needs to shut down now.

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