Songa Dead at Belmont

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that 5-year-old Songa is dead after breaking down while training at Belmont yesterday morning. The David Jacobson-handled horse was euthanized on the track.

This is horseracing.

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  1. The “claiming game” as played by the pros ! :

    Claimed by Jacobson on May 10th for $30,000

    Claimed by Rudy Rodriguez on Dec. 9th for $20,000

    Claimed back by Jacobson on Jan 10th for $20,000

    Breaks down and is euthanized on the track on Jan. 30th

    Net profit to Jacobson : around $25,000. This claim just netted $5, 000 for Rudy !

    Both Rodriguez and Jacobson have numerous drug violations and Jacobson was charged with animal cruelty/neglect at one point in his illustrious career ! Yet, they continue on in the business and are given positive reviews. Disgusting !

    RIP Songa, you are free from the sad life of a disposable commodity.

  2. Many trainers who are part of the HBPA make lots of “underground” money allegedly participating in wagering schemes.
    The racehorses pay the price.

  3. Thanks, Rose and Gina. I always appreciate your comments.

    RIP, sweet Songa. Your life didn’t matter to the apologists because you’re only one of many racehorses (enslaved in the industry). But you mattered to us.

  4. I want to share some thoughts from a racing insider, Barry Irwin. He recently had a piece on the Paulick Report and I’ve included the link to it. If you’re interested, you’ll want to read the entire piece AND you should read as many of the comments as you can stomach…you’ll be sickened to learn that MANY employed in racing and/or racing fans believe as we do – that the equine drug abuse is common knowledge amongst those in the industry, that it is widespread, and that no one gives a damn…at least, not enough to do anything about it.

    From Mr. Irwin; “After a couple of months doing research, talking to state and federal officials, as well as regulators, veterinarians, stewards, racing board members, racing secretaries and private investigators, I have come to an incredibly disappointing conclusion. I am sad to report that the interest of the people in charge of halting the use of PEDs [performance-enhancing drugs] in American racing is virtually non-existent.”

    Mr Irwin continues; “And, in retrospect, I guess it shouldn’t have surprised me, as last year I was told by a highly placed and nationally respected racing official from one of the leading racing jurisdictions in North America that no appetite to stop cheating with drugs existed at any level in his locale.”

    Mr Irwin again; “Last week, I came to the irrefutable conclusion that even if I had been successful in my private quest to point out to racing officials which horsemen were cheating, what they were cheating with, when they were treating their horses, where they acquired their illegal drugs from—the whole ball of wax laid in their laps—that absolutely nothing was going to happen.”

    And don’t miss this comment from a Jack Frazier – be certain to read it in its entirety; “As one who has been involved in racing I can tell you that Barry Irwin is right. I have stated time and again that those who control racing want to maintain the status quo because some of the biggest names in racing might be involved and since they are friends of these transgressors and millions of dollars are involved in their bottom line, they choose to look the other way.”

    Sick, SICK industry.

    • Joy, I couldn’t agree with you more. The multi-billion dollar industry is interested in one thing and one thing only….profits. Although many racing supporters babble that they want to “clean up” racing, and are working diligently to do so, it simply can’t be done. A racing official has told me time and time again that the industry just doesn’t care and Mr. Irwin’s comments support that statement. There is simply no incentive to move away from the status quo and that is why racing needs to go “bye bye”.

    • Thanks for putting this up Joy. I check out the Paulick Report each day but don’t have the time to read it all but this article did catch my attention and after reading it, along with the comments, i felt so disheartened. It’s as though the horses are not living creatures. UTTERLY DISGUSTING.

  5. I read the entire article. I read the Paulick Report daily. I have been reading it for many years, and I must say this. I have noticed a huge change in the way that the horse racing news is being reported on this website/blog.
    Years ago everything was great. Most of the bad news was either not reported or watered down
    since it is a pro-horse racing publication supported by the participants of the racing industry.
    In the past couple of years the reports are becoming much more authentic, and greater journalism is happening. I must give them credit where credit is due.
    They are no longer hiding the “facts” of the horse racing industry.
    In fact, they are actually publishing comments from people who are very outspoken about what’s going on in this industry.
    There are people who are still in the industry posting comments anonymously probably concerned about the repercussions of their comments. I can’t say I blame them.
    A good thing about this comment section is people who are in the industry, have insider experience are all speaking out.
    The cup has runneth over.

    • Agreed, Gina. Some of the comments are very interesting and obviously from insiders and it’s pleasing to see that they are published – the tide is turning!

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