Dead in Michigan, 2015

Through a FOIA request to the Michigan Gaming Control Board, I have confirmed the following kills on or at Michigan tracks in 2015:

5-year-old Shes a Evilwarrior, July 17, Hazel 6
“carpal fractures”

Tamala, October 23, Northville
“post-race, ruptured artery”

11-year-old Speeding Ticket, April 18, Hazel

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  1. These inexcusable deaths occur on a daily basis…. something like 25 horses each week!

    And the racing industry finds this acceptable?

    • Thank you for providing this link, Gina! I read this article back when it was on the PR and also posted it on my FB page. It was/is incredibly disturbing. This industry is so horrifically abusive and ANYONE who supports it – even verbally – is no friend to the horses.

  2. Thanks you Joy for taking the time out of your very busy day to read this atrocity.
    Thank you for your well informed intelligent comments on this blog.
    Have a great day.

  3. Thank you Gina for putting this up. I found this article difficult to read. Lucas knew that Time for a J was on a vet list so to avoid this embargo he goes to another State to start this doomed horse. Lucas also knew the injuries Time had and yet he has the audacity to imply that the vet listed Time because of the appearance of his legs. Oh this bloke has lied and lied and lied. “In hindsight, Lucas said……..” His pathetic story is an insult. This cruel creep’s behaviour evidences his total disregard for the safety and well-being of this horse. In my view, he had intent right from the word go, he has made admissions here, he knew the horse was not up to it, he played Russian Roulette with him and knew that he might not come out of the race alive. This Lucas cur should be dragged before the courts of the land charged with animal cruelty.

    The tragic thing about all this is that TIME FOR A J is just one of many. In my experience the vast majority of racehorse trainers think nothing of sending their horses out carrying pre-existing injuries/conditions with the full knowledge that they’re not properly fit to start. They just keep their fingers crossed that they get over the finish line and if they breakdown well, these things happen in horseracing.

    What I find really disturbing here is that this horse was officially vet listed and that means that this horse’s state of health must’ve been pretty bad because the standard of vetting in the racing industry is abysmal. “Dr. Scot Waterman, animal medical and welfare advisor to the Arizona Department of Racing, did not respond to calls seeking further detail on standard procedure in the jurisdiction.” What a gutless wonder he is! If I read it correctly, Lucas said words to the effect that after Time’s workout in Arizona there was no veterinary inspection. Well, why didn’t he request that it be done and why didn’t he say, do a vetting because he’s vet listed in California? Apparently Arizona was aware of this vet listing. It all went according to plan for Lucas.

    Time For a J suffered a catastrophic injury fracturing both sesamoids in his left foreleg, suffered terrible pain, suffered fear, suffered shock and then the lethal injection which, although fairly quick, is very distressing for the horse and I wonder if he was given a sedative injection first. This horse died in full public view and the horseracing industry failed him dismally, failed to have a set of Rules in place to protect this horse from his inexcusable demise. I find it utterly disgusting.

    In my opinion, Robert Lucas sent this horse to his death.

  4. Yes Carolyn Robert Lucas sent this horse to his death and so did the industry. Every step of the way this horse was denied a safe life. Instead, he was just another number for the industry, and probably generated a huge chunk of change every time he raced despite his non-performance.
    Then you have a vet, whose salary is publicly-funded, refusing to address this repulsive situation.
    So typical of this disgusting antiquated death camp business they call horse racing.
    Prior to the onslaught of the RACINO Trainers were not under any pressure to fill races not like they are today. Anytime I was pressured to fill a race with one of my horses whom I know needed extra rest I would flat out tell the racing secretary NO. You are not going to use, and abuse my horse when it isn’t ready. NO WAY.
    However, you get repercussions for this such as stalls taken away (which is a career ender for many trainers), reduced stall allocation, problems booking jockeys, harassment in the paddock while trying to saddle your horse, additional drug testing just to harass you. It’s all well planned, and contrived.
    What results are trainers who put business ahead of the health, and welfare of the racehorses if they want their careers to continue or (in the least) make a living at it.
    RACINOS are the worst thing to ever happen to the racehorse not to downplay the entire business of exploiting a horse for profit prior to the implementation of racinos.
    The heartless trainers who do whatever it takes to fill races for a few idiots to get rich, the ones who use drugs to keep them going, the ones who shrug their shoulders, turn their heads when they send sore horses to race, the ones who don’t care if their horse is beaten/whipped to perform; they are the ones who the industry reveres. They are the ones who usually end up in the Racing Hall of Shame (sic) Fame.
    In the end, it’s the racehorses who pay with their lives. This is horse racing.

    Final Note: This is for you Time for a J. I’m so sorry for what happened to you. It seems obvious that you were in pain on a ongoing basis. I’m so sorry that you were used, and abused for this despicable industry. I wept for you Time for a J. I just want you to know that this horse lover cared for you as you lie dying in the dirt. May you seek revenge on this industry Time for a J. May you wreck havoc on the industry as whole. May you not die in vain.

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