Dead at Plainridge, 2015

Through a request to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, I have confirmed the following deaths at Plainridge (Mass’ only remaining racetrack) in 2015:

Something Good, June 12
“ulcerative enterocolitis”

Four Starz Skate, September 2, racing
“fracture C3 vertebra”

Kiss My Cruiser, November 9, racing
“pulmonary edema”

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  1. The State of Massachussetts would do itself proud in shutting down this solitary racetrack and then this beautiful State will be free of having racehorses suffering on a daily basis, confined in stalls about 23 hours each day, pumped with drugs, racing when sore, being beaten with whips when they can go no faster, getting injured and sometimes dying on the track. Those that don’t die on the track nearly always end up on the dreaded kill truck for the horrific journey to the slaughterhouse where they suffer a terrifying and inhumane death!

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