Touchdown Kitten’s Final Four Races – and Death

Touchdown Kitten’s final four races:

April 17, Gulfstream – last of 8, 36+ lengths back

May 7, Gulfstream – DNF

June 14, Gulfstream – last of 9, 17+ lengths back

July 4, Gulfstream – last of 10, 34+ lengths back

And then:

August 11, Gulfstream – (per FOIA document) Dead in barn B, stall 33. No additional information was forwarded.

This is horseracing.


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  1. TOUCHDOWN KITTY – $30,935 for 8 starts: 1-0-1
    This 3 year old gelding began racing at 2 years of age and he won his first start and came 3rd in his second start.
    In his third start (1/28/15) at Tampa Bay he came home last by 33 LENGTHS. Not surprisingly, next race his breeder/owners, Kenneth L Ramsey and Sarah K Ramsey put him up for sale for $25,000 but he is not claimed and has two months’ off.
    On 4/17/15 he resumes racing and is claimed for $25,000. In this race he again comes home last and this time by 36 LENGTHS and was also knocked about during this race and according to the Chart was “bumped, bounced repeatedly off the rail… and never recovered”.
    Next start on May 7, he gives up half way, eases down, does not finish the race and is walked off. He could not finish the race and there is no disclosure as to why. One would think that alarm bells would be ringing by now, wouldn’t one?
    Oh no, no way, everyone turns a blind eye, who gives a damn about the safety and health of this horse?
    Despite this horse’s alarming history evidencing that he is not well and has a health issue, all the signs are there – this baby is forced to race on.
    Next start he again comes home last, by 17 LENGTHS.
    Start after that he comes home last by 34 LENGTHS.

    5 weeks later he is found DEAD in his stall which tells me he died without a vet in attendance and he probably died alone. Well, what did this very young horse die from?

    Gulfstream Racetrack and the Florida Horseracing Commission, its officials, Stewards and Veterinarians do not want to disclose. No transparency, no disclosure and no accountability to the public. What a thoroughly DISGUSTING state of affairs this is – it is OUTRAGEOUS!

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