Nebraska’s Dead Racehorses, 2015

Through a FOIA request to the Nebraska State Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills on Nebraska tracks in 2015:

4-year-old Mullers Canyon, February 27, Fonner 6

4-year-old Sweet Gem, March 6, Fonner, training

4-year-old Ciao Valentina, March 24, Fonner, training

3-year-old Dancing Lo, March 26, Fonner, training (being prepped for first race)

5-year-old Revelation Song, April 23, Fonner, training

9-year-old Chicka Wow Wow, May 2, Fonner, training

6-year-old Dark Brahms, September 7, Columbus 7

In addition, at least (surely there were more) one still-active horse died from what the industry calls a “non-racing” cause. While technically true, morally she is no less a casualty of this vile business than her peers above.

3-year-old Funtobewith, April 23, Fonner

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  1. This is how I would like every racetrack to look like:
    This racetrack had many deaths on it. The article actually states that: “IF a horse was lucky it would end up on a farm.”
    This track was riddled with drugs, death, and corruption – sound familiar?
    The government stopped financing it, and like most racetracks who can’t get financing from either government (taxpayers money) or casinos they close down.

  2. Thanks for putting this link up, Gina. Good to see that a Government ceased financing this track. Nice to see the pics of a now derelict venue which was once used for animal abuse, animal mistreatment and animal killing – those animals being the noble equine – those equines being RACEHORSES!

    The pics of the stalls where horses were “permanently” housed speaks volumes. Such a miserable existence for the horses breathing stale air and living in darkness for about 23 hours a day – confined in their cells and just existing.

    The romanticizing of the daily life at Blue Bonnets by the author made me want to throw up. “The decrepit barns that used to permanently house hundreds of horses …………. Back in the day, the stable area was a hive of activity, especially in the morning, as horses would be bathed, fed, washed, shod and hooked up to their sulkies for training”.
    “A sad reminder of bygone days”. Yes, a sad reminder of the sufferings these horses endured.

    It is “abuzz” no more!!!

  3. Another racehorse death from colic FUNTOBEWITH a three year old – a baby!
    When you see a horse displaying symptoms that might be colic you call a vet in immediately because it is a horrific agonizing painful death for a horse. There is no excuse for a horse to die from colic these days because so much can be done for them if acted on early.
    The notorious Steve Blasi (assistant trainer to Asmussen) stated to doomed horse, NEHRO: “Quit being such an asshole. Aggravating son of a bitch.”
    After Nehro died of colic: “I have seen a lot of shit. THAT IS THE MOST VIOLENT FUCKING DEATH I HAVE EVER SEEN.”

    Joy Aten recently posted on colic and here is part of her excellent comment –

    Here, a quote from the Paulick Report from January 11, 2016, titled “Managing a Horse on Stall Rest: Suggestions to Avoid Colic” (that title should just be changed to “Suggestions to Avoid Colic in the Racehorse Who Lives 23 Hours in a Stall”); “Horses relegated to stall rest have a much higher risk of impaction colic, according to equine nutritionist Kristen Janicki.”
    Gastric ulcers, decreased gastrointestinal motility secondary to living in a stall, high-energy diets, dehydration from withholding water pre-race and/or Lasix administration, lack of grazing, the stress of living isolated (not in a herd environment)…and other consequences of a racehorse’s living environment SET THEM UP for colic.

  4. The daily life of an active racehorse is so stressful that they are prone to stomach ulcers, and colic. What a lot of people don’t know is that colic is usually a result of stress similar to people who get upset stomachs when they are stressed out.
    Even though colic is physically exhibited it’s often a result of PAIN in racehorses. When pain and/or stress is severe, colic can often result.
    There’s no doubt in my mind that Nehro was in such pain from his chronic feet/hooves problems that colic resulted, and death followed.
    This is such a horrific industry. Please stop wagering. Shut it down.

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