Million-Dollar Earner Somali Lemonade Killed in Production

Blood-Horse reports that “Grade I winner Somali Lemonade [below] died Jan. 23 from complications of foaling.” The foal (her first) also died. The 6-year-old was whip-raced 24 times (most recently October ’14) before being turned into a reproduction machine. Her death, of course, qualifies as news (only) because Somali was a million-dollar earner with multiple graded-stakes wins; her owner, of course, grieves (she’s “devastated,” says the article) for the lucrative assets that will never come to be.



  1. There is never a guarantee that a broodmare will birth that one special horse. There is only a guarantee that money will be made One way or another. Even the “special” broodmare Rachel Alexander nearly lost her life giving birth to her first foal and just to make sure it was a one time thing, she was bred again and she once again nearly lost her life. Finally it was decided that she will never be bred again. Now the question is where is she? How is she? Is she being neglected because she is not earning her keep. Hopefully she is being treated well and always will be.

      • The fact that RA is such a high profile mare is what “saved ” her, and that alone. She almost did not male it with her first foal and yet she was bred again and almost died once again.

        Most fans voiced concern the first time but her connections chose to roll the dice one more time ! What does that say about concern for the mare versus concern for the money ? No surprise here !!

      • That is simply what you choose to believe. There are plenty of people who retire non high profile racehorses , and keep them , myself included.

    • How dare they force her to be served and then give birth again after she nearly died giving birth to her first foal! How would she be feeling when giving birth the second time when it nearly killed her on the first occasion. The owners of RACHEL ALEXANDER clearly thought nothing of risking her life again and this speaks for itself – greedy creepy people!

  2. Debraolivas hey I was wondering if maybe you could tell me the ratio of horses retired compared to horses that die on track is that maybe enough said racing isn’t bad it’s a God Damn shame

    • The last time I researched , 2% of all horses running suffer a catrosropic break down . Do you realize how many horses run a race in a day ?

    • Billy…good question. Unfortunately, no one can answer your question which is…the ratio of horses retired (and I’m assuming you mean retired to a good, forever home) versus horses killed in the industry. You see, NO ONE – including the racing apologists – know just where each and every racehorse goes after they are used-up in racing. And if anyone gives you an “answer”, you can be certain it’s a lie. To add insult to injury, racehorses are most often finished with their racing “careers” before they even reach an equine’s prime age (very few are like Sun City with 137 races and still running at age 12). Billy, this industry sets horses up for bad endings – even apologists admit the sheer numbers of horses in this industry! – and I can tell you, Billy, there are not enough forever homes for all of them. Over the last few weeks, in attempting to place discarded racehorses into one of the much-touted TAA-accredited aftercare programs, 8 of 10 said “No, we’re full”. EIGHT of TEN – no room in the inn! And I’m not one bit surprised.

      But the industry keeps churning more horses out. An Indiana breeder is even offering a FREE breeding if you purchase one breeding with one of their stallions! Can you imagine?…how desperate and incredibly irresponsible!

      But Billy, if one did have a definitive answer to your question, it’s irrelevant anyway. This is an industry that uses animals for entertainment purposes, and hence, its existence is completely unnecessary. As in any other “animal for entertainment profit” industry, there is no need for it. So if one horse dies or one thousand horses die, their life/lives were not worth one’s gambling fix or entertainment.

      That being said, only those who use the bodies of sentient beings – taking the money the horses earned with THEIR labors – would attempt to minimize the maiming, killing and slaughtering of the horses held captive in a gambling industry by accepting ANY number of deaths. Even as many racehorse deaths as those listed here…

      • Joy, Hidden Spring Farm in southern Indiana is offering a second free breeding if an initial breeding is purchased. I find this reprehensible, at best. Anyone who understands basic math surely knows the market is flooded with low end horses who will have nowhere to go once their productive days are over and a racehorse’s productive days usually end before the horse reaches the age of eight. In my opinion, it is indeed a desperate attempt to squeeze as much money out of the stallion as possible without any regard as to what happens to the offspring down the road. Just another reason that the racing industry continues to disgust me.

  3. The industry has a vested interest in promoting a horse like Rachel Alexander, but they fail (always fail) to mention the thousands of racehorses that die every year on the racetrack, the slaughterhouse or giving birth to produce another horse to exploit.
    Anytime an animal is used for profit there is ample evidence that profit, and well-being don’t mix well. In most cases, not at all.
    Here’s an industry that makes billions off the bones, and backs of racehorses, but give little or nothing to racehorse aftercare.
    Then we have broodmares that make millions on the track which only ensures them a life of further enslavement as they are forcefully bred every year until their uterus gives out or they die from colic.
    Very few are retired to a nice green pasture where they are no longer used for further exploitation.
    It’s not only this industry, but any industry that breeds is an irresponsible earthling.
    We have millions of unwanted animals in North America alone and a moratorium should be enacted on ALL breeding. I don’t care if you are small time breeder out of your house or a puppy mill.
    All breeding needs to cease.

  4. The excellent comments by Carolyn Hyatt, Rose, Tracy, Billy, Joy, Mary, Jacqueline and Gina are absolutely spot on and they reveal the TRUTH! The constant lies coming from the racing industry must come to an end. Deceiving and misleading the public about what really goes on with these horses can no longer be tolerated.

    Broodmares are constantly pregnant, after giving birth they often only have a few weeks before being served again and that process is not kind to the mare, who is sometimes drugged, she is being harassed by the handlers, she doesn’t want the stallion on her back, her nose twisted in pain with a twitch tool, legs sometimes tethered so she doesn’t kick the stallion and cause him injury/death. Some industry people joke about the great life of the stallion – well no, it’s far from great, living in isolation, the constant strain on them having to impregnate mares, harassed by handlers in getting them to serve and some have died from exhaustion.

    The breeding industry is well and truly out of control. Foals are being churned out like sausages in a meat factory.

      • I grew up attending race meetings with family/friends and admiring the beautiful horses and thought how wonderful racing was until my family was informed that some of their horses were being mistreated. I soon took off my rose coloured glasses and felt that the only way I would find out the truth was to work at the coalface, which I did and the TRUTH I most certainly found. I witnessed what goes on behind the scenes when i worked in the industry and after that experience, I researched and continue to research the life of the racehorse leaving no stone unturned. Disillusional I am not. I will never be able to unsee the sickening cruelty committed upon these magnificent noble horses that I personally witnessed, saw with my own eyes, heard with my own ears and it will haunt me for the rest of my life.

        • Carolyn , while I will agree some bad actors exist , the whole industry is not as you speak . If not dilussional as you claim , your flair for drama ranks right up there.

      • debraolivas78 No, you are delusional Debra. I’ve met so many like you over the years, I’m embarrassed to admit that I was one of them. A very common response is, “but, there are a few bad actors.”
        The point is that if you partake in this industry then you are part of the problem whether you are bad or not. In the end, a racehorse is being exploited. Bottom line.
        I know for a fact that routine drugs, routine injections, forced confinement, and usually dumping is all part of this game whether your good or not.
        As an owner/trainer you reach a fork in the road. You either continue upholding this system or you don’t and leave. It’s just that simple.

  5. Debraolivas, thou dost protest too much!

    You may be one of the “good guys” in your own mind, because you love your horses and even retire some to your own farm. But you cannot defend your industry with any facts.

    Horse racing is all about money, gambling and ego. The horses are disposable equipment. When a trainer will enter a horse in a racino claimer a week after that horse finished last—17 lengths behind—in a field of 7 , knowing that if the horse finishes the next race they’ll earn $65 and keep their stall at the track, it’s ABOUT THE MONEY, not the horse.

    Multiply that a thousand times a week and what do you get? A lot of dead horses. (And if you doubt the ones who could still walk after breaking down aren’t going to slaughter, check any auction within 100 miles of a track.)

    The “whole industry” may not be corrupt, but there are so many bad eggs, the whole basket reeks. At the cost of horses’ lives.

    • debraolivas78 – Believe me, you’ve more than convinced the readers here that 1,000-plus racehorse deaths per year mean nothing to you. We’re certain of that.

      1,000-plus dead racehorses out of one million…or 1,000-plus out of 500k…or 1,000-plus out of 100K…it really doesn’t matter because for the 1,000-plus racehorses that died, it’s the ONE and ONLY life they had.

      Yes, we’re convinced. Beyond a doubt.

    • Ms. Curtis-Olivas, these numbers do NOT include those horses that limp back to their stalls and are later euthanized due to the severity of their injuries. Those horses are fatalies of racing, as well, and anyone with minimal intelligence should know that, even you.

  6. Two more young (just coming into their prime years) racing-industry-exploited broodmares are dead. And just like Somali Lemonade, we only know about these two because they were multiple graded stakes winners.

    Royal Delta, who won nearly 5 million dollars while racing, died this past week “due to complications foaling a filly”. The first attempt at breeding Royal Delta, she did not get in foal. The second breeding, she aborted her foal. She delivered a filly as a result of the third breeding. And now, the fourth, she’s dead. Royal Delta, a dark bay, was just 9 years old when she died.

    Pontchatrain, another dark bay mare, earned nearly 500K in her 10 starts under the whip then remained with Glen Hill Farm to be further used as a broodmare. She aborted her 2016 foal about one month before her due date. “For this breeding season…[she] carried the foal to term but hemorrhaged after her water broke.” Both Pontchatrain and her foal died. Glen Hill’s Craig Bernick stated; “A lot of these (fillies), you sell them when you’re done racing and you reinvest the money, but this one we decided to keep. So it’s quite a shame that happened.” Quite a SHAME?….

    Pontchatrain would have made it to 7 years of age on April 12.

    • Joy, I saw Royal Delta workout at Payson for Mott. She was absolutely beautiful. All there were in awe of that mare. And now she is dead at 9 yrs. old. She was exploited her whole short life. No respect for the horse in this sorry business because all that matters is money.

  7. There are hundreds that die giving birth only in this case it was the highest level broodmare called Royal Delta.
    Even when her body sent a clear message that she wasn’t able to produce they still forced breeding on her.
    No it wasn’t enough that she made millions on the track because that obviously didn’t guarantee a safe, and soft landing.
    Instead, her high stake earnings ensured that she would be turned into a breeding machine just like Zenyatta.
    When high level stake horses like Barbaro and Eight Belles shatter their limbs everybody knows about it, but the hundreds of unknowns who die on tracks or on private training centers are equally important.
    I refuse to assess any racehorse based on their profitability like this business does.
    They only like them when they are making money.
    They only like what they can get from them.
    As soon as they stop churning out the bucks most become disposable commodities and are found standing at kill auctions.
    How many former stake mares that produced high selling foals are also found standing at kill auctions when their reproductive systems are no longer viable – LA GALERIE.
    It’s probably an inconvenience for this industry when their dirty secrets are exposed.
    They are probably more pissed-off than anything when they can’t hide it.
    Even FOIA requests reveal the lack of transparency that this business still gets away with.
    Some of the racing jurisdictions are still not releasing names, not releasing videos of catastrophic breakdowns, and denying even the most basic First Amendment Rights that will eventually be legally challenged.
    So for Royal Delta, for all the unknowns, may you rest in peace my friends.
    Sorry you were born into this cruelty circus, and death camp.

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