Arapahoe Park’s Dead Racehorses, 2015

Through a FOIA request to the Colorado Department of Revenue, I have confirmed the following track-related kills at Arapahoe Park in 2015:

3-year-old Jess One Kiss, June 6, race 8
“suspected lumbosacral or pelvic injury”

2-year-old Must See, June 10, training
“tore whole chest out upon hitting the rail” (being prepped for first race)

5-year-old Ace Away, June 20, race 3
“possible cardiac arrest, aneurysm”

2-year-old Pass On the Locks, June 30, training
“sesamoid fracture” (being prepped for first race)

4-year-old Makin Babes Hot, July 5, race 4
“suspected lumbosacral or pelvic injury”

5-year-old Cruz’n West, July 7, training
“flipped over while leading to school in paddock” (last raced August ’14)

2-year-old Hello Johnny, August 1, race 7 (euthanized August 2)
“suspected lumbosacral or pelvic injury”

In addition, this still-active horse died on track grounds from what the industry slickly (and slimily) refers to as a “non-racing” cause:

3-year-old Hi Tower, June 25, in barn
“reared and hit head”

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  1. I read the above causes of death with utter disgust at the Racing Industry.

    2 year old “Must See” – tore whole chest out upon hitting the rail…3 year old “Hi Tower” reared and hit head…It is absolutely sickening to see these majestic creatures die in such a horrific manner, for the unnecessary purpose of gambling. These two were just babies. What did any of these creatures do to deserve to die in such a manner? May you all rest in peace, and may the humans that sacrificed your lives – may their lives become a living hell…

    Racing has got to go, and the sooner, the better. All the brainless trainers whose only goal is the almighty dollar, and owners, with no heart and soul, you all need to go. All the greedy, cold hearted bettors, may you all go broke… These are my New Year’s wishes, to see the dawn of a new day, when all the death, suffering, and cruelty, of the TB are no more, and racing takes it place where it belongs a thing of the past. It is time people, it is time….

    Marlene Thornley

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