Cardiac Kills at Del Mar, Saratoga

Under the whip for the very first time, 2-year-old colt Film Juror collapsed in the stretch (of 7th) yesterday at Del Mar – dead, says the Daily Racing Form’s Jay Privman, “most likely of a cardiac episode” (after, that is, “trailing badly”). Imagine that.

Saturday night at Saratoga Casino and Raceway, 6-year-old D Terminata was killed in much the same way. In the 2nd race, “[the] horse,” says the Gaming Commission, “fell and died on the track due to suspected cardio-vascular event.”

The wholesale destruction of these beautiful, intelligent, sensitive creatures ends when – and only when – the betting does. Please stop.

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  1. “Cardiac episode / cardiac-vascular event” is guess work and, at the best, dismissive. Of course one can say cardiac event or episode because the heart will stop beating once the horse is dead ! There is never an effort to find the cause of such “events/episodes” because nobody in the game cares. There should be tests for substances at the very minimum but this is the kind of oversight one gets when a “business” is allowed to police itself. It is nothing short of disgraceful in a society that prides itself in the rule of law !!!

    R.I.P. Film Juror and D Terminator your sad short lives are finished. No more misery for you at the hands of uncaring, unscrupulous people.

  2. Why, when an otherwise healthy YOUNG horse dies on a race track isn’t an autopsy carried out to determine if the death is the result of banned substances being administered? Or is a racehorses life that expendable that it doesn’t matter? Shame on all connected with this horse this is nothing but murder

    • Autopsies are carried out on any and all racehorses or pony horses in California to determine exact cause of death. I work at Southern California tracks, and while I respect this website and know all to well the horrible tragedies and bad people in this sport, and it literally breaks my heart when something happens to any horse….I know it may not matter to most of you, but I just want you all to know that there are many people like me who consider these horses our best friends and family…anything but expendable.

      • Ruffian…what matters to “us” is that the horses enslaved in the racing industry ARE expendable and therefore making money comes before the welfare of the animal. Bottom line is this is a business – a business where those employed in it need a paycheck – a business where the horses’ efforts are used to get that paycheck – a business where if the horse isn’t getting that paycheck, he/she will be SOLD. So please don’t insult “us” by claiming the horses are your “best friends” and your “family”…one doesn’t SELL their beloved family member. They ARE expendable. For a paycheck. Barbaric.

  3. Here is one you missed , Pioneer , riding horse , collapsed , died of heart attack , most likely aneurism , rider trapped under horse , the rider escaped serious injury , except for broken heart .
    This happened on a race track ,this horse was the outriders, beloved pony, used mornings only on the training train , light work load.

  4. Poor Mr. Art Sherman. It seems like California Chrome’s trainer has had a string of bad luck, or at least his horses have. A two year old and a three year old (Film Juror and Gem of a Gal) dropping dead of CV events. I asked a friend of mine, who is a racing official and who has been involved in the industry for well over 50 years, what he thought the cause of these deaths could be and he replied, without missing a beat, that it was most likely the drugs. Now, I’m sure the racing supporters will get all “frothy” and begin to babble that horses drop over dead all the time from CV events, but that simply isn’t true, especially in young horses…specifically two, three and four year old “babies”. So, racing supporters, do your research and read up on all the complications that can occur from drugging them and running them. Got it?

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