For Second Straight Night a Racehorse is Killed at Delta Downs

For the second straight night a horse was killed while “competing” at Delta Downs in Louisiana. 4-year-old Richter Con Jar was, according to Equibase, “pulled up soon after the start [of the 3rd] in distress and was euthanized.” It was his very first race.

As yet another intelligent, sensitive creature is sacrificed, I remind that this ends when we, the public, will it to end. Please stop betting on animal races.


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  1. RICHTER CON JAR was foaled on March 31, 2011. 4 years of age (nearing 5) and this was his first start. This gelding had had 2 workouts prior to this race. Would be interesting to know why he didn’t start as a 2 year old. Appears he had issues to have become so distressed that he was euthanased.

    Guess we’ll never know the cause of his “distress”……..?

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